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  1. you want to be careful with that one on the far right... it's supposed to be a little bit like Coke...but it is just awful...
  2. Does anybody else NOT like the Headmaster glasses? I bought a couple recently, and must admit the beer looks very good in them. But I find my Tooheys Extra Dry frosted schooners (which are part of the long-term borrowing program from the Treasury Casino) are better - they seem to hold temperature better...
  3. I too am a bourbon drinker... Makers Mark is my go to... also like Bulleit and Buffalo Trace...but will try anything once!
  4. how long did you leave it in the fermentation vessel before bottling?
  5. ok, cool, thanks.. Located in Qld - Sunshine Coast, so may not need heating...
  6. Hi guys, Been lurking on these pages for a few weeks... just tasted my first batch from the Coopers home brew kit, and it is quite drinkable - which was pleasing.... Alcohol content seems to be a bit low, but flavour is ok, and it looks great... I'll post a picture from my phone.. I didn't get any floaties or excessive sediment, just a little that settled in the dimples in the bottom of the bottle, and they rinsed out nicely. I have an Australian Pale Ale to do next... I see people using old fridges for temp control - pardon my ignorance, but you do not need a working fridge do you? Thanks in anticipation of some assistance when required. Cheers....Heppy
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