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  1. I use this formula for odd size bottles. Prime syrup.docx
  2. I agree with Otto temp control is the way to go. I picked up a secondhand fridge for $50 and a temp controller off ebay for $50 freight free. Total spend $100. I set mine at 21° and the improvement in beer quality is totally worth the cost.
  3. The Aldi trolleys are the better ones to get. They usually come with $2
  4. Gidday All, Just an update. Decided set up a fridge with a controller for continual brewing. Did purchase some BE 134 yeast which I will also try later. Thanks to all for the input.
  5. Do the finings make much difference?
  6. Sounds the way to go for now. I will try a couple of different ones with different brews, experiment with taste. Any reason to taste more beer is good Cheers
  7. Has anyone tried using Wyeast 3724 (Belgian Saison) or similar for brewing in hotter summer temps? I've just starting brewing again after many years and am trying to get a stock pile, don't want to stop because of the temp. Cheers
  8. True any can grade flat takes real skill to get the corrugations in evenly spaced?
  9. I have worked in the civil construction all my life. Working all over QLD. Spent most of it making bumps in roads with graders, and copping abuse from the public. And drink beer in my spare time. Cheers
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