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  1. You're an animal Shamus.
  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2527074/Did-BEER-create-modern-society-Ancient-man-developed-agriculture-brew-alcohol-not-bake-bread-claims-scientist.html
  3. This style is one of my favourite drinkers
  4. Cool. I ask because sometimes adding another yeast pack as a backup like you did has given me a yeasty beer.
  5. Gday Marty Did you end up cold crashing your first batch, and for how long?
  6. grogdog

    Just bottled my first brew.

    Bear in mind we are talking bottling not kegging as it conditions cold in the keg and is a different beast IME I find different beers behave differently and the best way is to take notes and replicate. I like trying beers fresh I get a kick out of it. I do find some that will round off better after some tine, and others that will degrade with time. The only reason that lager lasted so long is I wasn't in the same state with my beer. By memory I think the hallertau was pretty non existent by then.
  7. grogdog

    Just bottled my first brew.

    My best was about 18 months on an extract lager using pilsner light LME, and 4 days bottled on a coopers English bitter which was carbed and delicious.
  8. grogdog

    Just bottled my first brew.

    There is no key to bottle aging. It comes down to what works for you.
  9. grogdog

    Just bottled my first brew.

    Congratsufugginlations. I start drinking them after about 3 days🤤
  10. Absolutely smashing it in here. Well done everyone. I'd lay my money down for glass of any one of these brews. The passion and love put into these beers shows. Wish we could get these beers into a pub!
  11. grogdog

    Advice needed, Anarchy IPA

    Beauty. Enjoy!
  12. grogdog

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    Good boys deserve the good nectar.
  13. grogdog

    Head retention

    Forgot your carb drops mate..? easily done.
  14. grogdog

    Sodium Percarbonate

    I've always been a sodium perc purist but recently gone to the dark (and cheap side) and went aldi napi san
  15. grogdog

    150 Lashes clone recipe

    Gday HM Yeh I did notice that about their kolsch/draught. Coopers have it down pat, something oddly satisfying about the Coopers labels. And we can just ask for what we want by colour. @jackgym Fair call.