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  1. Gdays fellas, im looking for a good brew shop in the vicinity of Blacktown-Penrith, preferably who stock their fresh vac sealed hops stored in the fridge. Thanks in advance for any help
  2. grogdog

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    Thats naw how you make porridge.
  3. grogdog


    1 hour for cleaning dirty equipment AFTER USE. Not the santiser. I use one hour to let it soak clean, you can use 15 minutes if that's all it takes.
  4. Maybe not a 'mistake mistake' but my English ale finally cleared yesterday and then the keg blew on the very next pour Murphy's law is alive and well.
  5. grogdog


    https://nationalhomebrew.com.au/miscellaneous/cleaners-and-sterilisers/other-phosphoric-sanitiser-350ml Here it is here for $10 https://nationalhomebrew.com.au/miscellaneous/cleaners-and-sterilisers/other-keg-and-line-cleaner-1kg This is sodium percarbonate. These are the only 2 things I use in the brewery. A one hour soak in sodium percarb to clean your used FV or bottles, equipment etc then an application of the no rinse sanitser before brewing on everything/anything that touches the brew. The percarb I use @1.2g per liter. This is coopers application rate and it does the trick. You can use more if you feel the need to, you cannot really over use it, but you'll just be wasting it. Sodium percarbonate is the active ingredient in napi-San so find a cheap no frill no scent napi san and use that.
  6. grogdog

    Racking to a secondary fermenter

    I use a priming calculator online. Measure out the amount t of sugar you need. Dissolve the sugar in a pot on the stove with a dash of boiled water. Stir it in the brew, bottle. Bobs your mothers brother.
  7. grogdog

    Racking to a secondary fermenter

    Gday paddy I use this siphon and hose deal so it never actually gets anywhere near the trub
  8. grogdog

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    what size are your kegs ovb do you bottle the left overs? Sounds a good one, creative. Lucky for the Z or you'd be in the shit.
  9. grogdog

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    How do you find S04 greeny what does it bring to the table
  10. grogdog

    Anyone Else Growing Hops This Year?

    Preferably slow dry them on a coat hanger or a screen, in a room, with a fan blowing on them for air movement so they don't mold. Treat them delicately to preserve the terpenes and flavenoids or volatile oils.
  11. Only wanted to see what it looked like but guess now ill have to drink it too mexican citra
  12. grogdog

    International series yeast strain

    My experience with the intl series yeast is it ferments well and cleanly at slightly lower then average ale temps. Whereas the ale yeast can add some funk or 'character'to the brew that needs some time to condition out, the hybrid yeast is neutral and I like it, and it will handle higher gravity then what yeast calculators tell you.
  13. grogdog

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    @Otto Von Blotto @Beerlust What you 2 fail to realise is that you are both very similar and just as stubborn as each other. If y'all ran a brewery together I bet it would be good beer. Just try not to kill each other.