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  1. Thanks mate, I'm a bit behind the times aren't I! I have made some bacon which I am loving, keen to have a crack at prosciutto and salami. I should post an update sometime
  2. I rarely use Maris, always having Munich on hand if I want maltier I'll throw some of that in. I don't know if I have already asked you this, but what proportions? If I want to imitate Maris Otter would I use something like 90% BB pale malt and 10% Munich?
  3. Have you tried this, and in what proportions?
  4. I have long wanted to get into salumi "some day", however I think that time should be now as I have suddenly become the fortunate owner of a whole hog (I work on a farm) which I have dehaired, gutted and sawn in half and is now laying in the frozen shipping container at work. Not ideal situation as I was kind of pressed for time and just needed to get it cool and didn't have a big enough fridge available. Now I need to work out how to thaw safely and butcher further. Once I get some more managable pieces I would love to make lots of bacon, maybe salami, ham; and apart from fresh chops and roasts I don't really know what else. I would appreciate any encouragement as this is a little daunting for me.
  5. Following this recipe: I figure it will make a decent cooking beer if it doesn't tickle my fancy too hard
  6. Yeah Phil, been a while. I don't know, just had other stuff going on I guess
  7. Homemade pretzels, sauerkraut and märzen for Oktoberfest. Mmmmmm
  8. I take care to clean my glasses since you pointed that out to me a while back mate. I never knew it was the fault of the glass before that
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. I have decided to do one with Nottingham and one with S-04, to keep things fairly similar
  10. Yes, I agree with @Aussiekraut. I have made a 1.7kg can of Coopers Devil's Half Ruby Porter to 11L (nothing else added) and it worked alright. It was on the bitter end of the spectrum at that concentration, but still good. The Irish Stout has a few less IBUs so should work well in my opinion.
  11. I have a craft fermenter, but no krausen collar. Judging from this saison of yours do you reckon I could get away with fermenting 11L of beer without overflowing?
  12. Where are you getting those from @CLASSIC?
  13. Thank you. No, I just used a spare beer kit yeast. Not a full packet.
  14. Well, it had already started to turn to vinegar on its own, but I just put in the mother anyway... I've come this far, why quit now. Might turn out fine.
  15. Hi Aussiekraut, is that a grainbill you found for a dubbel?
  16. It looks like there is only about 11.5 litres in that picture; am I missing something?
  17. Thank you, I am just getting impatient, but I can wait. I only have 1L, so can't justify taking a gravity reading. I haven't smelled any rotten egg. I'll think about nutrient next time though. Cheers
  18. Can anyone suggest a good scale that measures accurately for small amounts, such as 0.1g? I'm looking for one to use for hops, but also for small amounts of salt for lacto fermenting. My scale doesn't seem to mind if it is out by a gram, but it matters to me
  19. Dark mild this morning, mashed at 72°C. Excited to ferment this and see what happens.
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