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  1. Sounds like a good comparison
  2. I made the Coopers best extra stout recipe earlier this year, but instead of using a tin of Coopers dark liquid malt I used 1kg of dark dry malt from my lhbs. It is so dark it is barely drinkable, like toast with too much vegemite. Maybe the dark malt I used was the problem; it could be a darker blend than what is in the Coopers can
  3. I have put the probe inside the fermenter... now inkbird says 23.6° while thermometer says 19.5°. I can't get it right
  4. Ah, okay, this changes everything then. So maybe I should increase the inkbird temp 5 degrees or so until the inbuilt thermometer reads 20 degrees. Next time I might put the probe directly in the wort.
  5. Problem is I am using a heat belt, directly heating the fermenter rather than an insulated airspace (I have no dedicated fridge). The dial thermometer is in direct contact with the liquid inside the fermenter. Inkbird probe is stuck under blu-tak. Does anyone here dangle their probe directly inside the fermenter? Any sanitation issues? I imagine that would give the most accurate reading.
  6. The thermometer built into my fermenter is reading 15°C and the inkbird probe is reading 21°C. Who should I trust?
  7. Better yet, use oil pastels. Much neater.
  8. @Bearded Burbler looks like you have a nice backyard
  9. Thanks for finding out for us!
  10. Colour code your different beers with a cheap set of artists acrylic paints. I used to use coloured dot stickers to mark the lids, but ran out of different colours to use. There is a bigger variety of colours with paint, plus it is quicker to apply and washes off easy
  11. Yeah, probably not critical as Muzzy said, but I would just tip it into the fermenter bit by bit and keep putting the bag back on the scales until there is 400g remaining.
  12. King Ruddager, how much malt do you need to mash to make the equivelent of 1kg of DME?
  13. Anyone heard of raw (no-boil) beer? Apparently the hour long mash at 67° or so is plenty to pasteurise the wort... Thoughts?
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