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  1. I made another yeast starter last night and it was frothing this morning, so I pitched it. The airlock is now bubbling away once more, so I'm feeling positive. BTW, I think my target gravity was mistaken... the can instructions said expected FG was 1.014 when mixed to 23 litres, but I made it more concentrated at 15 litres, and mistakenly supposed the FG to be the same. After looking at a formula online I'm now expecting the FG to be 1.021. Not so far to go after all.
  2. Yeah, I enjoyed those a lot, I'm waiting for them to bring them out again
  3. Cool, have you used it in different beers?
  4. Good to know. What do you like about the yeast, and do you have any guess what strain it might be?
  5. Ok, so maybe build up another starter of yeast and send them in to finish the job?
  6. I'm not sure how I feel about submerging the tap in water... any chance of infection or something? I've also heard that applying heat directly to the yeast cake is not ideal, but I might give it a go if I can't do the job with my wheat pack. Can't get above 10°C. SG has dropped a couple of points to about 1.028, but I was hoping for a bit more than that by now.
  7. @Donpolo yes, the Coopers original series lager just comes with ale yeast, but the European lager comes with a lager yeast.
  8. I've just rigged up a "heat belt" . Temp is at 8°C now, and the airlock is bubbling straight away, but I'm guessing that's from the air in the headspace expanding due to the heat.
  9. So I've been away for almost two weeks after putting down a bock. The original gravity was 1.074. I got home last night, and after 17 days in the fermenter the gravity is only 1.030 (target FG 1.014). Temperature has dropped from around 10C down to 6.5, and airlock activity seems to have ceased. Yeast I've used was Coopers lager yeast, harvested from previous batch of European Lager (and built up a bit with a 500ml starter). The batch is 15 litres. The sample I've tasted is very sweet (duh). Pretty frustrating, but I hope to revive it. I have no fancy gadgets for temp control, just a microwave heat/wheat pack that I'm resting up against the side of the fermenter to try to wake the yeast up again, but might have to make another starter? So - low temps, high starting gravity... any ideas what caused this and where to go from here?
  10. Yes, Asahi feel like they will last a long time
  11. Let me know if I should start a new thread - I'm not sure of forum etiquette. I have a kit & kilo European Lager on now that I started at 15°, but has dropped to 8° and is still fermenting slowly (I don't have temp control). Is this too cold or too much fluctuation to get a good beer? I'm using the kit yeast.
  12. Trying different beers on the market can be a fun way to collect new bottles for brewing. I like to get the 6 packs of swing-top mixed German beers from Aldi, as it is cheaper than Grolsch (and better in my opinion). 750ml bottles are the best though. Anyway, anyone have any suggestions on what beers to buy when looking for good homebrew bottles (but which also have good beer in them)? ...Unfortunately a lot of the interesting craft beers are using cans nowadays
  13. So based on what you said Lusty, you reckon the European Lager kit may use Saflager W-34/70? RECIPE CONTAINS: 1 × European Lager (1.7kg) 1 × Coopers Brew Enhancer 2 (1kg) 1 × Coopers Light Dry Malt (500g) 1 × Coopers Carbonation Drops (250g) * YOU SUPPLY: 1 × 25g Pacific Jade Hop Pellets 1 × 25g Enigma Hop Pellets 1 × 11.5g Saflager W-34/70 Dry Yeast
  14. Thanks, nice detective work. I have another question about that however, which I posted in a different thread earlier - Some kits come with ale and lager yeasts, such as the Mexican Cerveza. Wouldn't this 'conflict with the brew can yeast' in an even weirder way than two different strains of ale yeast or two different strains of lager yeast?
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