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  1. stuff everyones' criticism of VB/Crown, i love brewing ales and drinking craft beer, but i also love a cold VB and a crown lager with the family. can't i have both? i also love fine dining and maccas
  2. that's cool, i prefer the higher end of bubbles, keen to use these bottles, been using the PET and they are fantastic but you always end up wasting a lot of beer because its just that bit too large for a single serving
  3. Thanks Captain and Shamus, I’ll need to get a proper teaspoon measure and give it a go!
  4. another carb question, do you think 1.5 of the coopers carbonation drops would suit a 500ml Grolsch pop top bottle?
  5. nah i reckon do it the way you're planning to because i'm worried my bottles wont have enough yeast in them to eat the round #2 sugar
  6. hey mate i've done that, only extra addition was some dry citra hops but they faded pretty quickly. comes out fine, if anything a little sweet.
  7. this is exactly where i was last week, day 6 had 1.013 Gravity so i moved it out of the fridge and tried to temp control up to 18-20c for a couple of days. i found the rest didn't reduce the gravity at all but it did look clearer and tasted fine. i then moved it to the fridge at 2c for about 4 days then bottled it. It's sitting under my stairs at around 20c now and once the bottles are hard i'll place them back in the fridge and wait at least a month before trying one. i dont think this is the right way but its the best i could do for this batch, let me know how yours goes
  8. happy to help, my only thought would be to possibly do a steeped tea bag of galaxy to really push it or more dry hopping
  9. Hey mate, I gave this a similar go in the craft fermenter: Pretty tasty! Batch #7 - Petey’s Pacific 10/11/18 - Pitched US05 at 18c Steeped 150g Munich Wheat Malt - 70c for 20 mins Boiled Black Rock unhopped wheat malt 1.7kg for 48 mins with ~7g Galaxy hop Flameout 15g galaxy hop - 10 mins Specific Gravity - 1.044 14/11/18 - Dry hopped around 30g of Galaxy 14/11/18 - Gravity 1.013 Bottled 19/11/18 - Final Gravity 1.007 i should add that it was about 10lt, not 8.5
  10. Thanks mate! So far it’s going great, fermentation is in full swing 48 hrs in and I’m optimistic
  11. I normally use 2 drops for 740ml PET bottles but I just did a batch with 2.5 drops, trying to see if it has more pop like a commercial ale
  12. Just did my first Lager! 250g caramalt steeped 70c - 20 mins 1.7kg Coopers LME 15g Pride of Ringwood boil- 45 mins 15g flameout Pride of Ringwood - 15 mins OG - 1.041 (10 litres, mini fermenter) pitched Saflager yeast (rehrydrated) at 18c, going into the outdoor fridge which is set for 10c (max it can do). Gonna give it a week in there then get it to Ale temperatures in my laundry sink for a few days rest. Im really hoping it works out but the batch isn’t large enough to be a complete failure
  13. hey welcome, it does make a huge difference in flavour so i would suggest trying to keep it consistent as you can. I'm in Syd and its been reasonably warm so i keep the fermenter in the laundry sink, cover it with a few towels and a switch ice packs twice a day (when u get up, later afternoon). That is enough to keep it in the 18-21 degree range irrespective of the outside weather. You'll see pretty quickly that the action will be mostly over in 4-7 days, then you can rest for a few then bottle
  14. Thanks, just tested it and its very promising. Day 6 today and added a dry hop bag yesterday of around 30g Galaxy. I can't believe how much steeping grains changes the depth of flavour! i am convinced, never will make a batch of only can soup
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