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    Hi everyone 3 months ago I made my first Aztec gold ,and it turned out really great, and enjoyable to drink ,in-between full strength beer such as pacific summer ale , that I have been brewing for nearly a year now, one one and one off, as I have 2 fermenting vessels going at the same time. I have been doing the same cleaning with Milton anti bacterial tablets, 6 tablets to 10 litres of water ,anyway I made another Aztec gold and the yeast didn't activate ,and was it my problem or the yeast on the can was out of date, it was dated 2020 ,also how can you tell that the yeast on top of the can is out of date cheers brian
  2. australian pale ale


    it was in the coopers fermenting vessel , for 7 days around 22- 24 degrees ,also I rinsed it in water before making the brew ,also it did not have that Mexican flavour about it..as the first one did. And as the video says try the taste before bottling, otherwise save your money, anyway cut my loss and start a new one, thanks guys and gals for your help ,,,,
  3. australian pale ale

    summer ale

    hi guys and gals, this is my second ( pacific summer ale ) but with a little twist. All I have done was added 50.grams of galaxy hop pellets, and left it till the 8th day to bottle. after 14 days WOW what a punch it has got, more fruity flavour that stays in your pallet, and want to drink more,,,,,, I will be pissed tonight, and the night after,,i recommend this batch for people who like tropical flavours, cheers
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    on my 4th brew,, just wondering has anyone made a coopers lager with brew enhancer 3,, if so did it make it better or worse thanks
  5. australian pale ale

    750 ml glass beer bottles

    hi ,I am going to make a extra stout soon, and would like to know if ordinary glass 750ml beer bottles will hold up without exploding, if not where do I buy bottles that are strong enough...I be leave plastic pet bottles are not suitable ,,cheers brian
  6. australian pale ale

    750 ml glass beer bottles

    where do I by commercial yeast culture from, thanks
  7. australian pale ale


    how do I make low alcoholic beer, please help
  8. australian pale ale


    about 3 to 3.5%. in a 23 litre vessel..I prefer a lager or something crisp tast,, thanks