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australian pale ale

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  1. australian pale ale


    on my 4th brew,, just wondering has anyone made a coopers lager with brew enhancer 3,, if so did it make it better or worse thanks
  2. australian pale ale

    750 ml glass beer bottles

    where do I by commercial yeast culture from, thanks
  3. australian pale ale

    750 ml glass beer bottles

    hi ,I am going to make a extra stout soon, and would like to know if ordinary glass 750ml beer bottles will hold up without exploding, if not where do I buy bottles that are strong enough...I be leave plastic pet bottles are not suitable ,,cheers brian
  4. australian pale ale


    about 3 to 3.5%. in a 23 litre vessel..I prefer a lager or something crisp tast,, thanks
  5. australian pale ale


    how do I make low alcoholic beer, please help