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  1. Thanks. Should Add I only really use a 30ltr FV an fridge would be used as a drinks fridge inbetween.
  2. Hey guys, So its been a while and its now getting hot. I need a brew fridge what do you guys look for and suggest ? I have seen cheap fridges on here before but never lucky enough to find one for myself
  3. The Samoyed was my favorite of them all but a bit strong for me (Not a huge IIPA fan, nothing against the brewery). Was disappointed in the rest over-all but im not a fan of big shed or prancing pony usually
  4. Might be a good idea for some of the guys here
  5. Prancing pony Magic carpet midnight ride. One if the best stouts I've had. Can taste deep dark fruit. Awesome
  6. Mixed 6 for me this week with a Cider.. so technically a mixed 5. This is new. Seems ok so fr but nothing to write home about
  7. Today's limited edition
  8. DM limited supposedly.. now to try the NWPale
  9. I've been quiet here but went for a walk and saw the PL Dan's offer. Got myself the boysenberry berry sour. Not bad. Not light like a normal sour and kind of like a sour stout. Has some good body and even my Mrs doesn't mind it
  10. supernerdy

    Beer food

    Unsure if this is the right channel or not but I have recently found that food enhances the taste of the beer. Today I have bbq flavored nuts and have paired it with Coopers session ale in a can. My first Coopers can in prep for the XPA I had a drink and it was meh (havent enjoyed the session ale since its release) but after the food I found the flavor more enjoyable. I guess like wine beer is good with different foods. What have you found matches with what style ?
  11. Also curious for those of us who dont go AG do you notice any difference when doing cold steeps of the 100-200 gram of grains that are listed in the recipe DB?
  12. Hey guys, Havent exactly been in the brewing mood but thinking about it again. I have a can of the TC bootmakers pale ale here to use so what are your suggestions? I know to browse the recipe DB and have found "Trendy Trouser Amber Ale" but hoping to get some advice on another success someone else has had with this can. I have made a few beer and ultimately haven't brewed a great beer yet (ive had OK beers though) so looking at some people past experiences to try and mimick. I love my IPA's and I love hoppy and have considered maybe trying to make the Coopers XPA with this can instead of the Aussie Pale Ale but hoping to get some ieas from the brainstrust here.
  13. Todays tight arse tasting is mountain goat pale ale!. Its drinkable.. prefer my IPAs
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