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  1. supernerdy

    Raspberry wheat beer help

    FYI the hops was a combo of hops blended together so you'd need to buy each separately. I'd also personally double each hop. I got this for Recipe of the Month and it wasn't bad. Good beer subtle flavor with the tea bags
  2. supernerdy

    Coopers new beer

    Looks to be sold out in less than 24 hours
  3. supernerdy

    Todays tastings

  4. supernerdy

    Coopers new beer

    I had a second one today at the Casino. Was still cloudy but not as cloudy as yesterdays. The beer is a bit heavy but I think thats coopers standard
  5. supernerdy

    Coopers new beer

    It was yeasty but tasted ok. The guy did say he needed to get a new keg.. Beer was ok though and hoping to find a place in the city today that sells it as well
  6. supernerdy

    Coopers new beer

    Found it!
  7. Went to dry hop my Aussie hop slam today and I think it looked a bit suspect. Tasted ok wth my sample so chucked in the dry hops anyway. Does it look infected ?
  8. supernerdy

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    Started Hop Slqm AU last night.. now to wait a few weeks.
  9. supernerdy

    Todays tastings

    I've been quiet lately mostly as iv not been buying beer but now the home brew is running low (another in the fermenter now.) Today I got myself a 6 pack of the Pilsner. Not really a fan but im also not a fan on prancing pony.. except their XPA
  10. supernerdy

    Coopers new beer

    I loved the session ale at first but think somthings changed? Had it on tap 12 months after a break from it and didnt get the same flavours. I tried ot make a copy with Galaxy and Enigma (substitute for Melba) and wasnt close
  11. supernerdy

    Fail Thread (Mistakes You've Made) 2019

    Recipe is good. A session-able beer and the clearest ive made.
  12. supernerdy

    Fail Thread (Mistakes You've Made) 2019

    I've lost beer each bottle in a similar way.. once the spout came out of the tap, another time the tap didnt turn off properly as expected. Lost very little but still a shame. I have a better tap now though
  13. supernerdy

    Coopers new beer

    now to wait for the first reviews.. although being from SA myself I am tempted to boycot it as its being released in Melbourne instead
  14. supernerdy


    Drinking last months ROTM. Raspberry wheat. Great beer and subtle flavors compared to what I had anticipated
  15. supernerdy

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    It was interesting.. least favorite of the lot.