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  1. @Otto Von Blotto keg was in the fridge 2 days so both the same temp. I think it’s sorted it’s set out now. Cheers!
  2. My Asian lager. Came out a treat. Only been in the keg 4 days but I had to give it a sample. Pretty clear as it’s past the “rubble from paw patrol” test. Should hopefully brighten up even further from here. Pretty crisp too. Pretty happy with this one.
  3. Thanks Lusty, the quick blast was accidental as I just whacked the gas back on keg 1 with out thinking.
  4. Hey Keglords...... what’s going on here....this morning I disconnected the gas from keg 1, to force carbonate keg 2. this afternoon, I re connected keg 1 to pour my self a beer. The keg I was force carbing was no longer connected momentarily..... I set keg 1 back to serving pressure yet still got a decent amount of foam Come from the pour......it’s manageable just not how it was yesterday. Keg 1 did get a quick blast of 40psi while I was swapping over....surely that couldn’t have done much? Or could it?
  5. Hey Lusty, the recipe would potentially fall into an American pale ale maybe? 4kg American ale malt 1kg Munich malt .5kg medium crystal. columbus, chinook and cascade on the hop side of things. only reason i used kveik was to get something in the keg before the weekend. It was a bit of an experiment as id never used it.....the strain I used is apparently good for pales and IPAs as it lets the hops shine rather than provide to much “yeasty” influence. would I use it again? Only if I needed something done quick.....I will probably brew this again but will use US-05 in its place.
  6. Pitched at lunch time on Sunday, was swirling round like a flushed toilet 6 hrs later
  7. Might be a silly one but does your kegged beer keep carbonating once on serving pressure?
  8. There’s approx 44 schooners to a 19ltr keg yeah? In a perfect world, if I stick to my modest 2 schooners a night, given that I don’t have un expected visitors, extra thirst, and any other unforeseen situations that up the consumption (let’s face it, it’s not a perfect world) a keg will last 3 weeks if I’m lucky. taking into account ferment times and cold crash of a round about time of 14 days max, that’s a brew day after the 14th schooner of each keg to keep two full and rotating continually. Maybe not but that’s what I’m telling the misso
  9. I also kegged my Asian lager today. Had a 4 day cold crash with some biofine added day two of that crash and continuing to crash now it’s kegged.....I had a sample of what was left in the FV......sorachi ace hops certainly offer an unusual flavour. I could have potentially over done it with a flame out addition but I’m happy with it. It’s almost got a spice to it with some lemon upfront. time will tell.
  10. Posted this in the kegging thread but here’s a before and after. First schooey of the American Viking pale ale. Tastes good, smells good too columbus, cascade and chinook thrown in A broth of American ale and Munich malt. Fermented with kveik.
  11. Cheers @Norris! I don’t mind em hazy particularly with this strain as it doesn’t really impart much “yeasty” flavour. The strain I used is perf for iPas and pales as it allows the hops to shine. It is meant to give off an Orange like aroma which is why I dry hopped with Amarillo. not sure if I’ll use it again in a hurry but it’s good to know I can pitch on a Sunday and keg on the following Friday. @Bearded Burbler this bad boy fermented at 30degrees.
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