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  1. light dry malt is the most painful thing to have to clean up should it make its way out of the bag onto any given surface.
  2. These are 750ml swingers that have only been used once. They have the original red seals on them. Had no issues on the first batch which were home Tina stout for over 8months @Graculus
  3. Ey Cap, at what point was your first hop addition?
  4. Cheers @BlackSands ive popped her open and it doesn’t look like Or taste like contamination. Although there was a pop, no Smokey C02 in the neck And potentially looks like the start of carbonation Loss. It’d say it sealed enough to contain the C02 during bottle conditioning But being moved around a few times may have loosened the seal just enough to cause a tiny leak.
  5. The first photo is the bottle I’m worried about. The other one is for comparison
  6. Hey All, I recently bottled a few from a batch into swingers. I took em out the fridge today And the movement jiggled them around a bit and I and noticed that one has some foaming while the other just has a couple of bigger bubbles which is standard,which soon went away. my question is, is the one foaming not sealed properly? I’ve noticed some bubbles rise to the surface while it’s sitting there so I’m guessing it’s not sealed right? Or infection???
  7. Cheers mate. Wasn’t expecting it that clear tbh
  8. Thanks everybody. @James of Bayswater I’m in QLD mate. It’s about 22-24 here at the moment, maybe about 16 over night on a cold one.. Never really have to worry about it getting too cold haha. @Red devil 44 thanks mate. My top fermenter is only the craft sized one. Already put about 10 kg worth of bricks on my make shift shelf to see how it goes
  9. Awesome brew day today. Milled grain last night. Sorted out mash and sparge water quantities last night too. All I had to do this morning was plug in and play. Was mashing by 7:30am and yeast was pitched at about midday today. my (Sort of) ANZAC pale ale (was meant to be all AUS/NZ ingredients but I changed a few things up last minute) joe White Pale malt gladfield Munich gladfield light crystal Warrior at 60 (originally was Going to be POR but I like what warrior does) motueka and taiheke at FO for 20. us-05 (originally was meant to be WLP aus ale yeast but again, changed my mind not having done a starter) 37ibu was down a few points pre boil but got them back and ended up at 1.050 as per BS predictions. keen for this one to be done. I’ve never used NZ hops before
  10. double brew day tomoz but with only one ferment freezer..... Rekon loading up my ferment chamber like the picture will put too much strain on it? And or will the top FV cop the most of the cool air given it’s right next to the fan? where would you tape ya probe too?
  11. @Hairy jumping head first into a carton of the unknown takes a decent sized pair of beans.
  12. Thanks all. I might actually save this for next brew and make a starter. Planning on brewing tomorrow and might just sub in some 05 instead
  13. I usually float between hoppy days & national home brew. I’m in QLD though and both of those are QLD based. I ordered from both of them yesterday and received my hoppy days order today and should get the national home brew one by Friday.
  14. Howdy. I’m using this WLP009 on Friday..... is this vile by itself an ok amount in 23L with an OG of 1.046 ? the use by is not far off cheers
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