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  1. I think this is more a case of hate the player not the game.....the player didn’t aerate his wort. ps don’t hate me.
  2. Me Pilsner I bottled tonight has the banana thing going on. Not so much in the taste department but aroma which I guess will in turn influence the overall taste... it didn’t have this happening before cold crash... I know it can decrease with ageing., yeah? My question being..... how long generally does the banana take to mellow out. I was planning on giving this guy a decent 2 month lager so I’m in no rush to drink it just would like to know if I should expect a banana split in November when I crack em open.
  3. Thanks all. Had a squiz on cheeky peak and I might go the 2 keg re curb kit they have for sale. Bout $400 inc shipping. I just measured my fridge and being an odd shape due to the motor down the bottom I’m not 100% I’ll get 3 kegs plus the gas.... going to go two and if I can fit three I’ll look at that later down the line.
  4. @MitchellScott looks the biz mate. guess I’m off to Bunnings tomorrow to buy me self a nice sharp new drill bit Where did you buy all your bits and bobs from?
  5. I’ve got a 2 fridges. One as a ferment fridge. The other..... currently just sitting there keeping the other one company. Initially i hung onto it to have a second ferment/lagering fridge but I’m yet to have found the need. With kegging looming closer and closer should I a) buy a kegerator set up b) drill some holes in that second bitch and make my own? She’d fit 3 kegs and the 02 easy. c) buy kegerator, keep the second fridge and really get the Misso fired up? nar but really.... pros and cons of making my own?
  6. You’d think as a photographer, I’d know how to take a photo that’s in focus right?
  7. Working my way through my last extract batch before the world of AG came knocking. The steam ale from the coopers recipe section. It’s about 5 weeks in the bottle. It had a heck of a twang when first carbonated. That’s really mellowed out and now it just tastes like “beer” should be really drinkable in 2 or 3 not weeks.
  8. @Aussiekraut & @MitchellScott Nothing but positive things to say. Super easy to use and does everything you expect and want it to. Its fairly straight forward. The idiot sheet is only about 3 pages long so pretty easy to work out. Can recommend.
  9. Sounds like a crumby idea to me......woolies will do anything to makes a crust tho
  10. Earthy notes with a slight haze
  11. In regards to my pale tasting like a 150....it certainly does not. Had one yesterday at a work thing....,had a second to confirm how bad it tastes compared to what I made...maybe I’m being biased
  12. A burst water Main in the street means the council were digging around all weekend. found a cupla these old Brisbane bottle exchange Long necks as a result. Still solid as a rock. Filled with dirt.
  13. It is reasonably clear and I think it may have dragged some extra hop flavour through with it. Win/win
  14. Lol, last batch I bottled.....when the hop sock sunk during cold crash, it fell right over the outlet. It was a very slow bottling night....
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