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  1. Fellas, @Ben 10 is on the money here. It was reverse seared. IMO that’s the only way to do this type of meat. Oven for 20 mins at 150 then 45 seconds each side on a nice hot bbq grill. Salt and pepper and the meat alone have all the flavour You need. It was so fresh a good vet coulda brought it back to life. It’s a darker, richer meat compared to your run of the mill steaks, seeing what it looks like post cook you’d know that this definitely wasn’t raw. It’s probably bordering on medium, the meat just holds its colour a lot more than other meats. Give it a go, you wont be un happy (if you cook it right)
  2. The Osborne lager doing its thing. Well the s189 doing it’s thing. Stinking up like rotten eggs. IMG_5775.MOV
  3. Yeah didn’t think it would. I only want the JD for a little bit of warmth at the end.... mashing at 66.7
  4. Well it turns out the drill has just shit it’s self...... I knew it wasn’t all my fault!
  5. Thanks for the tip on the oak cubes @ChristinaS1 for those interested, draft recipe is here....
  6. Howdy. First draft of this recipe is as follows. I’ve never done a beer like this please feel free to offer suggestions. batch size 11.5L 2kg pale malt .25kg choc malt .22kg roasted barley .2kg flaked oats .1kg dark crystal malt 14g EKG @60 12g willamette @15 Safale S04 Day 4 dry hop with smoked oak cubes (remove before cold crash) day 12 add 300ml Jack daniels cold crash 4 days IBU 24.8 ebc 81.6 abv 5.9 (not sure what the JD will do to that number?)
  7. Wild harvested Venison and a YH porter both coming to room temperature.
  8. Nice. Any reason for The 3 years? what do you want to keep it in before adding the whiskey and oak?
  9. Lol “almost pungent” sounds hectic. Haha. ill suss this at the brew shop next time I’m there. Have you used it before? And does it go in con injunction with the smoked malt?
  10. The other thing the Misso has to endure me collecting.
  11. Howdy, I’m wanting to do a stout to put away for a while. I want to make it woody, Smokey and bourbony. Not having a bourbon barrel on hand for aging, I did some googling. will the following be required for what I’m after. - some smoked malt in the bill - wood chips -adding some JD after fermentation is complete I’m planing on only doing a 10ltr batch and “dry hopping” the wood chips and adding about 150ml of JD at cold crash. My questions... Is this what I do for my desired result? Thank ya
  12. Charge ya god damn drill the night before. gave the right arm a work out chewing through 5.5kg of grain this morning.
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