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  1. MitchBastard

    Stuck ferment......what they look like?

    Thanks all! I’ll have a squiz at the grav tomorrow. Mitch
  2. Howdy, Day 6 of a current brew. Things were churning around days 2-4. Day 6 things have come to a stand still. Krousen is still decent. Just doesn’t look like much is happening. I’m only asking cause my previous brews have started clearing about now and krousen is usually gone too. just a slower ferment this time around maybe? if there’s krousen is that an indication things are still happening or can it sit on the surface regardless? cheers!
  3. MitchBastard

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    Hey bearded Burbler, Currently sitting at 18.5 i swapped the bry yeast for us-05 cheers M
  4. MitchBastard

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    We have lift off for the red rattler. Keen to get stuck into this one. Probably my best brew to date in terms of how the brew day went. Let hope the taste backs it up. The wort was a really nice deep red before fermentation started. Happy satdee
  5. MitchBastard

    head space in bottles

    Howdy, I asked a similar question not so long ago and the general consensus was bulk priming your batch, prior to bottling will give you the best results for those pint sized bottles. In terms of head space, 3cm is what I’ve seen written around the place. I’ve found when bottling (if using a glass stubbie), that if you fill up your bottle to almost the very top of the bottle, when you take out the bottling wand, you will be left with the perfect amount of space left in the bottle. cheers!
  6. MitchBastard

    What I learnt today with my first brew attempt

    Hey Joseph, best thing about hobbies like brewing and other stuff that requires certain processes and what not...is that you’re always learning no matter how well you execute something. There’s no fun in being awesome at something straight away. Welcome to the rabbit hole. M
  7. MitchBastard


    I thought it may have hung around longer and fallen in line behind a few other lighter coloured brews I’ve got but it’s surpassed those by a fair way. I did this batch pre temp control so would like to see the diff with that and a cold crash.
  8. MitchBastard

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    Subbed it for the US05. Why is it on the banned list?
  9. After pressing the go button on our upcoming kitchen renovation we’re getting a you beaut new fridge. A big fancy French door thing (blah blah blah) Upon appliance discussions, I smoothly suggested we store the current fridge in the garage (next to the other fridge that currently is in use as fermentation fridge). The better half agreed........ the penny dropped about 20 mins later when she asked “you want to keep the fridge for beer things don’t you?” The plan was discovered but remains un changed. M
  10. MitchBastard


    Getting down to the last few bottles of the battle ship bitter. Will do this one again Or something like it. https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/battleship-bitter.html
  11. MitchBastard

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    Got the coopers red rattler lined up for Thursday morning. https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/red-rattler-ale.html yew
  12. MitchBastard

    Russian Imperial Stout.

    Nice. Not sure I could commit to that much liquid hanging around for so long.
  13. MitchBastard


    Coopers Longies, asahi and bitburger stubs PET bottles are good an cheap and have been good for me so far. Good to gauge where carbonation is at. Feels better from glass tho....
  14. MitchBastard

    Russian Imperial Stout.

    Who does/has done em. https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/russian-imperial-stout.html yay or nay? i don’t plan on brewing one, just curious as to the general consensus and what people think who have been down that road to Russia. m
  15. MitchBastard

    Dry hopping

    I recently bottled straight from the FV after a cold crash. Bottled at 1.5degrees and then stored in my usual cupboard. It took maybe a day and a half longer to carbonate due to the temp rising naturally above 18 deg. This was only gauged by doing a squeeze test on the pet bottles. By day 6 the pet bottles were firm as hell. M