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  1. Howdy folks. Im pushing crud up hill to get the yeast I want for my next saison. Seems like WLP568 is sold out nation wide. However I’ve got enough bottles remaining from a previous batch to muster up a culture from bottle dregs…..would the yeasties from 4 bottles be sufficient? im also not planing on drinking 4 champagne bottles worth in one go, instead 1 per day for the next 4 days and tipping the dregs into a jar each night and fridging it. Until I need to kick off my starter……any problemos?? finally, for those that bottle harvest…what’s a good starter size to start with to get to a 2 litre starter?? thanks gang.
  2. Had some ok results at the QABC over the weekend. saison scored 42/50 yank ipa and my oaked Irish stout both scored 38/50. my NEIPA got absolutely dragged over the coals and copped a 19. Woeful. Will be interesting to get feed back from that. happy days
  3. Got the house Pilsner in the FV today. After some feed back from some judges I’ve upped the bitterness by 5 ibu, bringing it up to 45 in totes. Also ditched a 20 min hop stand for a bigger 10min addition after I thought I got some slight grass last time round. Brew day went smoothly. Ended up with a good extraction and ended up 5points over on my FG. The three litre yeast starter will confidently bring my FG down to where it needs to be. cheers
  4. Cheers mate! Brew day today so will have something sorted shortly
  5. Blardy hell….no time to brew in recent weeks has resulted in 3 blown kegs and one approaching a critical level. No hope in sight. Pray for me people.
  6. Full blown commando m8. At 13g a liter in this batch I had a 2inch thick green cake on the beer. Only lost 3L to absorption too It drops straight out though as soon as the temp changes a few degrees and makes way for the floating dip tube .
  7. “Brains trust” lol I’ve used it many times to my own annoyance.
  8. Ahh that’s a bugger! Pardon the pun. is an iodine based cleaner like iphodor any good in that situation?
  9. Got a keg filled for a friend. A hazy such n such. It’s a great beer. I’m happy with it. Gunna rip off a bottles worth and submit it to the QABC this week. See how it fairs on a judging panel. All the usuals…..citra, mosaic and vic secret. Dry hopped out the wahzoo. Wheat flakes, oats etc etc.
  10. Got the yank IPA on the pour. Extremely happy with it. 7.2% ABV. 65 IBU. decent malt back bone hiding behind a pine/citrus/resin dry hop. Certainly not the clearest IPA I’ve made. Will be interesting to see what the general public think of it as it’s part of a home brew comp held this Saturday.
  11. Hey blobster. From memory it’s WLP568. I think it’s the blend of the DuPont strain and something else to help avoid the lag you get from just the DuPont strain. i actually fermented this one fairly cool. Kept it at 20 degrees most of the ferment until I bumped it to 24 with the help of a hot water bottle in the ferment chamber.
  12. Hey mate, just with caps. You can get a 29mm attachment for the standard capper along with 29mm caps.
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