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  1. The lazy mans Red Ale. 3 parts Pilsner, 1 part stout. Bitta keg 4 + bitta keg 2. Badda bing badda boom.
  2. Thanks mate. sounds great. Have you had the Sierra Nevada agave/lime gose? im not up with the style but that was quite nice. They always have good beers so I assume it’s received well?
  3. Kegged up the Peach an Raspberry Sour this morning. Looks and tastes bloody bewdyful. I brewed this for the misso but I’m not sure how much of it will be drunk by her. definitely pricked my ears in terms of doing more sours.
  4. I went and picked myself up a spare keg where I now transfer to prior to cold crashing. I cold crash in the spare keg for those beers I have not done in my all rounder, as I can’t fully close them . Once crashed I push out to another Pre chilled, purged keg at a low psi. It’s an extra step but I’m avoiding any O2 suck back during crashing. Has seemed to yield good results this far.
  5. Hahaha @Bearded Burbler variety is the spice of life. id highly suggest giving a saison a go with that yeast. FYI here’s the new age trendy beer The PreachBerry Sour
  6. My saison is currently conditioning on the yeast cake and has sat at 1.000 for the last week so I’m gunna say it’s done. Tomorrow will be two weeks and will crash tomorrow night. Somewhat in two minds to split the batch and dry hop one batch to give it a little freshness. However I am thinking maybe once it’s cold and carbonated, That will be enough “spritz” to spruce it up.....thoughts? I also loaded some peach purée into my kettle sour over the weekend. It’s tasting really good. Didn’t really know what to expect from the peaches but also gave it a dash of raspberry purée too. Just for a little blush on the colour. Should be kegged by the weekend.
  7. You’ll have a whole barnyard floating around in there
  8. Those pesky Belgian beers tend to take longer for flavours to round out and are beers that generally benefit from An extended rest on the yeast cake. I’m not sure what’s exactly happening in there during that time but being such yeast driven beers, the yeast tends to tell you when it’s ready. You would generally keep an eye on pH once ferment is done and look for a rise, which indicates the yeast has started to Croak and it’s time to crash and or package. Saisons, depending on the yeast Used, tend to stall and kick back up after 3, sometimes 4 weeks, Which is why some may pitch an extra bit of yeast like a US-05 to finish things off. I won’t have that problem but in my readings, plenty usually experience a stall and the pitch at about 1.025 ish. So longer time on the yeasty is good in this regard
  9. Belle. She’s actually dropped another 4 points....it’s sitting at 1.000
  10. Yeah the weird jelly like hot break is weird. As with what ever is left over after the boil
  11. Leg 2 of my cube sour this morning. After pitching 4 probiotics into the cube yesterday morning, pH was checked yesterday Afternoon with a drop of .09 from 4.5 down to 4.41. Feeling like I had plenty of time before it got to the targeted 3.5, I left it over night and checked this morning. A reading of 2.5 was read this morning, which seems too far gone for only 24hrs. A taste test indicated a mild tartness and a very pleasant aroma of pear and apricot. I think my pH meter isn’t great as it always reads a whole point lower Than it should be when measuring finished beers...I think the presence of alcohol throws it off, and am thinking maybe something similar in this case or maybe it just craps out for anything under the 4 mark. Annnnnnnnnyway I threw it in the kettle, boiled the bastard for 20mins with a small citra addition Where it’s awaiting yeast pitching.
  12. My saison which was pitched on Tuesday, reached FG by this morning. Definitely wasn’t expecting a 2 day ferment of 1.053 down to 1.004. Fermenting at 30 degrees will do it I guess. will let it sit on the cake for another 2 weeks, potentially dry hop then bottle. tastes awesome. Lotta funk, bit of spice and she’s gunna be dry once carbed up.
  13. Brewing in uncharted territory today. Was pretty fun brew but really only half a brew day. Brewed the first leg of my cube sour. mainly Pilsner malt some wheat and a touch of acid malt. i didn’t use RO water, nor did I bother with any mineral additions to my tap water as I don’t know where it’s starting at, except for a pH of 7.4. More of a trial than anything. Mashed for an hour. Mashed out for 10. checked ph which was at 4.9. Added 1.75ml of lactic acid which landed me at 4.52 pH boiled for 10 mins. transferred to a cube where it’s chilling down to 30deg where I’ll pitch about 4 or 5 probiotics or 120 billion lacto bullshitus particles. Will let it drop to 18ish where it Should hopefully be sitting at a pH of 3.5 on Sunday night/Monday morning. boil for 30 mins with a small citra addition to 6ibu ferment with voss Kviek dump a load of peach n mango into it. keg. keep misso happy.
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