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  1. Thanks mate. Yeah I’m not a fruity guy either but thought what the heck. Tastes and feels good so no complaints. Many a beer were had in Germany. I was definitely a fan of the more regional beers on the south. Although some of the bigger local brews in Frankfurt and Berlin trump any of our mass produced swill we get in Aus. Definitely had my share of unfiltered pils also. Too good. If you can be bothered, in the today’s tastings thread in the beer banter forum, I posted a number of my sampling’s along the way. Cheers!
  2. Came home from Germany to a carbonated Raspberry Wheat. Nice thirst quencher. Dry and enough tartness to make you wanting more. Not sure if I’ll do it again but glad I did this one.
  3. @MartyG1525230263 i normally use Unhopped cans in a 6 or 7 litre boil but this was only a 3 litre boil and thought that would be enough hot wort to dump on top of the extract in the FV.
  4. @Instigator I definitely gave her a good old stir. Not good enough I guess. Yew!
  5. Howdy, I put down an extract brew this morn. 1x real ale can 1kg LDM 150g medium crystal steeped over night 30g chinook 10mins 23ltr after topping up to the desired level I was at pitching temp so I pitched straight away after taking a grav reading. I got 1.020 which is obviously about 20 points to low. Is this low reading due to the fermentables not being fully dissolved? The goo was still in on the bottom of the fv and I had a few chunks of dry malt floating about. or is my funny reading due to the kick across the room I gave my hydrometer this morning? either way I’m not worried just curious. TIA
  6. Well that’s what I figured. Just thought I’d ask as there are a few things you find through certain recipes which are better off ignored.
  7. Howdy, tomorrow I’m going to do the steam ale from the recipe section. https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/steam-beer.html it calls for S-23 at 18 degrees. Being a lager yeast, we know what it’s ideal temp is. Should I stick to the recipe or run with the usual 12degrees I assume the higher temp is to purposely produce some esters? TIA
  8. Howdy. Going to make the jump to AG shortly. Initially was thinking of going down the 35L brewzilla route but thought I’d check Fleabay for an urn for a BIAB option. Came across this 48l guy. At $120 it seems decent compared to $400 odd. Pros and cons from those in the know would be greatly appreciated. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F173912313299 TIA
  9. Winding down my time In the land of beer so here’s a few from the last couple of days. My liver needs a break. A pale ale ipa session ipa a helles lager. ipa was the pick of the bunch.
  10. Far out...one of the best IPAs I’ve ever had. A Fuerst wiacek over the moon ipa. I could smell this thing from across the room. Was hazy as hell but wasn’t labelled as a neipa.... was everything I needed to start the afternoon.
  11. Mmmmmm unfiltered pils and a lubzer. also shared a drink with the great man himself @Shamus O'Sean id assume you would approve?
  12. Something from Bavaria from a bar I don’t remember leaving
  13. A lot better than the yank version.
  14. Just drop a cold n flu tablet in with your carb drops and she’ll be right m8
  15. Made it to Berlin today. Couple of cheap long necks on the way to a place called hops n barley., a local “craft bar” they had a red ale, an ipa a IIPA, a bock and a few other things outside the realm of euro beer. I tried their unfiltered house pils, pretty yummo. Starting feeling a bit crossed eyed after a couple so that’s a good sign too.
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