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  1. MitchBastard

    Milk Stout

    The brains trust will be able to confirm but I think your oats have to be mashed with a base malt to extract the sugars you need.....otherwise you just end up with haze. Probably Won’t matter with a stout but I’m not sure how it affects flavour.... i recently added 250g of lactose to a stout. That was as per recipe for a 23ltr batch. If I do it again I might up the lactose maybe another 100g. Maybe. I also used 2 x 04 yeast packs Hope this helps. M
  2. MitchBastard

    Single fin clone?

    Have a look in the recipe section on the coopers diy site. Search for shark fin. I havnt done it but I’m guessing it’s something similar. I may be way off tho
  3. MitchBastard

    Todays tastings

    When in Rome I guess.
  4. MitchBastard

    AIB Awards 2019

    @Beerlust That’s a winning attitude. I too figured it was more of a data collection exercise....if there is a majority of a certain style that is submitted, it may indicate a big number of coopers drinkers would drink and want to see a (for example) pacific ale in the line up. Just me 2c
  5. MitchBastard

    Jailhouse Juice results

    Looks yummo
  6. MitchBastard

    Todays tastings

    This is an absolute beauty. Diego also approves.
  7. MitchBastard

    Different reading after 4 days

    @The Captain!! I figured as much but the last one made me hesitant....I never check the gravity that much. Dunno why I did it this time
  8. Checked gravity in day 6 1.017 (bumped temp up to 20 deg grav on day 8 1.015 grav on day 9 1.015 grav on day 10 1.015 grav on day 11 (today) 1.014 Is she still going? I was going to leave it for another day or so anyway. Was the yeast just having a sit down for a few days? Decided to get back to work this morning? TIA
  9. MitchBastard

    Todays tastings

    Cupla circular Sangas Under the story bridge for mother’s day. Good drop this one. Everything you want in a lager.
  10. MitchBastard

    Euro lager dress up

    @Aussiekraut I think the recipe I followed was the oktobest fest beer from the recipe section. Have a squiz.
  11. MitchBastard

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    MosIPA My first IPA attempt I’m calling done at 1.015. Bittered with mosaic to 60ibu and dry hopped with mosaic, centennial and cascade. OG was 1.058 so I guess that’s about 6% bottled?
  12. MitchBastard

    Euro lager dress up

    I did this not long ago with 300g of steeped crystal 500g LDM and 10min boil of 30g saaz used w34/70 yeast and the coopers yeast but next time I’ll pitch two packs of w34/70 instead.
  13. MitchBastard

    For those who steep grains

    Yeah I don’t get enough grain to justify an actual mill at this stage. I think I just typed in bench top grain mill or something like flour grinder. Came from Sydney.
  14. MitchBastard

    For those who steep grains

    If you’re like me and get tired of using a rolling pin or mallet to crack your grains, I recently purchased this bad boy off eBay. $30 inc postage Ain’t bad. Also pictured is 200g of wheat malt I ran through it as a test
  15. MitchBastard

    Is this grain crush too fine?

    The ones that look whole are actually split in half