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  1. NewBrews

    Todays tastings

    Went down to the local leagues club tonight for dinner and they had the Pirate Life Throwback IPA on tap. Went down real nice.
  2. NewBrews

    Max percentage of crystal malts for ales.

    Not knowing a lot about the recipe side, I’d say that going to be pretty sweet, but that amount of ibu is probably going to balance it out ok. Probably end up somewhere in the xpa territory in terms of drinkability. Don’t think it would be a sessionable beer though. Just my 10cent opinion
  3. NewBrews

    It's Kegging Time!

    Well - that's no help to me
  4. NewBrews

    It's Kegging Time!

    Where might this LHBS be?
  5. NewBrews

    Pacific Saison

    That's what I was thinking as well, but very new at this still.
  6. NewBrews

    Pacific Saison

    I've got some Galaxy and Amarillo at home. Thinking of a combo with that as a Saison using John's recipe as a base Any thoughts how that might work out?
  7. I grabbed one for $29 as well and going great guns. Enjoying the Amber Ale as well. Got my third brew in it now and using it for small batches doing extract based brews. Getting a bigger fermenter to do large brews, but really enjoying learning on the smaller size, and if I muck one up that completely undrinkable it’s only a dozen! So glad that it’s got me back brewing!
  8. NewBrews

    Dogs ...

    Jess is an Alexandrina. We also have 3 cockatiels. All have been hand raised and just think they are part of the family.
  9. Keep em coming @King Ruddager. Love them, great tips and you don’t take it too seriously.
  10. NewBrews

    Dogs ...

    Love dogs but had a shithouse record with them. Had two and lost both in a short time which devastated our daughters So now we stick to birds. This is my brew mate Jess. She’s got a taste for malted grain and cold beer dregs.
  11. NewBrews

    Todays tastings

    Tonight’s tastings included a King Brown of the kit Amber Ale that came with the craft kit. Getting better with age. Now having a Coopers Lager I picked up the other day. Was never really a fan of lagers, but this is nice. Might be keen to try an extract one at some stage.
  12. NewBrews

    Brew Day!! Watcha' got, eh!? 2018

    Put down a Dr Smurto’s Golden Ale this afternoon from extract with 100gm steeped medium crystal.. Projected OG of 1.040 and nailed it. Been trying to get time to put this down for a week! Used my collected yeast from my pacific ale (US05) so going to see if it takes off. If not I have a backup US05 in the fridge.
  13. NewBrews

    It's Kegging Time!

    That's gotta suck! I'd have lost my sh1t at that point!
  14. NewBrews

    Todays tastings

    Grabbed one of the xpa’s tonight for a taste. Went down a treat.
  15. NewBrews

    Summer Brewing

    Thinking I might put a saison down next after the golden ale comes off.?