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  1. I like the way your thinking. Was looking at a golf buggy on the police auction website as a run around! Could tee off from where we’re looking to put the new house. Would do ok down the hill with a dog left left over to the dam. Then 2 would come back up the hill towards the cottage, missing the big gums on the right, to dog leg right and put the flag down the bottom near the front corner. Not sure if I’d get it past the horse committee though.
  2. Bring me the inspiration guys. We’ve just bought a massive project. 8.5 acres with a cottage, a jacaranda tree, a miniature rose, 4 frangipani trees and a hedge across the front. The rest is just paddocks and gum trees. The cottage needs a bit of work, but we’re looking to fix that up and move another house onto the block for us, and have the cottage for the in-laws. And, it’s all tank water! There is a small dam down the back which we’re hoping to use for the new veggie gardens once it gets some water in it.
  3. That’s a wild looking sport that. Take a big flat rock and slide it down a sheet of ice to get it closest to a point. Don't doubt that it definitely takes some skill though!
  4. Damn good question! You’ll find most brewers will either dry hop “commando style” by just dumping the hops straight in, the cold crashing to get the hop matter to drop into the trub, or use a hop sock or hop balls or the like which is sterilised before use. As to the hops themselves, hops are naturally anti-bacterial (someone correct me if I’m not fully right on this) and will generally resist any infection on themselves, so are unlikely to cause an infection on their own merit. Thats how I’ve read it anyway.
  5. Sour dough ones are amaze balls! https://www.kingarthurbaking.com/recipes/sourdough-crackers-recipe
  6. I was wondering if I was going to have to pick him up but you got it covered
  7. First glass of a Mosaic Blonde Ale from a few weeks ago. Pouring beautifully and tasting pretty good. Nice bitterness and a full mouthfeel for a blonde. Could be a little clearer.
  8. Hey. Just a heads up if you were looking to buy the Beer Cartel Advent Calendar and haven’t ordered yet, they just put up a post on Facebook to say they are likely to sell out today.
  9. Actually didn’t mind that show funnily enough. I hear Paul doesn’t mind the old home brew either.
  10. So now your going to need to give some details on said work??? You can’t just name drop and hide.
  11. Brew day yesterday which was a bit all over the shop actually. Did the Captain Responsible recipe from Hoppy Days. Overshot my target efficiency and ended up with a 1.044 OG when I was aiming for 1.038. I usually enter their recipes into Beer Smith and dial it back to suit the 79% efficiency I usually get, but was too lazy and rushed last week. Its supposed to be a mid strength beer, and I suppose it still will be. I added an extra litre of water to the fermenter to drop it back a little, but didn’t want to go too rash for fear of diluting the flavours somewhat. Still looks and smells amazing, and with a Cashmere and Citra dry hop it should top it off nicely. Link to the recipe here.
  12. I think they won a few awards with that recipe. I’ll be doing it again for sure.
  13. My mother in law often puts beer in her damper and it’s basically the same recipe so it should be awesome. Really never thought of beer in scones, but it’s going to happen soon now! Cooking channel next KR?
  14. Is that the Hoppy Days recipe? Mine just ran out last week - much sadness. It’s an exceptional beer. Kegged the Blonde that’s been cold crashing for a fortnight yesterday. Was pretty clear by that stage
  15. Haven’t done one before but ordered the Beer Cartel one. Bit exxy but not too bad. Keen to share the experience but I’m sure Shamus’ tasting notes will put us all to shame.
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