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  1. Got mine in the bottle the other night after a weekend away camping. Best freaking beer I think I’ve made! Probably shit still but I was damn happy it came out ok! Now to fill out the entry form.
  2. Would make bugger all difference to the sound I’d think. My guess is that it just makes the close together chords/progressions easier to play by not having to screw your hand around so much. Especially if you have fat fingers! That said, Ian Moss has hands and fingers like a yeti and still manages to do a pretty good job!
  3. I have a set of crystal mugs we got as a wedding present (I think - it was a long time ago) that I use for everything. Amazing to drink from!
  4. So many off piste comments there.....
  5. Did a FG check of mine today and 1 point under what I expected by BeerSmith. Taste and aroma is right where I wanted it to be for the style. Very keen to see how it is once carbonated!
  6. That’s definitely not a replacement. Not even close!
  7. I did a half tallie with one carb drop in my last brew and it came up ok. I thought the same, but was pleasantly surprised.
  8. Awesome! Digging a bigger entrance into the burrow!
  9. Did ya bag it, or did it go in commando?
  10. Got mine in the fermenter last night, colour looks great, OG spot-on and had a good krausen this morning which I was quite surprised about. Even the OG sample tasted good so that can’t be a bad sign! And now we wait....
  11. Hi Beer82. I find the craft kits more suited to American tastes than Australian ones. Very hoppy and quite dark for what they are. Not in a bad way, just different. I bought a craft kit cause it was cheap at Aldi after Father’s Day last year and it’s great for my small all grain and experiments, but I could do the same in my large one. To be honest I’d get the DIY Beer one if I was buying from scratch. I don’t drink a lot but do find I need to do a 23l brew every 6 weeks at least to keep the stocks up.
  12. So got mine running over the weekend. Had 3 Pale Ales each on Saturday and Sunday night and added them to my 1.25 soft drink bottle. Been shaking it up every time I walk past it as the cooler weather is slowing it down a bit. I had to let some of the CO2 out last night as the bottle was hard as a rock, but it had a real nice beery and yeasty smell to it. It’s got about 5mm of yeast in the bottom of the dimples this morning so I reckon another 24 hours and put the brew together and pitch tomorrow night!
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