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  1. Mate - I'll have to pour another one tonight - Damn!!!
  2. Second pour of the kolsch. Obviously my crappy legging job didn’t affect it too much. No finings added! Great beer, light, well balanced, malty. IMG_1253.MOV
  3. Put on the Brekkie Oat Cream IPA yesterday. It was the Feb ROTM recipe and smelt really nice going into the fridge. Don’t do a lot of Kit beers anymore but was keen to try this one out. Couldn’t get the extract to mix in at all yesterday so the yeast is going to have to earn it’s keep this week and go looking for dinner. Also no idea of SG so FG will be a guess but thinking about 1.015 with the lactose and oats.
  4. Ok actually. The only reason I found out was I hooked the tap on and nothing came out but the other started pulling beer through the gas line. Thank goodness for the non return valve on the bottle!
  5. Kegged the Kolsch the other night into two 9.5l legs. One to drink now and one for about four weeks time. Some idiot put the gas in on the beer out post and created a keg to keg transfer that’s what you get for legging in the dark!
  6. So was that the death nell of that keg? As soon as I say that the next glass gets that sad but familiar sound
  7. One of the guys at work keeps bees so I asked him if I could buy some honey of him to have a crack at a mead. Ended up he’s always wanted to try it but didn’t have a clue so he gave me the honey. Being the first time and all I figured I go with the JAOM recipe just to see how it went. Mixed it up last night in the 5l demi and a couple of hours later it had already started bubbling away. As the instructions said, into the cupboard it went this morning so I’ll leave it alone for a while apart from topping it up in a couple of days.
  8. Bit of the cost for commercial beer, a bit of wanting something different, and a bit of making my own. Also make my own cheese and sour dough bread.
  9. Sadly, a lot of the old pubs around where I grew up are no longer pubs or have burnt down or been torn down.
  10. Crumbed and Fried like chicken
  11. I was the same. Normally stick to my AG batches or a FWK off in a bind but this one caught my eye. Probably make it this weekend once I get the kolsch out of the fermentation fridge.
  12. Not a regular listener as often busy of a Sunday, but enjoy it when I do. But I’m a country lad originally so it always reminds me of home.
  13. You mentioned that the last two have been lagers and that you fermented at 18-20 degrees? Normally, lager treats tend to work best at the 12-14 degree range so fermenting then warm may lead to some unexpected results, but that is unlikely to include sour, which is generally caused by a bacterial infection (often lactobacillus or acetobacteria) which both produce acids. In the first case it will often taste like a sour beer from a craft brewery whereas acetobacteria will have a vinegary type smell. Hope that helps somewhat in your diagnosis of the issue.
  14. The @Beerlust hadn’t been online since Dec 7. Anyone heard anything from the grumpy old codger? One of the last things I heard was he had a date so maybe he’s still on it???
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