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  1. So I got a email back from Emma and we're all free to post our recipes except for Woodsie. This was mine: Two Flags Golden Ale Coopers Ingredients Used: 1.5kg Coopers Wheat Liquid Malt Extract Coopers Bottle Drops Other Ingredients: 3kg Maris Otter malt 200g Crisp Caragold malt 15g East Kent Golding hops 30g Enigma Hops 1/4 Whirlfloc Tablet Yeast: Re-activated Coopers Commercial Yeast from a 6 pack of Coopers Pale Ale Method: Partial Mash BIAB Mash grains at 66.7 degress for 60 mins Mash out at 75.6 degress and hold for 10 minutes Bring to boil 60 minute boil Add 15g East Kent Golding hops for 60 minutes Add 15g Enigma for 30 minutes Add 15g Enigma at Flameout/Whirlpool (stand 10 mins)
  2. OMG! My best beer ever! Coopers XPA Partial Mash. Bittered with PoR. Late addition Simcoe and Lemondrop with the same again as a dry hop. Tastes so much like the original, maybe better.
  3. Mangrove Jacks M29 French Saison Yeast. I got it started fairly low, and just left it on the shelf in the shed, so who knows what the temp got too. I’ve not tried Belle but a lot of people seem to be very happy with it.
  4. Thanks Lusty! Came out pretty close to how I wanted it to be, which is a great feeling.
  5. Second taste of the Oui Oui Bread Stick Saison. Dry, nicely carbonated and got the toasty bready notes I wanted. Aroma is floral and a bit funky. Tastes amazing.
  6. Looking for some advice on a AG recipe for a clone Red Trolley Ale. Looking to do a small batch 11l and adjust from there. I’ve got a few six packs of it over the last while and am really enjoying it. So I went scouring the internet and found a couple of recipes for Partial and extract brews and also got some inspiration from the Karl Strauss website. They say they have 60 and 80 SRM crystals in it to about 30SRM. I’ve gone predominantly 60 with a bit over half of the 80 for the colour. Also couldn’t find Glacier hops locally so I went with all Williamette. Here’s my crack at it and let know what you think.
  7. I’ve just sent the organiser an email to see if it’s ok. If it’s ok I’m happy to share mine.
  8. I’ll agree with Lusty on this. Stick with the 400g but make it the lightest crystal you can get. I used the caramalt in my latest one and it’s very close to the original. The original recipe pack shipped with a medium crystal and it was quite dark and very sweet.
  9. Nope, but I’d be pretty upset if I had!
  10. @Journeyman. The os lager comes with a ale yeast anyway, so sub it for any other ale yeast. If you’re using Nottingham, because of the difference in packet size you’ll probably be fine with two. The recipe is for an American amber ale, so WLP060 would go fine, but not sure what the blend is made up of.
  11. This is about the easiest SMaSH I could think of in BeerSmith using the RoboBrew profile, based on what you wanted and had on hand.
  12. I actually like that idea, unfortunately I don’t know anywhere near enough to know how to actually do it properly. Not to say I wouldn’t like to learn.
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