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  1. I just finished this but did it with S04 and it was finished at about day 9. Mine did only get to about 1.014 and stopped there, but as long it’s still going down.
  2. I cracked a bottle of my saison last night after not having one for about a month or so. Flavour has improved no end from the few I had around New Years. When I first tried I’d have a headache before I got to the bottom of the bottle, which didn’t seem to happen at all last night. Not sure if it’s one I’ll brew a lot of, but I think it’ll be a candidate for the small fermenter each year for the summer. I’ll definitely be brewing it early anyway.
  3. NewBrews

    Toucan Stout

    I’m not sure if it’s a good yeast for stouts, but I’m using S04 for this one, mainly because I got a 5 pack on special from my LHBS, but I have read of people switching between it and Nottingham.
  4. NewBrews

    Toucan Stout

    Ditto that, except no grain steep and switching the 1kg dex to 1kg BE2 and adding 100g lactose. Should give the same added mouthfeel and sweetness as the grain steep. Keen to see how it goes.
  5. NewBrews

    What is an XPA??

    I’ve actually grown quite attached to the XPAs. I’ll agree with everyone else on the similarities to the APA, particularly Coopers Pale, with the addition of some extra late hop aroma and flavour. I’ve brewed two of them now, one using the Coopers recipe and an extract based clone of it, and both were very good beers. I’ve also enjoyed quite a few commercial examples including the one you’ve shown here. I’ll probably continue to brew them, but there are so many other beers out there to try!
  6. I thought it was golden syrup, not molasses?
  7. NewBrews

    Todays tastings

    Just had a couple on the boss on the way home. First was a Newstead Brewing IPA, which was pretty good considering I’m didn’t use to be a fan of IPAs, but this could definitely change my mind if I could get rid of the aftertaste. The second was a Blueberry Gose from 4 Pined Brewing. Again, I’m not a big fan of sour beers but this was pretty well balanced and certainly not as sour as others. That said if it didn’t say Blueberry on the tag I probably wouldn’t have known that it was. This may have been because I started on the IPA first, but all in all it was an ok beer. Regardless, free beers are always good!
  8. NewBrews

    YEAST Questions 2019

    I used S04 in my battleship bitter I just bottled as it was on special for 5 packs! The sediment was solid as, so carrying the fermenter inside to bottle it barely moved it. Probably going to use it in my stout as well.
  9. @WildIslandBrewer - to tag you just put the ‘@‘ symbol in front of the persons handle. Cheers, Jamie
  10. NewBrews

    Boosting ABV on a Canadian Blonde!

    Is that the advice of a Canadian blonde?
  11. NewBrews

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    That’s on the list to go after the stout which will be hitting the fermenter next weekend. Doing a variation on the best extra stout recipe. Thinking of doing a centennial, galaxy, Citra combo for the NEIPA.
  12. I bottled the Battleship Bitter recipe based on this can yesterday. Smelt and looked great going into the bottle and the sample tasted exceptionally nice. Looking forward to trying it in a couple of weeks
  13. NewBrews

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    Stuck on a damn train due to the storms here. Might have to crack one before I get home
  14. NewBrews

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    I just grabbed a six pack of the little creatures XPA. I’ll submit my review when I get home and enjoy a few.
  15. NewBrews

    Olive Oil in my starter!

    Hmmm. Interesting thought. I’ve used a small amount in bread starters as well but never really given it a thought for beer because I was always told to keep anything oily away from beer. Thinking on it now, most of the extract we get from hops is oil based, so as long as the amount was small and well mixed in it may go ok. Not sure it would need to be nearly homogenised for it not to seperate out once it hit the beer. Surely someone on here has a microbiology degree and can answer that one?