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  1. I used it last week in a Pale Ale with a Galaxy dry hop. Didn’t go nuts on the dry hop nor leave it in too long, but all I can taste is the bitter taste of orange pith. I’ll try it again but I’m definitely not convinced.
  2. I was the same. Normally stick to my AG batches or a FWK off in a bind but this one caught my eye. Probably make it this weekend once I get the kolsch out of the fermentation fridge.
  3. Not a regular listener as often busy of a Sunday, but enjoy it when I do. But I’m a country lad originally so it always reminds me of home.
  4. You mentioned that the last two have been lagers and that you fermented at 18-20 degrees? Normally, lager treats tend to work best at the 12-14 degree range so fermenting then warm may lead to some unexpected results, but that is unlikely to include sour, which is generally caused by a bacterial infection (often lactobacillus or acetobacteria) which both produce acids. In the first case it will often taste like a sour beer from a craft brewery whereas acetobacteria will have a vinegary type smell. Hope that helps somewhat in your diagnosis of the issue.
  5. The @Beerlust hadn’t been online since Dec 7. Anyone heard anything from the grumpy old codger? One of the last things I heard was he had a date so maybe he’s still on it???
  6. BeerSmith on my iPad. Ive had one a while back and was keen to try it again. Can’t wait to try it
  7. Went out to grab a glass of the three c’s pale ale, turned around to see the sunset so grabbed a few pics. 5 mins and two slerps later it got better.
  8. So actually got some time to do the Kolsch I’ve been planning on. Was still a bit rushed for time but got it done. Bit short on access to water at the moment, so went no chill for this one. The new tank coming in the next month or so should give me some more options for recirculating cooling water in and out of it. So for the recipe I went pretty plain and kind of to style, using Voyager Atlas with just a bit of light Munich. Hops were Tettnang, however I dropped the second lot back to 10g to cater for no chill. I’ll be kegging the manic kveik pale ale today so the Kolsch will be heading into a fermenter and in the fridge straight after that.
  9. Malt King mill? Picked up mine for $90 on a monthly special a month or so ago. Does the job anyway!
  10. So things have been somewhat crazy again so didn’t get time to do an AG batch, so I threw a All Inn Brewing AU’s Pale Alekit in the fermenter with a packet of Kveik on Monday. Looks like fermentation is done so I’ll pull out the dry hop (about 60g galaxy) which I threw in at pitch and cold crash it later today. Smells great and I kind of like how it can ferment out a bath in a couple of days!
  11. Kris Kristofferson is still kicking. One of the best concerts I ever saw!
  12. Sheet! I was buying beer at 10? Guess the liquor laws were less stringent then.... I remember me and my mate getting a 6 pack of emu piddle and thinking it still tasted like shite. That’s when we found rum and coke!
  13. @Yuley Actually started drinking the Citra XPA this week. Nice brew. Plenty of body in it and good amount of citra aroma and taste. If I did it again I’d probably split the dry hop and go half on the second day of fermentation and aim for some biotransformation, then the other half about day 6 or 7. Quite a lot of wheat in this, probably 30 to 40% of the grist, so it’s a bit cloudy. Wheat is noticeable in the taste, but not overpowering. For an XPA it’s fairly tame, but I’ve been into a few IPAs with my brother-in-law so maybe not feeling it as much. Very good beer.
  14. I used that yeast on my last lager. Went through it well and tasted amazing. European based I believe. Got another couple of packs in the fridge for the next lager, but my brew shop has 34/70 on special this month.
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