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  1. And so began the tale of the cat piss hop aroma... 🤣
  2. Had it for 30 odd years I’ve been with the boss and still going strong. It’s a crystal one and if it does break, there are three more in the fancy cupboard!
  3. Speaking of hops, Shark Attack XPA! Only a few bottles left but I think I might have to put on another!
  4. The extra you pay if you don’t want it crumbed?
  5. NewBrews


    Coopers do produce a “Schooner malt”, which, by all accounts, is quite similar to Maris Otter. Ive been considering using it in a trial as a replacement for Maris Otter.
  6. NewBrews

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    Yep. The grass don’t stop growing in Brisbane
  7. NewBrews

    Coopers Recipe Spreadsheet

    Only guessing here. Have you downloaded the file locally? You will also need to “enable” editing and links etc. There should be a message bar at the top if you haven’t.
  8. NewBrews

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    Tested the London Brown Ale last night and down to 1.012 and been there for a while so bottling that tonight. Sample tasted great, like a mild porter. As per style it’s only ended up at 2.9% so 3.4 after bottling should make it a nice winter lawnmower beer
  9. Damn fine beer that! I had one last night.
  10. NewBrews

    Time effective bottle cleaning system

    Probably just about everyone.
  11. NewBrews

    Time effective bottle cleaning system

    I’ve never actually seen them nor found them on the website. Probably being done for Mr Beer in the US. You can get 500ml glass from some of the LHBS around.
  12. NewBrews

    Time effective bottle cleaning system

    Looks like the glass bottles are about the same price as ours - flip tops about $25 -$30 a dozen and crown seals about $20. Coopers 740ml PETs are about $15 for 15.
  13. NewBrews

    Todays tastings

    I think you’re probably right there John! I’m quite lucky to have a small brewery pretty close that does some fine beers and have dropped in there for takeaways a few times. I pretty much got these ones to try “something different” for the style.
  14. NewBrews


    Ok. I’m in!
  15. NewBrews

    Todays tastings

    NEIPA coming up soon. Might do it as a small batch to see how it goes. Hate how the beer quality often goes down when the breweries get bigger or bought out, when they have the resources to make it better .