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  1. 2nd full keg ever, first one I plugged it in and left it at 12 psi for a few days and had one or two, but after a week it was a bit on the high side and running a bit fast. Head like a Belgian Tripel! So after reading many, many posts both here and elsewhere, and being really impatient to try this beer, I thought I’d give fast carbing a go. I’m of the school to read about by all means, but learn best by getting in and having a crack. The pour today was much slower but had great head and good carbonation throughout, but I think it could do with another couple of days to really let it come into its own. Running 5mm ID line throughout, so have 3m going to each of the picnic taps, based on Lusty’s excellent link on balancing lines. Seems to going ok so far.
  2. First pour of the Three C’s Pale Ale. Holey Moley Batman! What a beer! Very balanced, malt prominent pale ale, balanced with just the right amount of hops. Carbed at 40psi for 18 hours then been on 10psi for the last 24. Will be a do again beer.
  3. Brew day for my Camshaft IPA with the recipe courtesy of HoppyDays brewing supplies. First time using filtered water (not RO) and some salts in the mash. Went surprisingly well given the 6.6kg grain bill. Started off ok but seemed to be a bit stuck at about the 20 minute mark. Ripped out the top screen as it seemed to be compacting the grain bed, gave it a quick stir and all good from then on. According to the recipe from Hoppy Days I was aiming for a pre boil gravity of 1.051 and an OG if 1.057 and I ended up with 1.052 and 1.059 respectively, so I think I’m getting it dialed in pretty closely. Decided to take a few pics during it.
  4. The Craft ROTM from a couple of months ago was a Golden Ale tin plus the Lallemand Koln yeast and honey. You could definitely skip the honey for a more traditional style, and I think the Blonde Ale can and a 1.5kg can of the light malt extract would make a great base for it. Just note the Lallemand Koln yeast would probably need two packets in a 23l batch.
  5. Seasoning! Hope it’s not too sore this morning, cause I’d reckon there be a fair bit of bruising there as well!
  6. ROTM kolsch from the keg. Love this beer now for a K&B brew! One of my 25c glasses too!
  7. Brew day tomorrow with an IPA and I’ll pop the recipe up then with some pics, but just unpacked the hops from the shopping trip today. I don’t think there’s going to be much left over either! That’s 4 x 100g packs and a 50g of EKG for bittering!
  8. On my own for a few days so can eat what I like . Do make a pretty good dumpling though if I do say so myself. I did make a rhubarb and apple crumble for desert too!
  9. Big Ass Sweet Stout with Steak and kidney stew and dumplings!
  10. Just need the knowledgeable Benny to teach us all how to make our own small goods and we’ll be laughing!
  11. Still have a few of them around and I’ve been out for 30 odd years!
  12. I dry hopped the Three C’s Pale Ale on Friday after upping the temp to 20 on Thursday for it to finish off. 30g centennial, 30g cascade and 20 of citra. Ducked away for a couple of days so I’ll pull the dry hop when I get back and set it to cold crash when I get home. Gravity was 1.014 when I tested it Thursday, expected finish was 1.011 so if it gets there we’ll be well happy. 19l keg sitting there waiting for it so probably keg it Friday or Saturday, for brew day next Sunday. Still tossing up what I’m going to do next, but thinking of something like a dark mild.
  13. I think Dam Murphys members get a slightly cheaper rate. But it could be that price.
  14. I stopped at 3 of them. Now onto a bottle of saison. Still got a fair stockpile.
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