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  1. That would be chloroform, chlorophyll is the stuff the wheatgrass smoothie crew are looking for!
  2. Based on the calc that came out of BeerSmith I should have had 14.37 litres at 1.049. I know I went in a little high at about 14.75l (my measuring device was the markings on the side of my 10l jerrycan) but the gravity was spot on 1.049 before the boil. Guesstimating the volume based on the image above before the boil started looks pretty close to the mark. I thought I allowed 3l per hour boil off rate but just realised it’s only set to 1.89l and trub loss at 1l but it was probably closer to 2. Last time I set it up on the laptop but this is on my phone and it doesn’t seem to copy the equipment profiles over. After thinking about it some more, I might increase those two values, and consider a sparge after mashing to increase the pre boil volume after I try it out with the first change.
  3. They’d be pressure fermenting wouldn’t they? Less impact from temp?
  4. Yeah thanks SoS!. The 2200w element is a bit hot sometimes, not sure if it’s one I can turn the power down on though. Works well with the inkbird to get it to mash temp. Been thinking of a thermowell as the next add on. Brewing uniform?
  5. Put down and AG Pale Ale today to clear the brain a bit. Brew day went pretty well. I wish I could fit the images into where they fit through the story. I probably need to actually calculate my boil off rate. Guessed it at 3l per hour, but ended up 2l under volume and about 10 points high. I tested my pre boil gravity spot on. Colour looks spot on. Got the sample sitting besides a Coopers XPA in the glass and the brew calculated at 17.1 EBC. It amazes me how easy beer really is to make.
  6. Having a Grolsch swingtop tonight. Decided to grab a four pack to try and for the bottles Not a bad beer at all for a lager.
  7. I’m keen to give it a go when we get into full summer.
  8. So it Kwike’d all over his hand?
  9. Very true and writing it after dinking the king brown and two cans was probably my downfall here. I would definitely halve it but not leave it out altogether as it was purely taste and not colour that was my concern. Alternatively, switching it out for a lighter malt may reduce some of the sweetness as well, but I think I would still reduce the amount to 300g and increase the hop amount. I might even split the batch and treat each slightly differently from a hop and crystal malt perspective to see how it goes.
  10. This was backin 2000. I’m sure it was football cause three of the guys on our tour were ex NSW footballers (late 80 early 90 NRL) and decided to shout the bar. But after a lot of pints it could have been Tiddlywinks!
  11. We were in this little pub in Kilkenny the day they were playing Dublin (in Dublin) in the grand final. I think there was a free round every time Kilkenny scored and we had to buy our own if Dublin scored. We were pretty pissed that day!
  12. Happy Father’s Day again. Had a great weekend, ordered a new camper trailer a couple of months ago at the Brissie camping show and picked it up a Thursday. So why not take it camping! Had a great weekend!
  13. Happy Fathers Day to all the other dads out there for tomorrow! Roast beef in the campoven. Baked tatties and sweet potato in foil.
  14. Yep. Works like a beauty. The only thing I would do would be to add a big ass stainless washer on the inside of the pot as it flexes quite a bit during use.
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