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  1. BlueBru

    Coopers Recipe Spreadsheet

    Just fumbling along and tripped over this little beauty. James, you bloody rippa.
  2. BlueBru

    OG Re-calculation

    OVB: So if Iunderstand correctly, I now have an OG of 1047?
  3. BlueBru

    OG Re-calculation

    thanks OVB. exactly what I was looking for. your the man!
  4. BlueBru

    OG Re-calculation

    Initial batch was 23 litres. Dextrose was disolved in less than 200 ml of hot water.
  5. BlueBru

    OG Re-calculation

    Can somebody please tell me how to estimate a new OG if you make additions after taking your original reading. I have just put down a brew and the OG was 1040. I was happy with that so added the yeast. After 15 minutes or so I added 400g of disolved dextrose to increase the ABV. What would my new OG be?
  6. BlueBru

    Different Yeasts

    Cheers Greeny
  7. BlueBru

    Different Yeasts

    I have always just used the supplied yeast with the Coopers kits, and have been following this forum for a while now where different yeasts are regularly mentioned. So, I was wondering what effect different yeasts have on the finished product. Flavour, consumption of malts and sugars, speed of fermentation? If you were to do a K &K with a US 05 for example, what changes would you notice?
  8. BlueBru

    Krauspolsion ?

    Not sure on this one, I've never had a FV overflow before. What is your temp? Could cooling it to a minimum reduce the ferment action and ease the bubbling?
  9. BlueBru

    Cheap Coopers, Where D'ya Get It?

    Looks like that South American website. Gotta watch that one.
  10. BlueBru

    Giant whisk

    Quite right PB2. Will endeavour to never let it happen again.
  11. BlueBru

    Old Dog

    Feel free to attach images of said animals. That doesn't mean a selfie Hairy.
  12. BlueBru

    Giant whisk

    It took me a while, but I got there in the end. Nice one S.
  13. BlueBru

    Old Dog

    Just wondering, does anybody else have to step over on old dog to get to the beer fridge?
  14. BlueBru

    Giant whisk

    It was only a matter of time before somebody made reference to Woderwick, the wobber and the wapist. Such a notorious fellow.
  15. BlueBru

    Giant whisk

    Stop taking the pith.