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  1. Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond.
  2. That may be so, but my question is, would the copper add a metallic taste to the final product?
  3. I don't have room for a fridge to put my FV in, so was considering pumping chilled water through a simple coil to act as a heat exchanger. the pump would be plugged into the cooling outlet of my temp controller along with the heater. It is just a matter of putting the coil inside the FV (more effective) or wrapping it around the outside.
  4. If I was to immerse a cooling core made from copper tubing into the wort during fermentation, would it have an effect on the flavour of the beer?
  5. Otto recently responded to a question of mine, Second Yeast?, and suggested that the yeast will only consume what fermentables are available. I tend to use more malt , less sugar and get higher FG's. And if I interprit correctly, sugars ferment out better than malts. Please correct me anybody if I have misunderstood. You could look at your previous recipes and compare sugar/malt ratios and their FG's. Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks Otto, good to know.
  7. After 2 weeks in the FV, with a OG of 1040, the density has settled at 1012. Can I add a second quantity of yeast to achieve a lower FG? The yeast used was the supplied bag of Coopers from under the lid and I expected the FG to be lower. How much fermentables is to much for the 7g if Coopers yeast? Will it get to a point where it quotes Monty Python and says 'F@#k off I'm full.
  8. When are they released, What part of the month?
  9. Just fumbling along and tripped over this little beauty. James, you bloody rippa.
  10. OVB: So if Iunderstand correctly, I now have an OG of 1047?
  11. thanks OVB. exactly what I was looking for. your the man!
  12. Initial batch was 23 litres. Dextrose was disolved in less than 200 ml of hot water.
  13. Can somebody please tell me how to estimate a new OG if you make additions after taking your original reading. I have just put down a brew and the OG was 1040. I was happy with that so added the yeast. After 15 minutes or so I added 400g of disolved dextrose to increase the ABV. What would my new OG be?
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