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  1. BlueBru

    Krauspolsion ?

    Not sure on this one, I've never had a FV overflow before. What is your temp? Could cooling it to a minimum reduce the ferment action and ease the bubbling?
  2. BlueBru

    Cheap Coopers, Where D'ya Get It?

    Looks like that South American website. Gotta watch that one.
  3. BlueBru

    Giant whisk

    Quite right PB2. Will endeavour to never let it happen again.
  4. BlueBru

    Old Dog

    Feel free to attach images of said animals. That doesn't mean a selfie Hairy.
  5. BlueBru

    Giant whisk

    It took me a while, but I got there in the end. Nice one S.
  6. BlueBru

    Old Dog

    Just wondering, does anybody else have to step over on old dog to get to the beer fridge?
  7. BlueBru

    Giant whisk

    It was only a matter of time before somebody made reference to Woderwick, the wobber and the wapist. Such a notorious fellow.
  8. BlueBru

    Giant whisk

    Stop taking the pith.
  9. BlueBru

    Help me make my next brew better!

    Just one other thing about malts if noone has informed you as yet, 1. 5 - 1.7 kg of malts = 1 kg of sugars.
  10. BlueBru

    Giant whisk

    How long can we run with this joke without the whisk of offending someone?
  11. BlueBru

    Help me make my next brew better!

    Well done mate. Your definately advancing in leaps and bounds. The Dark Ale is my flavourite kit also. I personally have now done away with the BE's and am up to the liquid/dry malt only stage, but don't be afraid of adding hops (just because I am). I believe that you have a greater selection to choose from if you use liquid malts, Light, Amber, Dark and Wheat. All of which of coasre add different characteristics to your brew of choice. 11 Days in the FV is fine, 2 weeks is a nice round number and allows you to start and finish on weekends if you are time poor during the week. Regarding the brown sugar, adding a little bit at the start won't hurt with a dark ale, will add a small addition to the flavour, but I've never used it for carbonation. Welcome and good luck.
  12. BlueBru

    Brew #7 Black Rock APA

    Please clarify. The Coppers package claims 7 g, but you are stating that there is only 5g. Which is it?
  13. BlueBru

    flavour improvement

    Cheers Shamus, as of yet I haven't forked out the extra coin to advance from the Original series. Like most new starters I got back into brewing to save a dollar and have been sticking with the basics. I did pickup a can of EB on special once and couldn't resist the opportunity though. Maybe one day I'll advance to the level. Consider me as still being on Atari. All comments are appreciated.
  14. BlueBru

    flavour improvement

    Thanks Smashed Crabs, love your work. I don't yet know what quantity hops are sold in, but if 25g is a package option, then that sounds pretty good for a 23 litre batch. I'm getting inspired to advance.
  15. BlueBru

    flavour improvement

    Thanks SS, so if I did use this recipe as a base, could I replace the Vic Secret/Motueka hops with something else less "fruity"? What do you suggest?