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  1. Silmaril

    Plaato v Tilt

    I find myself in the position where it isn't entirely insane to spend $200 on a hydrometer that reports to my phone. I say this because of the frustration and wastage I experience taking a reading with the manual hydrometer that came with my Coopers kit. I appreciate @Titan trying out both, and giving us real feedback. I know already from @Titan's posts that the Plaato isn't for me. I currently manage to squeeze two FVs into one brew fridge, just, which wouldn't work with anything sticking out the top. My current practice is to give my 2 FV brews 14 days in the brew fridge. I don't know how much I could shorten this process, but 2x Tilts would let me know. On the other hand, there's something to be said for letting the yeast clean up at the end of fermentation. That said, brewing and bottling on weekends fits with my work schedule so it might become the case that Tilt says I can bottle, but I end up not doing so until the weekend anyway... *That f*ing hydrometer spinning and spinning and always facing away from me though... I am tempted to spend $$$!
  2. This is my Pale Ale #2! Brewed 2nd December, bottled 22nd after 7 days cold crash. I like #1 which had 20gms of Citra dry hop, so went big this time and did 60gms (roughly, pre-scales) Citra dry hop. Managed to hold off to give it 3 weeks in the bottle. The Citra presence is amazing. Aroma and flavour. Almost too much! Housemate is loving it too! It does make me look forward even more to the experiment of Pale Ale #4, currently in the fermenter which had the hop boil. Pale Ale #3 is the same recipe as this one, but with the ~40gm of Citra left over used as a dry hop, currently aging in bottles. Definitely thinking this might feature as a regular brew in one FV, while I do experiments in the other!
  3. Silmaril

    Plaato v Tilt

    That's me out. I use the current Coopers FV, and a blue barrel from Bunnings. Neither is air tight.
  4. Silmaril

    RDWHAHB - What Are You Drinking in 2018?

    Definitely a big difference! Please don't take my post as a negative, without your suggestion I'd never have even tried doing a hop boil!
  5. Silmaril

    RDWHAHB - What Are You Drinking in 2018?

    Sorry to bump an old thread. @Shamus O'Sean I've started playing around with the IanH spreadsheet, and it looks like you didn't have the hop concentration factor enabled, to give a reading of 15 IBUs from 15 mins of Citra? When I enable the HCF, the added IBUs drop to 6.37. In hindsight I could have done a 6L boil instead of 2L. I am getting my head around the spreadsheet this time though, when I first looked at it, it was info overload. For the brew in question, I dry hopped it today with 25gm Citra and 20gm Simcoe.
  6. Silmaril

    Plaato v Tilt

    If I'm reading correctly, Plaato needs the fermenter to have an air-tight seal?
  7. I added an extra kg of dextrose. Bad move!
  8. Silmaril


    I wouldn't mind a couple of these wireless hydrometers, but the cost is an ouch! https://www.grainandgrape.com.au/products/category/VIPRMNCD-new-products/7HYDRO TILT--hydrometer-tilt-wireless
  9. My first and twelfth were both bad. All the rest have been somewhere from drinkable to awesome!
  10. Silmaril

    What else do you drink ?

    @porschemad911 Might be easier to list what you don't like! I liked Glenkinchie when it was a 10 year old, but not so much nowadays. Marsanne is a specialty of my local winery, I'd expect you to be able to roughly pinpoint my location on that!
  11. Silmaril

    Pineapple Pale Ale

    Am curious! Care to tell us more?
  12. Silmaril

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    Atrocity Ale... can't see it hitting the Recipes page any time soon! My spongiest friend likes my worst brew best... the original Lager that came with the kit. Fine by me, take it!!
  13. Silmaril

    What are you growing? 2019

    Last year I bought a tomato seedling from Bunnings. It went nuts and I had tomatoes everywhere. This year I received a few seedlings from an off-grid friend of mine... haven't had a single ripe tomato yet! I think I'll go back to the Bunnings grafted variety next year.
  14. Silmaril

    What other hobbies do brewers have??

    I found the Aldi Di-San to be damn good for the job. Higher % than Napi San and a lot cheaper. Have you done any big trips in the van?
  15. Silmaril

    Why do the recipes avoid the kit yeast?

    No. See here for more info: