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  1. Thanks @Shamus O'Sean Once you mentioned the IanH spreadsheet, I had an 'oh duh' moment, and fired it up myself. As in the recipe thread, I then got curious about other toucan recipes! The krausen on my toucan stout was incredible... like brown fairy floss crossed with cumulus clouds! I added 5 litres of water last night to bring it up to 23L.
  2. Well I think I have a new favourite Coopers kit. Did an English Bitter with no recipe alterations. Has been in the bottle since 10th Feb. And it is very nice indeed!
  3. Hi all, I've been tinkering with the IanH spreadsheet and following on from putting down a Toucan stout recipe today, was pondering the idea of doing a toucan with Pale Ale as the kit. The aim is to get a strong pale ale with a decent IBU. Would love to get some feedback on whether you think the idea plotted out below would work? Also wondering if the IanH spreadsheet takes into account 2x Kit Yeasts rather than just one, and if not, what impact if any that would have. Thanks!
  4. Toucan stout done today. I'd have used the krausen collar that came with the Coopers FV but I lost the little plastic clips that attach to the lid. So have it in the brew fridge at 18L for the time being, and I'll top it up to 23L in a day or two. It does make me regret using all my glass bottles on the last TC Sparkling Ale, as I'll only have plastic available for this stout. I have another Stout can waiting, the international series Irish Stout. Not sure if I should do that by itself, or also turn it into a toucan with another can of Dark Ale I have sitting in the cupboard...
  5. You'd then need to sterilise the rubber o-ring separately. I soak my tap in a bowl of boiling water, before throwing it into the starsan mix.
  6. Speaking from personal experience... do not do this to a FV tap! I tried to sterilise my fermenter tap in the microwave, and I got clouds and clouds of black smoke from the rubber o-ring on the tap. Stank the house up good and proper and completely destroyed the tap.
  7. Hi all, Can anyone suggest what the OG would be on the simple Toucan recipe? One dark ale can, one stout can, 1kg dextrose. I haven't taken a reading as I'm leaving at 18L for now to see what the krausen does. Figured today was an appropriate day to make a stout!
  8. I can speak to having one brew fridge that fits two FVs in it. I have a Coopers FV that sits on the bottom shelf, and a blue cube from Bunnings that sits above it. I have the Inkbird attached to the Coopers FV, and a simple temperature probe from Ebay on the blue cube. During early stages of fermentation, the CFV will be ~2 degrees lower than the Blue cube above. After the first week, the temperatures pretty much level out at what is set on the Inkbird. As such I usually set the Inkbird to 19C for week one, and then 20C for week 2. Has worked well to date!
  9. I'm planning a Toucan but was just going to use the 2 kit yeasts. Would this work, or is there a reason for using different yeast? Thanks.
  10. My experience to date, which mind you is only from September last year, is to carry on, bottle and age, and things seem to be alright in the end! Advice I have taken on board though is temperature control is key to a good beer, so I have a temp controller and brew fridge, and ferment at 18-20c. I'm told that it's the temp fluctuations that can lead to bad flavours in the finished beer.
  11. Haven't had enough experience with hops to have a personal preference, thus asking for recommendations. I've had good results with Citra in a Pale Ale which is the extent of my experience. And that was at the recommendation of my not so local HBS. I was kind of making the assumption that some hop varieties would be better for certain styles. Can definitely give EKG a go in any case!
  12. While I know the rest of us won't get close, do you have any tips for photographing beer? How much of it is in the composing vs post-processing in Lightroom? Any tips appreciated!
  13. Hi all, Put together a Thomas Coopers Innkeeper's daughter sparkling ale kit today. After some advice on if I should dry hop it in a few days, and if you think I should, what would you choose out of EKG, Centennial, Citra, or Simcoe? Thanks!
  14. I get it occasionally. Haven't worried about it. I do dry hop commando though.
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