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  1. Walid

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    Hi guys I see that everybody knows how to use the THE CRAFT RANGE LIGHT LME 1.5 KG but I dont'. Can you please tell me what it is for and how I apply it in the fermenter? Best regards
  2. Walid


    Hi Guys, To be honest i'm using Dettol to clean eveything even for sanitizing and it works fine ( until Now ) . the only fact that i don't like with Dettol that it has smell of Orange or citrus that i don't like , but when you pour the Beer inside you will not smell nothing. Not sure i'm doing it the right way but it worked for me. If you have some other tips. Kind Regards.
  3. Walid

    Little carbonation

    Hye Guys, This is a good subject and i would like to share my small experience with you. I have resolved this issue adding table sugar ( the normal white coffee sugar ) i put 5g/500 ML or more like 7/500ML and the result is really great , my beer has more carbonation and the result is simply great. i'm using the Soda plastic bottles of 1L and i use two coffee table spoon and it works. The best result i had is putting in the fermenter : the beer of your choise + 500 grams of sprymalt + 1 . KG dextrose and then 5g/500 ml. Try it you will not regret. Cheers
  4. Walid

    Fast fermentation??

    Guys , i have heard about Turbo yeast that accelerate the fermentation time from 2 weeks to 3 days , do you think it worth ? my temperature at home is about 18 degres and it's boring waiting two weeks of fermentation , do you have some tips ? Best regards
  5. Walid

    Fruit Beer

    Thanks Ben, Let say after the initial fermentation has stopped i put some fruit inside the fermenter , for how long i have to wait before bottling for exemple?
  6. Walid

    Fruit Beer

    Hi Good Morning, What do you mean after fermentation? the first fermentation is about 10 days more or loss in a backet of 23 l and second one is in the Bottle to make it frezzy , when exactly do you add the Fruits ? Best Regards.
  7. Walid

    Kit Saison (with fruit)

    Hi Guys , what if i use : 1 × Thomas Coopers Preacher's Hefe Wheat (1.7kg) 1 × Coopers Light Dry Malt (500g) 5 Bananas into a back of 23 L Do you think it will give good taste ? more alcohol because of the sugar inside the bananas ? Regards.
  8. Walid

    What is Ctric Acid For ?

    Thanks Guys, i was wondering how to use it , i was about to put it inside the beer to help the fermentation , hopefully i didn't
  9. Hi Guys i just wanted to buy a bottle cleaner and i bought 100 G acid citric which actually i don't understand what is used for , and how to use it. Can somebody help me ?
  10. Walid


    Hi guys I'm really worried I have used 500 grams of dry spraymalt and 1 kilograms of sugar in the fermenter instead of 500 grams, the gravity is 1050 now so I'm under the normal range, how can I recover the situation?
  11. Walid

    Carbonating bottles.

    Guys Thanks A million for your Help and for your advises. i wil finish my 40 beer of Cooper Europeen lager beer that tastes really great but flat for the moment. i think the solution is to put 5 Grams ( 1 coffee Spoon ) of white Sugar in 500 Ml of beer. for the next time and let it rest for at least 1 Month in the Bottles and try. Best regards.
  12. Walid

    Carbonating bottles.

    Titan thanks for your message, it can be yes it's a little bit difficult that the lids changes position but it can be yes. I will make another beer and see what happens. I will let you know anyway
  13. Walid

    Carbonating bottles.

    Thanks for your answer. It's not really about the taste but about carbonation, the beer still flat even after one month of bottle fermentation. I have had only Two of them with gas and the others completely flat. Next time I will try 5 grams of table sugar instead of 2 carbonation drops in each 0,5L.
  14. Walid

    Carbonating bottles.

    Thanks for your Answers , it's really strange because one or two of them are perfectly carbonated , i don't know i will brew another one and see the result. i was wondering maybe the light influe on the carbonation , because sometimes i open to check if the plastic bottles are Hard or not.
  15. Walid

    Carbonating bottles.

    No fizz and no foam on the top