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  1. I've been a very basic k&k bloke, only changing things up by reusing premium yeast, temperature controlling, D resting and cold crashing. I stick to Coopers Canadian Blonde, Morgans Premium Lager yeast and LHBS enhancer. Fermentation is at 12°c. I mentioned to the LHBS owner that I would like a bit more aroma and he suggested using Morgans Cascade finishing hops. Should I add the hops prior to D rest, or after and is it still OK to cold crash? My usual time line is ferment for 10 days, D rest for 2, cold crash for 2, bottle.
  2. I think you can leave the sugar in longer to reduce any turbidity PROVIDING you have cold crashed right up to bottling time.
  3. Haven't times changed. Now we come home and get a lecture about the length of the back lawn.
  4. I'm very new to reusing yeast slurry. In my research the general consensus was "about 2 weeks" if I remember correctly.
  5. Decided not to bulk prime. Rinsed the yeast cake a couple of times then pitched it into a fresh Canadian Blonde with BE2 wort at 22° immediately knocked it back to 18°. Checked after 3 hours and its going bonkers. Dropped to 15° overnight. Just checked again, krausen subsided a lot. Dropped to 12° which is recommended temp for this yeast (Morgans Premium lager yeast). Gotta say I was a bit nervous about trying to re pitch but it seems to be going well. Thanks to everyone who provided great advice - much appreciated.
  6. That's exactly what I do with my fv. It's the old school opaque Coopers one so using this method I can see what's going on (or not) inside. Works a treat although I have a love/hate relationship with Glad wrap. Frigging stuff never wants to tear off the roll and when it finally does it ends up sticking itself together!
  7. Okay I agree with you both. If I were to immediately refrigerate the slurry would that do the trick or do you think that washing is a safer alternative?
  8. My current brew in the fermenter is Coopers Canadian Blonde with Morgans Premium Lager yeast at 13°. About to do a d-rest then cold crash. Question is - is it OK to bulk prime in fv then harvest the yeast from the slurry? I am bit concerned that the priming sugar might be somewhat retained in the slurry and kick it off again. Wasn't planning on washing the yeast but maybe I should?
  9. Thanks mate. All brewers should take note of Uhtred. His mum was a Viking shield maiden queen who knew a bit about brewing, aptly named Lagertha. Legend has it she also refined the wild yeast from her husbands jocks to create a fast acting strain. All because her husband demanded "make me some beer Kviek smart!"
  10. Hell yeah! Strong spray. Oh! BTW thanks for restarting the bleach debate (not!)
  11. Thanks Greeny. I guess you and Phil may well be right. However, for the purposes of brewing research I will continue with the steam method only for the fv and report back after a few batches. Thank you both for the input.
  12. Around 30 23ltr brews. All k&k of various types and makers. More or less settled on Coopers Canadian Blonde as my favourite. Now experimenting with "better" yeasts and reusing them also. The search for the elusive perfect brew continues! The rabbit hole is more wombat sized now.
  13. Not from the tin. Bought separately off the shelf. Thanks for your concerns about this. I could have been up poop Creek if you happened to be correct. Canadian Blonde is my favourite kit but, being curious, I wanted to see if a better yeast would make a better beer.
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