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  1. Checked the fv this arvo. Very light krausen ring and not much activity (day 3). Pitched some harvested yeast in and got a slight amount of activity. Decided to draw a hydrometer sample. Brew is sitting at 1007. Couldn't resist a taste test and (very surprisingly) it's actually pretty darn tasty. Think i may have dodged a bullet with this one. Time will tell.
  2. Ya never know, I might be starting a trendy new craft beer - ATPA Armorall Taubmans Pail Ail. A wonderfully bright finish with long lasting UV stability.
  3. Yeah Classic i think you're spot on. It's fermenting now and i guess I should taste test at some point. Any suggestions when I should do so?
  4. Brew day yesterday. Did normal clean and sanitise of fv including removing tap. Had noticed that when fully tightened the tap was not vertical, more like 7.30 if you get my drift. Decided to add the washer from the bung to the tap - bewdy perfectly vertical. Did a trial fill with water to just over the tap level and no leaks. Mixed wort, covered then went away to rehydrate yeast. Returned later to a puddle of wort on the bench and floor from a leaky tap. Panic stations! Clearly the added pressure of a full wort had found me out! Mad scramble to find things to empty the wort into. All the kitchen pots were sanitised and put to use but they clearly weren't enough. Had 2 buckets in the shed i use to wash car, clean paint brushes in etc. Quick rinse and sanitise and managed to save the rest of the wort. Reverted to a single washer and refilled- all good. Not holding out much hope for the brew. Probably (almost certainly) its going to a Bootmaker PAIL ale with a subtle hint of car wash and Taubmans Forest Green.
  5. More likely your first og sample was not representative of the wort. Probably unmixed extract still floating around. I'd give the wort a really good stir and take another sample. I'm presuming you filled to the correct level in the fv (some mixes are 21 ltr, others 23) and you've calibrated your hydrometer.
  6. Hi Journeyman, Gunna try your method today. How much sugar and water do you use?
  7. Muzzy put me on to his patented method of 2 csr sugar cubes per tallie and I'm very thankful he did. Excellent, consistent carbonation
  8. Very comprehensive and informative, Classic.
  9. Yup, grew up just outside London. Quite a poor family, lived in a council house with no insulation and no central heating either. Was quite common in winter to scrape ice off the INSIDE of the bedroom windows in the morning and the water in the toilet bowl to freeze over. Gotta love the Sunshine Coast .
  10. OVB - ya just have to down them quicker mate.
  11. Came across the above by accident. Always thought beer had to be ice cold but after reading this tried a pilsner at about 5° and it was definitely better. Been doing it wrong for 45 years
  12. Yeah, take your point. There's been some conjecture here about pitching temperatures. I have taken advice to pitch at fermentation temperature as that is what the particular yeast strain is expecting. That has produced some really slow starts but great beer. Any thoughts?
  13. I sometimes do similar. Exception is i use a small amount of the prepared wort instead of the cold water. Seems to work well.
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