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  1. Pretty new to this so didn't know that was a potential problem. Do you recommend a different method for re-priming low/no carb brews?
  2. So i took the advice about too much co2 causing an eruption when I added a carb drop. Didn't chill the existing brew but poured into a large jug from a height to release the co2. Added a carb drop to the bottle and (after a while) poured the brew back in. No eruption. Thanks to Blacksands for the advice.. Fingers crossed now!
  3. I did try that with one carb drop but it produced a White Island type eruption and beer all over the floor! not impressed so abandoned that idea. Is there a way to re prime without the eruption. Don't know if it makes any difference but I keep my carb drops in the fridge ( it's a Qld thing).
  4. I started having a few bottles whose caps were either splitting around the perimeter or cracking in the centre. This naturally led to no carbonation and wasting the brew. Wondered if I was overtightening the bottles but my brew shop owner said not possible. Checked brews again yesterday and found 9 bottles affected. Went back to brew shop with some of the faulty tops and the owner confirmed that there is a faulty batch of caps in circulation . Replaced the brew mix and carb drops no charge.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. Missus has nappy san stain remover-is that the same? Also how much powder per bottle.
  6. Having done about 15 brews in pet bottles I noticed a dirty film was developing on them. I have always rinsed thoroughly when the bottle was empty and thought that would do - apparently not. I figured that I shouldn't use a bottle brush as that would scratch the lining. I decided to try using 1/4 of a dishwasher pill in each bottle filled with hot (not boiling) water. Agitated then left overnight, emptied and thoroughly rinsed several times. Result - sparkling clean.
  7. Newbie here ( be kind please). I am about to make my first brew of Coopers craft beer Amber Ale. I notice that the expected final alcohol content is around 5.5%. That's a bit stronger than I would like. Is there a method to reduce the alcohol to around 3.5 without affecting the overall taste?
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