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  1. Thanks ibooz2. Will follow your advice. I always aerate with a paint mixer and power drill - seems to create a nice vortex and creamy head. Thanks again for the advice - seems lagers are a bit more complicated than ales.
  2. Guys, Do you recommend dry pitching the yeast (w34/70 plus kit yeast) or rehydrating? If rehydrating is it best to pitch at fermenting temperature or warmer? Doing the brew tomorrow morning.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion I'll give a go. Just to be clear, you recommend the kit yeast and the Dubbya together in the same wort? Really appreciate your input.
  4. Thanks ibooz2 for the detailed instructions. I haven't gone away from the yeast supplied with the kit so far. Do you reckon it's worth using something else?
  5. Some advice please. I'm about to bottle in a few days and was wondering if there is any advantage in allowing the fv which has been at 15° to go to ambient temp (around 21°) ? Would that help the yeast to clean up more efficiently or adversely affect the taste?
  6. Here's mine - swmbo dropped a toilet stool (not a turd!) In front of me and directed me to try that. A bit of adjusting with sawn up fence palings and she all good.
  7. Yep, avoid the white caps. When mine started splitting I checked with my lhbs (Better Brewer in Buderim) and he advised that there was a bad batch of them in circulation and replaced the tops and kit for me ( thats customer service at its very best ). Now only use the black Coopers tops and no problems at all.
  8. Had a coopers lager in the fermenter for 2 days @ 20° and no action at all. I had sprinkled the yeast this time instead of rehydrating first which is my usual method. Bugger it, will chuck more yeast in to get it going. Rehydrated a fresh pack, tossed it all in and got some action alright - frothy wort pouring out all over the place. House CEO very unimpressed.
  9. Pretty new to this so didn't know that was a potential problem. Do you recommend a different method for re-priming low/no carb brews?
  10. So i took the advice about too much co2 causing an eruption when I added a carb drop. Didn't chill the existing brew but poured into a large jug from a height to release the co2. Added a carb drop to the bottle and (after a while) poured the brew back in. No eruption. Thanks to Blacksands for the advice.. Fingers crossed now!
  11. I did try that with one carb drop but it produced a White Island type eruption and beer all over the floor! not impressed so abandoned that idea. Is there a way to re prime without the eruption. Don't know if it makes any difference but I keep my carb drops in the fridge ( it's a Qld thing).
  12. I started having a few bottles whose caps were either splitting around the perimeter or cracking in the centre. This naturally led to no carbonation and wasting the brew. Wondered if I was overtightening the bottles but my brew shop owner said not possible. Checked brews again yesterday and found 9 bottles affected. Went back to brew shop with some of the faulty tops and the owner confirmed that there is a faulty batch of caps in circulation . Replaced the brew mix and carb drops no charge.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. Missus has nappy san stain remover-is that the same? Also how much powder per bottle.
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