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  1. I really enjoy tart flavours so that should go well for me. When you had one once they sat of a bit how where they better? Less bitter? Thanks mate. It is for craft kit FV, so I will be making 8.5lts Thanks again Shamus! Of the options about I’d probably go for the 10g of each for 30mins. Would there be any need to dry hop? Thanks so much for the info about the spreadsheet. I’ll check it out now!
  2. Thanks for the reply Shamus. I’m not too worried about doing a hops boil as I’ve done them for my last 2 beers, it should be said that both were only 30 mins boils though. Interesting about the bitterness of Mr Beer kits, I’ve never noticed that. I wasn’t out to make an exact replica of that recipe, just use it for inspiration. If I went the hops boil route, do you feel that the high amount of bitterness is needed to make the recipe work? Or would a less bitter beer work with these flavours as well?
  3. Hey Gents, I’m planning my 4th brew and am starting to get a little more comfortable with the process and have been learning lots from my last 3 beers and from this forum. I was searching through the recipe database on the diybeer website and saw this IPA: https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/pineapple-ipa.html Was thinking of trying something like this, however, my LHBS doesn’t have any Mr Beer products (at least not that I’ve seen). I can get Briess Extracts, if I used one of these to replace all of the Mr Beer items (the kit and the liquid extract) would it still turn out ok?
  4. There is a very light krausen on top now, so it's has started to work. I'll look into starters for my next Larger for sure, or maybe try Saflager 34/70. Thanks for your help guys!
  5. Thanks John! I didn’t get a chance to take a SG reading yesterday, but, will try today.
  6. Hey Titan, temp is set to 11.5-12. The only reason I thought under pitching is when I googled the yeast I read that said people were suggesting 3-4 sachets for 21lt, which would equal 1.5-2 sachets for 9lts. This is my first larger and just a bit worried i stuffed it up. You could say I’m the ultimate worrier.
  7. I didn’t want to make a new thread, so here goes: I pitch some WLP800 coming on 5 days ago and as of last night couldn’t see any visible signs of fermentation. I’ve heard it’s can be slow to start and I probably should’ve made a starter. I’ll put that down as lesson learned I guess. I’m worried that either I under pitched it (I used one liquid sachet for 9lts) or I did something else wrong. I will be checking the SG later today, but, what can I do if the is no change?
  8. Just put down a Pilsner that I have been planning for a while. It’s my 3rd beer I’ve brewed and I’m pretty excited, as I feel it’s the first brew that I got right. From the boil and wort chill to the pitching temp; I’m pretty happy with it. Currently in my brewing freezer with temp set to 11.5-12 degrees. Fingers crossed it turns out good.
  9. Good to know. Most likely why it took a while to get going out guess. Thank, as always, you’ve been very helpful.
  10. I got the probe taped to the side of the fv with paper towels for insulation. I’d read somewhere that the perfect temp for us-05 was 15-21 and that the closer you get to the lower of that the better, hence going for 16. But, I’ll raise it tonight
  11. Thanks guys. There was some krausen on top of the brew this morning. Phew! I do have temp control, but, it’s set on 16 degrees. I’ll increase the temp when I get home tonight. Thanks again guys!
  12. Thanks mate. Fingers crossed it’s all ok. First time doing extract brewing and first time used a fermentation freezer, so was pretty excited. Hope it all works out.
  13. Due to life I’ve taken my time brewing my second beer. It’s a gluten free ale with lots of galaxy hopps. Hey did the boil last night and pitched dry yeast about 9:30pm. As of about 20mins ago there is no krausen that I can see. Yeast is US-05. At what point should I be worried?
  14. Thanks guys! Was hoping to be able to try it out over the weekend, however, the free bar fridge I was going to get is too small. Will be trying to get a cheap fridge or freezer next weekend and start testing it.
  15. Thanks Shamus. My brother said he is pretty sure is has a cooling function as well as heating. I’ll get a hold of the instructions and have a look.
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