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  1. Either I'd try both I was looking at the kits online to try but I heard people add stuff to make them taste a bit better etc i like the fizzy stuff can't drink any still alcohol for some reason haha!
  2. Looking to try one of the fruit cider, anyone got any recommendations or additives that I can do to make these taste any better? Thanks. Don't want anything strong about 4-5% would be ideal cheers.
  3. Hmm i shall try that then see how it goes I've not got the space for another fridge unfortunately so just going to brew ales when its warmer and drink them haha but my preference is lager
  4. Yeah i shall have a try of that then see how it goea thanks gor the help i have a 86 day pilsner but i cant get my space down cols enough to use a lager yeast unfortunately unless i use a 34 70 yeast and brew it at about 18c but i was worried it would mess up the taste of that as its to high for that really
  5. Thanks for the help guys if i wanted to hot steep for a hour how would i do that and at what temp etc? I just drink bog standard lagers like fosters and stella etc just wanted to try get something closer to that decided on us 05 for the temps now
  6. Anyone have a recommendation on how to improve kit can lagers? Ive not got time for full grain recipes but i hear you can steep hops and grain in a big stock pot to imrove flavour? I have a 11l one Also i am going to switch to a better yeast any recommendations my cupbaord ranges between 18-20 c thanks
  7. Yeah i normally leave it aside for a few minutes before testing anyway when im messing about haha normally having a beer! Could have maybe been the liquid malt that looked quite dark so did the tin of mix think ill be trying part grain next for the better taste.
  8. Have took a look for few days and its been stable i bottled it tonight and just stopped when it got low to tap hooefully it will come out half decent
  9. Looks quite dark still smells and tastes aright just wasn't too sure seems like its quite dark for a pilsner also
  10. Hello guys just done a brew of muntons pilsner i used 1.2kg mangrove jacks lme 300g brewing sugar and 200g of maltodextrin it has been in over two weeka and it normally doesnt still have krausen like that on the top its fermented at 18c with the m54 yeast out to about 1.010 from 1.048 thanks. Ryan.
  11. Hello can anyone tell me the different kinds of yeast used in the coopers kits? And the ranges they are brewed at many thanks. Ryan.
  12. With the cooler weather coming in in going to try that yeast and the lower temp with my own mix of the 3 but a higher malt mix see how thay goes thanks very much for the help also guys muchly appreciated as im very new to this!
  13. Cool then i used brew enhancer 1 just cause i got it with the kit so 2 or 3 would be a better taste that way or maybe a different mix i could do myself? Just done the canadian blonde that was between around 20 most the time with a muntons brew enhancer hopefully that's less cidery then
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