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  1. All is good, I was just looking for a quick answer, I will check out the page. Your hop tea sounds interesting, I have not used those hops before and would like to see how it turns out.
  2. That's an Excellent ideas! I might have to chase that up.
  3. Thanks guys for the responses, I will just go with the can and no hops to start with and see how that tastes and move on to using hops with it once I know what i am starting with.
  4. Hi, I have a tin of Australian Pale Ale and brew enhancer 2 and have a few different hops. My question is, should I use hops in this brew or just leave it basic ( I have not tasted this one before). I have 50g Centennial, 50g of Chinook and 10g of galaxy. Would any of these hops match the brew and if so how would you recommend I use them?
  5. Standard Coopers yeast, one pack was from a stout can and the other was from the Mexican Cervesa can. Not sure if they are all the same yeast type found on various cans.
  6. Ok, thanks. I have been letting it sit at 16*c and the fermentation seems to be going great, will this hurt it?
  7. Hi everyone, just a quick question, what would be the optimal temp for a milk stout while fermentation is happening?
  8. Yeah just something with some residual sweetness. Do stouts turn out good with some lactose and how much do i need to use in a 23l batch? sweet but not overly, virtually so you can notice the sweetness.
  9. Has anyone tried this before? how did it turn out?
  10. Maybe in between noob and KK with additions. I have done about 30 batches with kk and done some dry hopping.
  11. Does anyone know and had experience with water ph level stressing the yeast and causing off flavors?
  12. Wow, you put in a great effort to put this info up for me, Thank You.
  13. How do you lower pH in the brew water and what is the recommended PH level?
  14. Anyone know of a beer that's on the sweet side?
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