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  1. No reason to, that's what the pellets turn out like once you put them into a fermenter/boil. Still going to give the same end product
  2. Smash


    Has anyone had any experience with the Digiboil from KegLand? Seems like it would make a good BIAB kettle like the Crown Urns. Good price too https://www.kegland.com.au/35l-digiboil-digital-turbo-boiler-2400watt.html
  3. Smash

    CO2 Cylinder V Soda Stream: which way to go?

    I use a fridge to ferment & keep beer cold (keg & bottles). It isn't too bad, but limits how often you brew. If I have a keg on, it stays in the beer fridge until empty, meaning I can't change the temperature of the fridge to suit a temperature controlled fermentation. If you go down the way of the Soda Streams, there are different fittings, etc required to connect the regulator
  4. Smash

    Heat Pad Or Heat Belt??

    Could lead to yeast autolysis if it gets heated up too much, as others have said https://beerandbrewing.com/dictionary/DQXAk4DwuE/
  5. Was very close to trying out this method after I couldn't get mine open to dry Hop it! Won't be tightening it as much anymore
  6. Smash

    Raspberry wheat beer help

    Freeze them / boil them
  7. Smash

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    1.7kg Unhopped LME 1.0kg LDM 0.5kg Light Crystal 0.5kg Wheat Malt 5gm Centennial & Cascade @ 30 40gm Centennial & Cascade @ 5/10 15gm Galaxy @ 5 (Leftovers) 40gm Centennial & Cascade @ 4 days US-05 27.8 IBU 14.9 EBC 4.6% Kegged
  8. Smash

    Grain mill

    Is there much difference between a 2 roller & 3 roller? I'm assuming it's for efficiency?
  9. Smash

    Books Mastering Homebrew

    Use the spreadsheet attached for extract brewing, but move into a brewing software (ie Beersmith, brewers friend) for all grain & more technical recipes. Shouldn't need to estimate as such if you have the right software. I'd say get all of your processes right (cleaning, sanitisation, timing, etc) then an understanding of what different hops, grains, yeasts etc do. I think that's more important than designing a recipe based around an OG to begin with, but hey, im only a rookie myself! Kit & Extract Beer Designer V4.1.xls
  10. Smash

    Euro craft beer

    Not sure about hops, but I reckon there would be some yeasts that would throw these flavours..
  11. Smash

    Galaxy smash

    How are you going to chill the wort? Keep in mind this will affect your hop additions
  12. Smash

    All grain with high OG

    Have you adjusted your batch size in Beersmith to what you ended with?
  13. Smash

    Beer Subscriptions

    Does anyone receive / recommend a beer subscription of sorts? I've seen a few, like Beer Cartel, but not sure what ones would be good. Looking to expand my taste buds without my decision getting in the way of what I choose at the shops. Cheers!
  14. Smash

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    Chuck it in IanH's spreadsheet, but you may need to add in a few extra fermentables like I have, explained in the link below
  15. Smash

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    Looks nice! Let us know how it goes!