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  1. Ghetto keg day the other day. Found out I've lost my syphon tube after I'd cleaned everything. Had a spare disconnect, some line and cut a part of a bottling wand off as it fits inside the tap well. Beer line was loose inside the wand though, so I got a clamp and lighter to reduce its size. Was pretty much a closed transfer until I checked the volume in the keg. Took a while to transfer but worked!
  2. Yeah exactly, not too phased by it. I'll wait a few days then keg and she'll be fine
  3. Finally got around another brew last weekend (first in 6 months Ish). Pale ale with LME and a kit with US-05. OG was 1.044, hasn't gone nuts or anything yet. Just tested again and it was at 1.032 so I put a kit yeast in as backup (US-05 was purchased around 2 months ago, so thought it might need extra). Beer looked and smelled fine. Took the reading into the kitchen to taste and it now read 1.012. Never had an issue with the hydro so not sure what happened. I'll let the kit do a bit and see what happens. Tasted great though!
  4. Righteo, took the beer out post apart and soaked the spring, pin and post in sanitizer, then rebuilt. Recoiled the line so it sits on top of the keg (turns out I have over 5m, would this matter? I understand I'd have to carbonate it more for it to be carbonated at the tap), then poured a beer and this was the result. Still a touch flat, but it has been decarbed for the past few days, so I'll wait to see what happens when fully carbed. Hopefully stays this way!
  5. Good idea, I'll hopefully have time to take the post apart this weekend. I haven't tried another disconnect & line yet, but will investigate the post first I did this the other day. Nothing unusual inside, few bits of dirt or something. 99% sure it's tight on the post I'll give this a go this weekend. I suspect it is something to do with the keg post/dip tube. Hopefully it's an easy fix! Thanks for the help again guys
  6. Tried a few more things tonight. Completely burped the keg and tried a pour. The beer in this picture probably took 45 seconds and had to hook the gas back up as it wasn't flowing at all. Keg lines don't look good with all the air in them, that photo was taken directly after the pour.
  7. I'll try this tonight. Thanks mate Chopped up over the time I've had it, so it definetely was a guess! I thought so as well until I almost put a hole in the bottom of the fridge trying to push it on further the other day! I'll investigate more tonight It isn't an NEIPA or anything, but it was dry hopped in a hop sock, which I would assume some matter would make its way into the keg. Could very well be! I've never got the carbonation right so I'll give this a go tonight and see what happens. Thanks for all the help guys!
  8. Oops, I'll change this at home. Only reduced it to de-carb slightly to see if that was the issue. I did clean the disconnect (CMB), but not the post itself. Leaving that till last as it is half full of beer. If I try that, I have no beer to re-fill it, but I'm starting to think f it and try. Yeah, brand new keg. Might try and get some more line or something. That's what it seems, and it happens somewhere prior to the tap. Only tried the 2 disconnects I have, one being the CMB, other being the flow control disconnect.
  9. Hey Lusty, cheers for the help. I have around 2.5-3 meters of 5mm ID line. The beer is at 10psi at the moment (for the past weekish), after being set to 12psi once originally kegged. That image was taken straight after a pour, which makes me think there's something closer to the disconnect which is the issue. I have put the excess beer line on top of the keg now, and it has helped with excess bubbles and air in the line, but they are still arount 20% air/bubbles. Would there be something wrong with the keg post? I may see if there is a leak closer to the keg tonight. Thanks for the help!
  10. Changed the disconnect to a standard one after a clean out. Still bubbles in the line, but only in the sections that sit higher. Beer still pouring at 50/50. Could there be something in the keg post?
  11. That's what I thought originally, which made me change to a tap over the pluto, but nothing changed. I gave the dip tube a blast of gas last night, but not much changed. I might not have waited long enough after disrupting it, but I will give the disconnect a good clean and break down tonight. I agree with the leaks vs pressure inside the keg as I have no beer itself leaking, but still confised as to where the excess air is coming from in the line. Thanks for the help, very interested to what you find when you take your keg apart! Might tip and do the same soon if I cant fix it with the beer inside. Thanks for the help!
  12. Yeah they are. Possibly, but I have only had it for 12 months or so without heaps of use. It's 5mm ID Valpar Flexmaster line
  13. I cut the lines using a line cutter (https://www.kegland.com.au/tube-cutter-pipe-cutter-2-in-1-for-evabarrier-pex-hdpe-vinyl-tubing.html). Unsure how straight/flush the cuts are though. That's what it seems, I might have a look at the disconnects to see if they leak at all. The standard disconnect I have doesn't need push fittings, so should be less to go wrong. No push fittings anywhere else apart from a one way check valve in the gas line. Has anyone had any issues with keg posts needing replacement? Could they be leaking? Cheers I'll try this tonight, thanks!
  14. Lines coiled horizontally still around 50/50 beer to air. Might take apart the basic disconnect tomorrow to see if has some gunk in it that's obstructing the flow
  15. Just got it to test out if they can reduce the flow very well, but it seems to foam up more. Cheers! Might check to see if there's a leak around the lid and PRV then. Thanks!
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