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  1. Would IBU's change if we add boiling water to a hopped extract and let it sit to break down so we can mix?
  2. Hahaha only slightly overcarbed there! Could be a good mixture! On a side note, my beer hasn't recovered much so I might pull apart the pluto to find out if there's any turbulence causing overcarbonadtion once poured. Beer in the lines seems great, so I'm thinking something is causing the beer to froth up therefore losing carbonation once poured, coming out foamy but flat
  3. Looks like a nice one! Seems we have similar tastes! Any reason for the dextrose? Might make the beer a bit more sessionable without. What yeast are you thinking?
  4. That's what I'm thinking. Darks always improve over time!
  5. Just an update. Moved the beer into a warmer room fro around a week, and it carbed up very well. Still a slight vegemite flavour, but definitely to a lesser extent. Could be a very roasty flavour as you suggest. Thanks for the help!
  6. Interesting read about it here http://howtobrew.com/book/section-1/hops/hop-bittering-calculations
  7. Looks like the Hop Concentration Factor comes into play for Otto's recipe. What size is your boil?
  8. May have de carbed a bit much. Reasonably flat with a great head to start but dies quickly. No rising bubbles but very tasty
  9. Good idea! I'll give this a go too for a few tonight
  10. Upgraded all of my line recently to get my system running better. Approximately 3.5m 5mm ID Flexmaster lines & a check valve on the gas line. The keg is somehow over carbed even though it's sat at 12psi & 4-5° since transfer. I'll disconnect the gas & de-carb to get it down a bit and hopefully it should be all good! Beer inside is really tasty, accidentally turned it into an NEIPA by shaking the keg to de-carb it!
  11. Hey guys, Bottled a dark ale around late May (1x Dark Ale Kit, 1.0kg DDM, 0.5kg LDM, 0.5kg light wheat malt extract, S-04) Bottled after reaching FG with 2 carbonation drops into the 740ml PET bottled & stored on a shelf. Nearly 2 months later & it still tastes a bit like Vegemite, very unenjoyable. Carbonation is also an issue. I'll pour it straight from the bottle and it's flat. I gave the bottle a shake to see if there was anything at all & it went crazy! Almost like I had to aggitate it to get it going. Can anyone think of something that has caused this? I'll leave it for a bit longer & see if the flavour dissapears. My bottle storage is the only thing I can think of, they sit in the garage where it gets quite cold overnight (0-5c). Thanks in advance!
  12. You sure it wasn't carbonated orange juice?
  13. Couple more. Sours are all gone, have a few hoppy ones and malty ones left Very nice beer, definitely a seasonal beer without too many big flavours. 8/10 Still going with this one, but another nice one. More malty flavours and more bitter than the last, 7/10
  14. I was looking into Bridge Road the other day as I'm living around the area, & I'll be driving through Beechworth soonish. I believe they get some hops from Eurobin, which is only 30 minutes away. Not sure what varieties are in Eurobin, with the rest of the produce in the homeland, Tassie. https://www.hops.com.au/ That Summer Ale is a very nice drop!
  15. Sorry for the big spiel,been trying these over the past few weeks from the beer box. Think I missed a gluten free pale by a gluten free brewery, which was very nice and an 8/10. This was a nice easy drinker. Only subtle notes of the blueberry. 6/10 Wasn't a fan, turns out I don't like sours. 3/10 Nice easy drinking light lager. Good malty flavour. 5/10 Didn't mind this one. Was very refreshing. 5/10 Was not a fan of this one. Tasted like champagne and only drank half before I tipped it. 2/10 Really nice malty flavours, barely any bitterness at all. Tasted more like a Brown ale. 7/10 Very tart and refreshing, but brought back memories of the sours. 4/10
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