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  1. Lab Rat

    Dry Hopping At Different Temperatures

    There's doing things right, and then there's using tongs to take out a hop bag and generally obsessing over stuff. Give me a break. I squeeze the bag to get the hop juice out as well. I haven't had a beer go bad yet. Probably because I don't obsess and bugger about with things.
  2. Lab Rat

    Dry Hopping At Different Temperatures

    Clean hands. Good sanitation is important at the beginning, but you don't need to overthink it. Temp controlled dry hopping is all well and good for pro/commercial outfits that need to experiment and produce consistent beers for sale, but yeah nah, I CBF...
  3. Lab Rat

    Cold Crashing

    I've had lots of varying advice - from other brewers and shops - even brewers running shops contradict each other. Much like opinions here. I try stuff and see if things work or makes a difference I feel is worth any extra effort. People pass comments based on their experience, those who said crashing wasn't worth it were talking about ales.
  4. Lab Rat

    Cold Crashing

    Lagers are pretty specific though, aren't they, as they use a different yeast. Their aim is to produce a clear beer that is already brewed slower at lower temperatures, with a yeast that grows slower and settles sooner, and is then stored for longer. The whole brew is virtually a cold crash
  5. Lab Rat

    Coopers glasses

    Speigelau. Might be $20, but they're quality, and make beer taste better.
  6. Lab Rat

    Cold Crashing

    I get that crashing a big thing in brewing circles, but there are a lot of brewers and brew shops that say it's a waste of time, unless clear beer is the only aim. If you're dropping the yeast to clear the beer, then surely the flavour is affected, as less yeast goes in the bottle. Isn't this one of the things that makes Cooper beers what they are, the cloudiness from yeast sediment? Carbonation could also be affected as more of the yeast settles down in the trub, much of which is discarded. This is moot if kegging and gassing, as you're not doing a secondary bottle ferment..
  7. Lab Rat

    STC brew fridge

    This is going ok. Still pretty hazy after 6 days and with a thick hop krausen. But I did put some hops in the mix. Any point in upping the temp up to 22 for a couple of days, would it clear any? I'm guessing not, as I've brewed at all sorts of temps without control before, and some beers cleared others didn't
  8. Lab Rat

    Coopers APA K&K

    I've done a few kits with just malt before I got into adding hops. I think they were all too sweet for my tastes. None more so than the Coopers bootmakers, where coopers 'recipe' was just to ferment with 1.5 LDM. This was a stupidly sweet, thick tasting beer that made me question coopers thinking. Shortly after that beer I started doing hop additions.
  9. Lab Rat

    Coopers APA K&K

    I did this my last brew. No temp control, so fermented around 25C (or more!), used a BE2-type mix, and threw in 50g cascade and 100 mosaic. Still pretty average. Very drinkable, not sweet, but very little flavour from my hop addition. I've had far better beers from Black Rock, brewed under the same conditions. You only used malt and no hops, so IMO/short experience, that'll make a sweeter beer. If I'm just using malt, I'll up the hops additions to counter balance malty sweetness. I wouldn't expect it to taste like cooper classic green, even with the coopers yeast. It's just a basic PA kit.
  10. I've just sorted myself a fridge and controller. My first brew is in. It's one I did before which was well received, a Black Rock pale ale with Citra and Mosaic. A little of each in the mix, then dry hopped with the rest. So will be interesting to see how it turns out this time.
  11. Probably a better way to get lower Alc is to brew 26l or more, someone here could work out the exact litrage. Dropping your brewing sugars too low may provide fermenting problems, and make thin watery beer.
  12. Lab Rat

    Todays tastings

    Went to a beer tasting this week. Cost $$, but the glasses were included. Tasted Beacon Wayfarer, Bridge Road little bling session IPA and 4 Pines stout in the relevant glasses. We also swigged from the can and pub glasses to see the difference. Only the 4 pines impressed. Even quality beer glasses couldn't make the other 2 shine. They make my beer taste pretty good though.
  13. Lab Rat

    STC brew fridge

    First one in. Sitting nicely at 20C. Doing my Tropic-Ale, which went down really well with everyone last time I did it. Black Rock pale, a 50-50 malt/sugars kg kit, with a bit of cascade in it. Sprinkled some Citra and Mosaic in to steep. US04. Will dry hop with the rest of these (I bought 50g of Citra 100 of Mosaic). I gave Coopers pale a run with my last brew. Rather average. The same as above but Cascade in place of the Citra. Hardly any flavour, but some aroma. I'm sold on the Black Rock gear now, I've made all my best pales with their kits. My BR Pilsner kit bombed, but brewing without a fridge and with ale yeast, it was bound to disappoint. I drunk it though, it wasn't terrible.
  14. Lab Rat

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    My local wine shop has a whole craft fridge wall. Hardly anything you'll find in regular beer shops, except old reliables like Urquell and Coopers. I'm with Otto. I went through a phase of trying many of them, and thought very few were any good. This is what happens when brewers pander to a hugely fickle market. You rush to put out product, and different rather than good, becomes the benchmark. Not even the good beers from this period have made into my favourites. I honestly think 2 of my best brews were better than any of them. And that's not anything to do with me, it's the kit quality, and the hop additions I used.
  15. Lab Rat

    reduced LDM effect

    A drop in ABV of about 1% and a less malty beer?