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  1. I don't know much about wine fridges, but unless they're super fancy, they only have a very narrow range of temp control, suitable for red + whites, obviously. I think you'd still need an external controller, which makes a bar fridge a cheaper option.
  2. Lab Rat

    It’s the small wins that count.

    The married men know it's far easier to gain forgiveness than seek permission. You gotta keep one hand on your balls. Metaphorically speaking.
  3. I don't think being awesome at something straight away (or later), is a problem I've ever had to deal with.
  4. Lab Rat

    It’s the small wins that count.

    Yeeaaah, I tried that but during our kitchen reno, the wife loved the little bar fridge we bought to keep our food in so much, she kept for her vino. Marriage sucks. I got a nice kitchen though. Ceaserstone and everything.
  5. I had similar issues during my first couple of brews. Get a spare bar fridge and temperature controller, and all the hassle and stress will go away. I'm still trying to get hold of one cheap. In Perth it's getting too warm to brew at ambient room temperatures, Darwin is probably like that most of the year....
  6. Lab Rat

    Brew Day!! Watcha' got, eh!? 2018

    I might have to retract this a bit - perhaps home brewing is making me fussy. Maybe Ambers aren't my thing, but a mate gave me a Rogers' the other day. It was shite. Didn't finish it. I remember Rogers' used to be decent. Whoever bought L Creatures are ruining their beers. I can taste the style in my beer - and it's better. Not great though.
  7. Lab Rat

    Beginer questions

    For the first 2 weeks in the bottle, they need to be at 18 degrees or more, they will never carbonate if kept in the fridge.
  8. Lab Rat

    Brew Day!! Watcha' got, eh!? 2018

    Cheers. Yes, my pales with lots of citra and/or mosaic did really well. But I tried to avoid making another pale. So that's why I didn't go with the pale hops, which were part of the cooper recipe. I did wonder why Coopers went with a pale kit to make an amber though. I even brewed it a 20l as well to try and concentrate everything a bit more. I have in the past tried to do bittering hop boils, but didn't get much out of this at all. I did a boil and dry hop with the ale yeast pilsner, and again didn't get much of a beer. Over 100g hops total went into that brew. The English Bitter with a fuggles boil and dry hop was ok, but nothing special. As I said, my pales have been good especially the black rock crafted, which was excellent. But as soon as I've tried something else, the beers turn out quite bland. It would have helped if my brew shop had suggested to go large with the hops in the first place, if Rudi are that up front. But they seemed to think I had something that would be good.
  9. Lab Rat

    Brew Day!! Watcha' got, eh!? 2018

    Well this brewed into a pile of bland crap... Can't taste any of the dry hopped Rudi in here, or much else. Very similar to the super-bland pils I tried to brew with ale yeast and saaz a while back. About the only thing I've brewed that's been really good, is pales. But it's pretty boring just doing those.
  10. Lab Rat

    Coopers suggested temps

    Yeah, the extremes of our weather are not good for brewing without temp control. The lager is not a great benchmark though, even when brewed at ideal temperatures. I remember mine as being super bland when I brewed it in August. My amber ale has just bottled and wouldn't you know, we hit a hot patch in Perth last week, and I couldn't get it under 22 degrees, it hovered around 24-26. It's time for a brew fridge though. I'm working on it... hoping to find a freebie, but cheap ones are on gumtree
  11. Lab Rat

    Old bottle cleaning

    I just rinse mine out straight after they're empty, then put away til next bottling. Before bottling, I soak in some no rinse sanitiser and rinse out, then I put them through the vinator (bottle pump washer) with star san and fil them.
  12. Lab Rat

    New brewer

    Depends on what you want an app for? Most of the apps are for all grain recipes and monitoring brewing/results. For the coopers kits, there's not really anything they can help with, the kits are easy as. If you want to calc your abv, there are plenty of simple apps for doing that.
  13. Lab Rat

    finishing hops

    Just to add: the hops you were were given are likely in a 'tea bag' so they are intended to be thrown in after ferment, as everyone says. The LBHS guy is confusing this with hop boiling prior to ferment, where you use loose hop pellets. Just go with the recipe. However, in my limited expereince teabag sizes of hops just aren't big enough, they're usually 15g or so. Most on here would dry hop with 50g minimum.
  14. Lab Rat

    Kit n Kilo - when to use 1.5kg of malt

    Not really necessary - unless you want to. I've made good beers from kits and I've only done 8 brews so far, they get better each time. It depends on the kit and what you do with them. Coopers TC range and Black Rock Crafted put a lot in the can, and with just 1kgmalt and some hops you can get decent, interesting beer. I'd still be dry hopping at least 50g or more though.
  15. Lab Rat

    Kit n Kilo - when to use 1.5kg of malt

    20g of hops isn't a lot. I've been doing kit and 1kg of malt for a while. Last 2 brews have been with 1.7kg of liquid malt and it definitely provides body and flavour, but If I don't add at least 65g of hop my beers would be too malty. I did 100g with my American pale and got a good balance of hop and malt.