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  1. I have one bottled. Brewed with just a can of liquid malt and Nott's slurry. Had a tester after one week, the last bottle nearest the trub, which has carbed quickly. Shows the very different tastes people have for beer. Just not anywhere near enough going on here for me. It's got a mild English ale style taste, but no depth at all. Hardly surprising given this is as simple as KK gets. I think the Real has potential as a base, but needs a lot more - either 1.5LDM, or an amber malt can and some molasses or brown sugar, and/or some hopping.
  2. Above Yep, as I posted above, I skipped the sugar, but the at-bottled sample taste a bit thin even with an extra 200g liq malt. I'm thinking of going Amber if I brew another. We'll see how this turns out. Will be a while, pretty cool in the garage and the fridge is on another brew, so can't warm them up
  3. Bottled, so 2+ weeks from a verdict, but I don't think this will get anywhere near a Fullers style brew. It seems really thin on flavour and probably not unexpected, give it's just a kit and a tin of light malt. I'll see how it drinks, but the Real ale may do better with Amber malt. For those looking for something in the Fullers style, you'll do better to brew the Scotch Ale. The Real ale subbed in that recipe may be a goer as well, I think I'll be trying that. But next up is the EB kit with Amber malt and some Brown sugar. Not far off the extra smooth bitter recipe. But I'm interested in what the Amber/Brown sugar combo might do with a couple of other kits.
  4. The Speigelau glasses are at Table Culture, Subiaco. Run by a Paddy, called Paddy.
  5. Last time I did my tax the tax man bought a kegerator.
  6. Quick update. Nottingham and Innkeepers yeast slurry works a treat, probably tipped a bit too much tho.... I find Nottingham really predictable and consistent in getting SG down, whereas US yeasts have been all over the place for me. Will bottle this weekend. Too early to say if it gets near to a Fullers style brew, but the Real ale + liquid malt promises to be a decent, simple drop. Nice when you can get a good beer with very little effort. Likewise the Wee Heavy. Just tin, liquid amber and brown sugar, and my testers went mad for it - said it was the best beer I've done (hardly me, when it's that simple). The Yorkie is a bit lacklustre, despite being very similar, plus grain steep and hop bittering. But this just hasn't carbonated very well, and that lets it down for taste.
  7. Good to know it's viable. Perhaps cellar it for longer? I've a Eng Bitter that I used some dark malt with and it's got a coffee roasty edge, but it's lessening over time, so I've shelved them.
  8. Bunnings deleted these as well. It's a conspiracy...
  9. I'm going to see U2 for ol times sake in Perth for the Joshua Tree tour. Easily their best LP IMO. Were an awesome band in their prime and still a great live act. They lost me album wise at Zooropa. I play a lot of their stuff on my acoustic. Otherwise, I'm all over the blues rock map - Gary Moore, Rory Gallagher, Black Keys and chill with JJ Cale. Still a metal head and a huge soft spot for Hawkwind, especially the Lemmy era. Saw them a few times, can't remember any of it. Love this blokes work. Note the Grolsch bottle top strap retainers for beer reference...
  10. This one looks like a fail. Any ideas? Bottled for 3 weeks now, and so far only 1 or 2 a bottles carbed up. My PETS had a mishap when the box broke, so I initially put it down to some damaged ones. But the swingtops I've opened are barely carbed as well. Did everything right here. All bottles carefully sugared. After a cool week in the garage, I moved them into the fridge and inkbird with a heat pad at 24C for 2 weeks. Still nuthin. While that's been going on, my Scotch ale has barely 10 days bottling in similar conditions and is good to drink already.
  11. Heads up in case anyone else was interested in these. I emailed the company on the link and they don't stock these here.
  12. That's the sort of thing I looked for but can't find anywhere. Says Bunnings and Officeworks stock them, but they don't - not even listed on their sites.
  13. Having difficulty finding tubs with lids that will fit 750ml bottles, so you can stack them. The PETs will fit in standard 30l tubs, but 500ml swing tops won't and they are smaller than tallies. Tried Bunning and office works, but you have to go to 80l which are massive and too heavy to lift when you fill em
  14. Been in the fridge for 10 days, since the Scots brew was bottled.
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