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  1. Manufacturers set use by or best before depending on the canned ingredients used. Wort is a bit different as little can go off, but years in a can will bland everything. Not only that, temperature fluctuations can have undesirable effects on the contents, even if they remain sterile, which they are. Not time and money I'd waste on ingredients to find out, when I can buy a new can for less than $20 and a decent beer.
  2. You've not been out of UnZid have you? Sorry, forgot the Bro, Bro.
  3. Very unlikely to take 9-12 days, despite what coopers recipe says. It'll be done in 5-7. You need to use a hydrometer to check your starting and finishing gravity. When it's at or very near to the predicted FG and stable for days, it's done.
  4. Those should all be plenty for the craft beer sized fermenter. These are also quite 'big' hops, so you get a lot of hop flavour out of them. Instead of the dry hopping you could steep/hop tea instead. Going on your preferred beer list, these are aggressively marketed to hopheads, and are high ABV which help carry extra flavour. The recipes cater for the typical drinker of these styles, and don't make an extreme beer.
  5. No, and no. Hoppiness dissipates over time, around 6+ weeks. But not 2. What amount of hops are you boiling and dry hopping? What hops? Different hops have different flavour properties and some are simply not going to provide a floral quality, no matter how you add them. Commando will make no difference to hop flavour. The bag simply makes the process easier and cleaner.
  6. Yes. The carb drop should work, but they don't. I changed to sugar and PETs were fine after that. Allows you to adjust your preferred level of fizz as well. A bottle scoop for 740ml bottles was plenty of fizz for me.
  7. Yeah, when you're making beer for about a 1/3 cost of buying it, an extra few bucks in ingredients is neither here or there. It's about what ingredients, not how much they cost. THe spreadsheet is solid for OG/FG and ABV calcs. I find everything I plug in does exactly what the sheet says, give or take a point or two. I take no notice of styles, I brew beers I like, so I ignore any of the low/high flags relating to that. Sometimes I'm on style, sometimes not.
  8. I did this recipe and will never use molasses in beer ever again. If you like the taste of liquid rusted metal, it might be your thing, but not mine. Go with BE2 or 3 plus 500 dry malt or 250-300g brown sugar.
  9. Hipster beers are everywhere. If you can brew a white stout, you can make mango milkshake IPA, and someone has. Both sound awful and probably are.
  10. Crap in = crap out. If your ingredients are rubbish you can't polish turds. I prefer to learn making mistakes knowing the ingredients aren't the limiting variable. Otherwise, you don't learn anything useful from the experience IMO. What will you deduce from a crap beer - rice syrup was no good, plain sugar is a tasteless fermentable, reusing hops is a bad idea because you've already extracted everything from them on the last brew?
  11. ^^This. Bottle conditioning is simple. Lagers need temp control during bottling to work well, but I've never bothered. All my beers are stored in the garage regardless of season. In winter they take longer to carb up. For fermentation, find an old fridge on gumtree and get an Inkbird to control the temp. When fridge shopping, you jsut need to make sure the fermenter will fit in it. Most small fridges have the compressor hump in the way.
  12. Anyone's thoughts on brewing recipe apps? I've signed up to Brewfather, looks good. Also need a good source of recipes.
  13. I think the best way we're going to brew bigger batches is simply doing more brews. I think starting off BIAB would be a good idea. We can get standard kettle, and if we go the 3 vessel method this will then be the sparge kettle, my mate can make the other two vessels. Being a fabricator, a large sturdy pot with a false bottom, ball valve and thermometer isn't hard for him to make a mash tun. He can also make a copper wort chiller. He's got fridges, so all we'd need to do is spend an afternoon doing 2 23l batches and we can get a brew line up going.
  14. I don't think anyone has ever posted that. It's ok for a first brew, but few people brew it again, unless they are using it as a base for a more involved recipe.
  15. Most of those recipes are dry malt boils to do the hop additions - not boiling the tins.
  16. Coopers are adamant they don't make kits for anyone else.
  17. That'll work. It has 500g of dry malt and the other 500 is dex and maltodex.
  18. Yes, easiest and best solution. I've had some beers I didn't like - either too bitter or overdid other things. Grab a more neutral beer and mix and match.
  19. Brewing with extra sugars won't add sweetness, you'll just boost the ABV - and you will start up another fermentation, at 7 days it's already done. I would bottle and leave it. Time will smooth it out a bit
  20. I've done a few of those as well. For me, Kolsch yeast provides a better, light summer beer than cold Notty. Kolsch does take as long as a lager to ferment, but doesn't need the lagering afterwards.
  21. A run down of all the ingredients used would help. 1006 is low for most KK brews, 1010 is pretty much where all mine end up, but OG/FG is ingredient dependent. I would do a hydrometer check in water to check its calibration. I bulk prime with 150g usually, and get the rare volcano beer if I leave them in the garage too long over summer. This probably uses up all the residual yeast in the sediment.
  22. Just throw the hops in for your boil and steep and strain the cooled liquid into the rest of the mix.
  23. Nice stout. Looks like a bought one, but better. Like Muzzy, I gave the Brew A a go for my last brew of the year, despite not being an IPA drinker. It's a nice, full flavoured bitter IPA without being craft beer crazy. Keeping it lighter bodied with BE2 and some malt, steeped cascade and simcoe with it so I wouldn't add any bitterness. Beer I was happiest with is the Kolsch I made last month. Cerveza, BE2 + some malt, steeped Hellertau and Kolsch yeast. Took 13 days to ferment and needed pushing along with temp, but the nicest summer beer I've done. Clear as a bell, crisp, quenching and nicely floral. Another is in the FV right now. I throw up some pics after knocking a top off later...
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