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  1. Guvna

    What's in your BBQ 2019?

    like your style !!
  2. Guvna

    What's in your BBQ 2019?

    Hi Lusty, I've done many pork shoulders not smoked but slow cooked on the weber (4-5) hours, and always left the rind on. always comes ups trumps mmmmm....pig - mysterious animal with 3 kinds of meat *homer
  3. *edit - prolly wrong thread to be askin advive ' re failed thread " hahaa Guv
  4. Hi Gully, I'm watching and interested in this thread, I'm wanting to attempt some yeast play. recent 2 brews have no dry hoppin so thinkin maybe time to try - slurry only or washin, then maybe harvesting both dry yeast - 1 x us05 and 1 notty - thinkin i'll save a 750 from the bottom of the FV of each in tha next cupla days cheers and regards Guv
  5. Guvna

    What's in Your Fermenter? 2018

    Several days later and ...........the US-05 went well and the Notty slightly quicker. both FV's @ 20c 05 - FG 1.054 - now 1.018 Notty - FG 1.051 - now 1.015 DryHopp & ColdCrash time.
  6. Guvna

    What's in Your Fermenter? 2018

    2 brews in 2 days Both pimped up kit Pale Ale with hop boils. Almost the same apart from some variation of hops. 1 has US05, the Other Notty, so will interesting tosee how different they are. Used up the remainders of centenial for bittering in both and a mix of amarillo, cascade and galaxy for some flavouring. Looking forward to tasting and happy ther 50 ltrs in the pipeline plus 1 keg nearly carbed for Xmas, cheers Guvna
  7. Help ! - would silicone be safe to use? the FV and tap will be retired after. Just wanting to save the beer? Maybe keg lube smeared all around?
  8. Brewing Emergency ! I just transfered brew into FV and added yeast, ...and now Iv'e noticed the small crack in the FV tap thread has grown and I have a small leak. its dripping very slowy but leaking all the same . What can I do? regards Guvna
  9. Guvna

    What's in Your Fermenter? 2018

    First tasting of the Coopers APA pimped pale v2 is real good. my 'simple brews have been the best so far. will be mak'in again
  10. Guvna

    Recommendations for Beers while in England

    *Who are these people keeping the manufacture of said beer going ? does this represent beer lovers in Aus and abroad ? crikey , these nimbys need to own up to consuming this 'fosters drink' and ask for an upgrade such as Coopers. *just kiddin, Guv
  11. Guvna

    Home Brew on Holidays

    kegs v's bottles = 2nd Beer into Glass = 1st
  12. Guvna

    Gas Bottle Down ! #$%^

    Co2 bottle No2 has stabalized the crisis! tightening of both keg posts may helped . alert level remains on 'high', ...whilst refill $ value has plumeted ... *lesson learned ( *subject to beer consumed when kegging...........lol ) Guvna
  13. Guvna

    Gas Bottle Down ! #$%^

    Pretty sure the fact there was no pressure in the keg suggests the keg itself has an issue somewhere. If the keg was holding and the co2 empty I would think issue lies within in lines and or regulator?
  14. Guvna

    Gas Bottle Down ! #$%^

    Thanks Lusty, When I hooked this latest keg up I thought I had done this as per usual practice. (Although empty bottle would suggest not!) Be just my luck to have a hard to find gremlin. i.e bad keg weld or similar Guvna