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  1. Guvna

    Do i have a stuck fermentation

    shake it and warm it up a bit ?
  2. Guvna

    It's Kegging Time!

    Cheers captain, idea wasn't to be discreet - all my visitors know my love for beer, missus wasn't keen on me drilling the new fridge. I reckon it should function pretty good when complete
  3. Guvna

    It's Kegging Time!

    fair call re; the warm air / opening, however for the last 20 years I've had to open the door, reach in and get stubbies, sometimes a dozen or so times in the one night? pros and cons. tap will not get warm, no font fan required. not to mention fridge is brand new with warranty intact.
  4. Guvna

    It's Kegging Time!

    I've picked up another 2 x 2nd hand spartanburg kegs and a few bits and pieces to play around with. working on having a tap inside the new shed fridge. getting there slowly. just a little more reinforcing here and there
  5. Guvna

    What's in Your Fermenter? 2018

    This did appear after dry hopping which seems an obvious cause. funny thing is the clean one has double the dry hop amount??
  6. Guvna

    What's in Your Fermenter? 2018

    is this a concern? 1st brew is clean on the PV yeast cake/trub (hopefully those terms are correct). and the other appears dark and troubled. double ferment recipes posted in this thread.
  7. Guvna

    It's Kegging Time!

    Cheers Greeny, advice appreciated. top shelf of FV is BRY 97 which took longer to start but is still going. i understand bubbles from airlock mean squat so will take a gravity read tomorrow and see whats going on. Now have 2x FV's / 2 X Co2 bottles and 2 *fridges and only 1 keg. $hopping time again lol relaxing and having a slighty undercarbed poorly poured brew and loving it? cheers Guv
  8. Guvna

    It's Kegging Time!

    1 x TC IPA & 1x TC Inkeepers, same packets, looked the same generic TC yeast to me. Unsure if Cooopers would have varied types?
  9. Guvna

    It's Kegging Time!

    Hey greeny, its Thomas Coopers packet yeast x2. it did start pretty quick, maybe its on the way down now?. I dunno ? allways another twist in this brewing game
  10. Guvna

    It's Kegging Time!

    Had to try some 'Emergency Keg Chilling' today. Shed beer fridge is pucked and has to go. My latest brew was pouring and tasting good, after carbing nicely at " very cold degrees " then when fridge died it turned to foam. Tonight I popped it in the esky with as much ice as I could muster and eventualy after severel S.A. schhoners 285ml , its " just ok" - cold but lacking the carb and misbehaving on the pour. Meanwhile, my new 2 x FV fridge is happy but the bottom shelf brew seems to have stalled after 3 days. TC yeast. Never a dull moment.
  11. Guvna

    What's in Your Fermenter? 2018

    The double FV fridge is up and running! Bottom shelf = 25ltrs TC Inkeepers Sparkling Ale BE2 1kg LDME 10 gm centennial, cascade @ 15mins ( used 250gms of LDME with 2.5 ltrs water) 10 gm cascade and amarillo @ 5 mins and 0 mins 2 pkts of the TC kit yeast @ 20c now fermenting at 19c after 12 hours OG - 1.049 Top Shelf = 25ltrs Coopers Real Ale 200gm Crystal Malt - 40l 1 kg LDME 1kg Golden DME 10 gm centennial, cascade @ 15mins 10 gm cascade and amarillo @ 5 mins and 20 gms of each @ 0 mins 2 pkts BRY-97 @ 21c fermenting at 19c after 24 hours OG - 1.050 hope there good. after these 2 that will be 6 brews to date, I will review which ones were best and try to fine tune them to my liking. wouldnt mind trying a cider too happy brewing all Guvna
  12. Currently drinking my pimped Pale Ale. I think this is my best yet. 1.7kg coopers Pale Ale 1kg Golden LDME 430gm dextrose 200gm crystal malt 10gm centennial and 10gm cascade @ 50 mins (* was supposed to be only 10gm centennial @ 60mins, accidently put the cascade in, panicked put the centennial in too and went for 50mins- ) 10gm amarillo and 10gm cascade @ 5 mins 10gm amarillo and 10gm cascade @ 0 mins 1.4 packs US-05 pitched drya at close to 20c into ferment fridge set at 19.4c +/- .3c Very light colour and refreshing beer. This one will be refined again to decrease the bitterness a little and add a touch more body and colour. otherwise its pretty good for a simple brew It was pouring well until My keg fridge started struggling yesterday so time for an upgrade. Only just forked out for another fermenting fridge recently, this hobby can be costly. However I' estimated the 148 ltrs I made so far is saving plenty, I'm averaging around 75 cents per stubbie.
  13. Guvna

    Guvna's Brew No. 3 IPA

    My IPA attempt was ok but will need improvemnet if I'm to brew it again. It was not bitter enough and I found the high alcohol too much. Put me to sleep early a few times. It was a good lesson all the same and spare a couple of longnecks, its now all gone ?
  14. Guvna

    Co2 Refills?

    My 2.3kg co2 started at approx 450bar when it was 90% full at 3-4c in fridge. Recently it has dropped to approx 200bar. Does this mean its close to gone? I carbed and served 3 kegs plus cleaning lines and a bit of playing around when i first got it. Just started to slow carb keg no.4 . Hoping it makes it through. May need to refill midway through carbing? Interweb searching suggests it doesnt/shouldnt drop until almost empty, sound about right? cheers Guvna
  15. Guvna

    Woo! Brew fridge acquired!

    Hey Silmaril, hope the fridge is working well. I too recently aquired a large 'all fridge' with the aim of temp controlling 2 fermenters. (of course this will mean I now need another keg ?) Hopefully I can get by with only one TC and manage 2 brews - 1 controlled and the other along for the ride. Anyone done or does this? cheers Guvna