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  1. Bradenbrewa97

    First brew temperature worries

    Cheers guys I appreciate the feed back as I'm brand new to brewing haha ! There is plenty of foam and condensation, The blanket has kept the temps stable during the day at around 18-19 degrees and 16-18 at night, it's starting to get a little warmer had a lot of rain when I put the brew on so the temperature was colder than usual where I live, Thanks again guys this forums great !
  2. Bradenbrewa97

    First brew temperature worries

    Cheers mate appreciate it, I'll try get that temp up !
  3. Bradenbrewa97

    First brew temperature worries

    G'day, first time brew put on lunch time Monday, just the coopers lager brew enhancer 1, 2 days in now temperature is around 16 degrees only place I have to store my fermenter is in the shed, I panicked early and opened the Krausen collar yesterday for a smell and got blasted with the smell of flat beer almost in gas form I assumed as it was a strong smell of beer it was fine but is the temperature going to majorly affect this brew ? The colour is still fine and golden I wrapped a blanket around the fermenter too, any advice would be great cheers !