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  1. That's an impressive line up @Aussiekraut wide variety too !!
  2. Sounds good GB, nice to have a choice.
  3. That's fair enough, so far I haven't added any to Stout but it probably is better to just make it & enjoy it the way it is. Cheers for your comments.
  4. No it is just a basic Coopers Stout, as I have been experimenting a lot lately with partials/LME/Hops - dry & infusion & other things I just wondering if adding extra hops would improve or kick up the flavour. I have been drinking quite a few different brews lately that I have 'tampered' with, much to my liking but I am holding back now as I was only just thinking; How can you possibly improve Coopers Stout ?
  5. I wasn't going to mess around with anything else, just a simple stout, I would have added a hop tea around day 4 but as I said it probably doesn't need it, just curious on other brewers ideas.
  6. If you zoom right in you will see the Graubster has some black tape there, I am sure the old Pirate has things under control or as you say go for an eye check-up.
  7. I was thinking also S... this is $%X>% heavy Chas !!
  8. Hey Guys, I was wondering on opinions on how much hops would be too much in a basic Coopers Stout recipe, it clearly states on their Tasting Notes POR is used but no indication of how much. I have 50gms available & was thinking maybe 15-25gms but I am hesitant for fear of overkill. I must add this is only an extract exercise with the addition of 1 kg LDME as well as the BE3. Cheers Phil cprs1130-tasting-notes_a4_fa2-web-stout.pdf
  9. Well it's great to have a variety, last night for example I started with a bitter then a Draught & finished with a wheat beer, still heaps of variety. I was going to have a Stout but thought I had better start the Fish for dinner & just had a quiet wine.
  10. I love camping but in this weather with a fire, I notice you have found one, great way to spend a weekend.
  11. Mr Graubster, I think you have another monster lurking in there ! That's an awesome lot of foam action, looks like it will be ambrosially delectable.
  12. POR, Goldings, Galaxy, Hallertua, Cascade etc, all depends on the brew really, although I find the difference minimal.
  13. No offence intended @BlackSands I guess it seems appropriate to support local being a NZ brand, we can get those at different LHBS here also, slightly darker colour, sometimes I use Morgan's as well, they are actually the full Monty 750ml. I had to chuck the odd one due to threads over the years.
  14. Sounds like a bit going on there mate, good stuff.
  15. Hey Brewers, I was wondering how many different Beers you would either have bottled or kegged at any one time. I know some of you have 4 font Kegerators & other systems with multiple kegs etc & others would have fridges crammed with bottles of different types. I for one have several fridges but usually my Bar Fridge is adequate to hold enough for a few days drinking despite mates calling in helping me empty it. I usually try & have 4-5 different beers on offer most days & of course stocks run down & as we talk I am doing another Stout today & on the weekend bottled 2 others. I do have 4 Fermenters so it's not hard to build a variety, so let us know how many you have got going. Cheers Phil ATM I have bottled/boxed & labelled; Country Brewer Wal's Lager Country Brewer Pale Ale Coopers Draught Coopers ROTM AUS IPA Coopers Stout Mangrove Jacks Classic Bitter Mangrove Jacks Belgian Ale Black Rock Whispering Wheat Mr Beer Northwest Pale Mr Beer Long Play IPA
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