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  1. I have a collection of various designer glasses usually given with the imported Beers on purchase of a carton - Heineken/Carlsberg/Stella Artois etc … they are of course all different shapes & varied thickness, it's hard to too choose a favourite, but the long slender pilsner style for me win. Having said that, what ever you pour your favourite brew in & it if keeps a head & tastes good, game over. Cheers.
  2. I might pay a visit to IKEA. looks like a cool glass, especially if you have something decent in it ! It is fun holding the glass up to the light, makes for good photos too. Cheers Phil
  3. Hey Blacksands, That's spot on, I have seen some of your Gallery Photos - they are awesome, fine looking Beer also. I like taking shots of brews as well as photography is part of my work portfolio and it's fun capturing the different light aspects etc. Cheers.
  4. Hi Repspec, Some of my designer style glasses are fine, I have sterilised & srubbed the butcher & schooner glasses with Carb Soda/Water, rinsed & drained - should be fine now. Might try the dishwasher, usually hand wash them. I will soon find out at Happy Hour ! ?Cheers.
  5. I agree with that Otto.
  6. I deal directly from the manufacturer who has supplied a lot of Breweries with Stubby Holders & Bar Mats, as far as Forum ones go - I am happy to take an order ! ?
  7. Why not stand under a tree ? ?
  8. Hey Worthog, Good point, how often you you be walking around with a glass whilst fishing/camping etc. I sell Stubby Holders for a living so I encourage the use of stubbies or cans, either home brew or commercial. Cheers.
  9. I agree, & if it's cold & you have a head & it tastes good life's good.
  10. Thanks Lusty, I do know what you mean, I reckon the only bad beer is a warm beer, or flat. The best Beer is the next beer.
  11. Hey all you guys, thanks for your ideas, I think I have it sorted now, I cleaned up about 30 odd different glasses awhile ago, now draining - looking forward to chilling them & putting the golden or black good stuff in there, thanks for all of your replies. Cheers Phil
  12. Hi Otto, That's a good point, we clean our bottles with that, what's a nucleated glass ? I like to see what I am drinking as well.
  13. Hi NEWBREWS, Good to hear from you, I just cleaned a heap of Butcher & Schooner glasses ( I am in SA, you probably call them something different ) filled the sink with water & some bi-carb, soaked & then scrubbed them, rinsed & then drained on a rack, haven't used vinegar yet. Might try that, curious to find out your method. Cheers Phil
  14. Hi Lusty, Thanks for your input, I agree entirely with everything you say, I do keep a quantity of assorted beer glasses chilled & also a couple of shelves behind the bar. I have steins in various sizes, but my main point was after frequent use the all need a 'service & clean-up' to bring them back to new. My favourite glassed to drink out are some of the different shapes we don't get here; Miller/Carlsberg/Steinlager etc, but I agree a good chilled mug is the best. Some of the Pubs we drink in fail miserably with their presentation of beer & there's also the lipstick, hopefully from a bird ? Happy Brewing Phil

    I walked into a bottleshop...

    Forgot to mention, it is Carlsberg. ?