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  1. That sounds like sound advice Otto, I have a friend who does everything in his shed- no temp control, uses the oldest of equipment & insists that white sugar is better than carb drops, he also bottles in anything that's lying around - he is always complaining about exploding bottles. I have tried to get him to listen to others & join the forum but some people cannot be told.
  2. Well that's no good, there's a lot of bad things about Diacetyl. Don't heat your Beer up then. Quote from the Internet Are Food Containing Diacetyl Safe to Consume? Diacetyl poses a greater risk of toxicity when it is heated. The likelihood of adverse health risks associated with diacetyl – such as popcorn lung — is therefore increased if a product is heated prior to consumption. Foods and beverages containing diacetyl are not inherently dangerous to consume if they are not heated. It is important to note, however, that heating products containing diacetyl trigger a chemical reaction that releases the dangerous compound into the air as a more dangerous vaporous form. While consuming diacetyl is not a major health risk, inhaling diacetyl vapors is very dangerous. This poses a great threat to users of Juul and other e-cigarettes. Diacetyl vapor inhalation is linked to an array of pulmonary complications, including the popcorn lung. If you are heating a product that contains diacetyl — such as microwave popcorn, coffee, hot-cocoa – ensure that the product has cooled down before consuming it. Distance yourself from the product while it is heating up, and avoid prolonged exposure to diacetyl vapors.
  3. I have had a few 'sus' Craft Beers in Pubs & Pizza type Cafe's that make their own - the worst I ever had was a Honey flavoured Ale, it had a burnt sugar taste, was flat & no head & it cost about $8. I have had Matilda Bay Beez Neez - alright for a change but not my favourite ! While cleaning up over Xmas I came across a dozen longnecks of Mexican Cerveza that I made about 9 months ago & stashed hoping for the Carbonation to develop - it worked, tastes pretty good. Worth the wait, Cheers.
  4. I did notice that, they were only samples from the net - very basic & limited editing, I make my own occasionally.
  5. Hi Captain, The online designer is a company called Utopia - that section on the labels comes with it, can't be edited, but there are more sophisticated sites around. You can actually do the whole lot yourself even buy the special labels to use on your home printer. They are good for presents, but why give away your grog !!
  6. Nice of you to say Hairy. but the really are basic, I have a couple of other designs but unfortunately wouldn't be appropriate content for this forum
  7. Hey Guys, Anyone ever done your own Custom Beer Labels, they are available commercially - online designers etc, but I do my own graphics with my advertising products & this particular site is very basic & very hard to make them look impressive ( see attached samples ) I will be creating some new designs over the holiday period. Should be concentrating getting the beer right first, I know. Cheers.
  8. Happy New Year to all,
  9. Sounds good, having a quiet one myself, a couple of mates came around last night for a BBQ & after all the usual, I foolishly broke out a IL single malt, lounge chair starting to look good.
  10. Good one, looks like a nice Brew
  11. How many would you get through @ 7.2% - well it is New Years Eve. Looks good, Cheers.
  12. Good Luck with the Air Con, Muzzy - it's no fun in the house when it's 40+ even fans just blow hot air around, the cool change was very welcome, but to be short lived. Keep up the liquids
  13. Hi Otto, You are right after 5-6 days of 40+ it gives you the …… but I am a travelling salesman ( work for myself ) I as in Bourke NSW about a week ago & the temp was about 45-48 everyday, I travelled across to Tiboobuura - 6 hours of the worst dirt roads imaginable ended up 54kms from the QLD border, but saving that for a trip in the new year, even a trip to Broken Hill 3.5 hours still around 40 degrees - back to Adelaide another 6 hours & glad to get home for a quiet beer & bed. So really the hot weather doesn't bother me that much, but it's nice to be cool. Cheers.
  14. I agree, I have ducted Air Con but only using a large fan at the moment, I am surrounded by large trees & there is a bit of a gully breeze happening, I hope it doesn't flare up the fires. But, keep hydrated - beer contains water doesn't it ?
  15. That too Muzzy, according to the BOM Weather app on my phone it's 40.4 at South Plympton - just thinking about carefully pouring some of that amber liquid into one of my glasses
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