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  1. I agree about the blocking, but I have a few of those & they all stuffed up & what I do now is sanitise a needle & cotton to close the gate as they are cheaply made & don't last that long.
  2. This may look like a mess, but I can assure you it is very satisfying, the Doc just upped my medication for my shoulder so possibly the beers/wine could be affecting me with the prescription tablets but I am looking for a good night's sleep. Medium Steak, Sausages, Jacket Potatoes, Coleslaw & Red Wine.
  3. Something is wrong with your phone mate
  4. Looks pretty good to me mate, have an hour off
  5. Cheers Jenny, like I said I don't need any of it, but I like supporting them as all the proceeds are donated to charity. In this day & age I think we are all lucky if we have a roof over our head, a warm bed & able to eat properly. Who knows maybe one day they may get it all back again when I am jostling around on a walking frame But they won't, I love my Bar & Tap Room too much.
  6. That's a tough break Mick, especially after your previous episode. I am no expert but I agree with @kmar92 it doesn't look good. From now on I swear I will not mess about with left over yeast again - least of all ever do a 'dirty batch' IMO it just ain't worth it, I will get a few objections from those that do it, but I don't care, I even stuffed up the last time I did it but I put in about 600ml which left me with a very dense, cloudy beer. It's in the keg, taste's great but that's not the point, I just won't ever do it again. Anyway, I hope you find a way to save it. Cheers.
  7. PALM Belgian Amber Ale (WOW) this little bottle packs a punch, one of the nicest beers I have had for a long time - apart from my own of course Truly this is all about flavour, check it out yourself. I saw it a Dan Murphy's on sale for $13.00, normally $21.00. It is great. Palm embodies the best aspects of European brewing. English hops, French Barley and Belgian yeast; it's one hell of a combination. The roasted champagne malt unlocks a deep burnt amber colour but keeps it light and refreshing. https://palm.be/en/palm/beers/3/special-belge
  8. Who's into this, I am always interested to see their opinions. Voting opens for GABS Hottest 100
  9. The Glassman strikes yet again This little lot was put aside for me at an Op Shop I support & they only wanted $7.50 for the lot!! Do I need any of it? absolutely not.
  10. I just placed an order with Keg Land for 2 x Corny Kegs/Lines, Pro Screen for the Brew Zilla 35l & a few other bits & pieces & I can't believe the freight charges were only $20.00 from Melbourne to Adelaide, that is pretty cheap. I am now considering getting a couple of FWK's as I don't think it would cost much to ship as first thought. I know in the past I have tried other companies & their freight charges are outrageous.
  11. There is no reason why that would not add a bit more flavour & 'lock in' but I would think at least 24 hours would be beneficial. There is a lot of info on the Internet Jenny, here's just one of them. https://beersmith.com/blog/2013/01/21/late-hop-additions-and-hop-oils-in-beer-brewing/ Late Hop Additions Hops added in the last 5-15 minutes of the boil are called late hop additions. These hops are usually not added for bittering, though they do contribute a small amount of bitterness to the beer. The main purpose for late hop additions is to add aroma and aromatic hop oils to your beer. In addition to bittering compounds, hop cones from “aromatic” hop varieties contain volatile hop oils that provide the strong flowery aromatic flavor and scent desirable in many hoppy beer styles. Unfortunately, most of these compounds boil off within 10-20 minutes of adding the hops. Late hop additions should always use “aromatic” hop varieties and should be done within the last 10 minutes of the boil to preserve as many aromatic oils as possible. In addition, late hop additions are most appropriate for beer styles where a hoppy flavor and aroma is needed. You would not add late hop additions to a malty or low hop beer style.
  12. Steak & home-made twice cooked chips with the usual salad & a few reds, bloody good.
  13. You have done well, that's a hell of a bonus for keeping your brews at a constant temperature.
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