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  1. i try before but it came out overcarb lots of foam .... btw i using the bulk priming calculation for bottles lolz...
  2. yea maybe, i think i need to do leak check i dont have a bigger place to chill it so i might have to try higher psi
  3. i wish to but too bad i dont have a bigger size refrigerator imusing a sanky keg 20L
  4. oh ya i serve it using a external cooler i did not chill my keg
  5. yes 28 psi 10 days at room temperature
  6. hi guys good day, I recently brewed a batch and i keg it and force it to a 28psi and let it sit for about 10 days at room temperature 19-21 and i just try it today if was flat, anyone got any solution?
  7. I think maybe I have used low sud to sanitize and did not rinse when bottling. It kills the yeast?
  8. I mistakenly took the wrong beer to bottling, the fermentation is only 7 days and i have already bottle it. Is a beer or a bomb?
  9. great, do you mind share with me which kit did you use and how did you brew it? thank you
  10. I wana try add some hops for the next coming batch
  11. I mistakenly bottled my Aus Pale Ale last night omg.... the fermentation is only 7 days and the gravity is 1.010 before my break my gravity meter, i bottled it in a 330ml (1 carbo drops) and 640ml (2 carbo drop) beers bottle, am i creating a bom??
  12. I just move my beer to a warmer place for a week and see how it taste and will try other bottle as well. I will add extra DME for my next batch, currently im brewing Cooper Mexican Cerveza with brewing enhancer 2, wonder how this 1 taste like
  13. No it is not sweet, flat and it has honey like after taste, OG is 1.040 FG is at 1.008 or 1.010
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