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  1. elLachlano

    Clearing beer after dry hopping

    Agree, all that transferring and waiting is a waste and an infection risk too. I squeeze the hop sock out into the brew, bulk prime in my primary () and bottle after a gentle stir and 5mins rest. Never use finings or cold crash. Min 2 weeks conditioning in bottle. Clear beers for days.
  2. elLachlano

    Clearing beer after dry hopping

    BTW I never cold crash, most my samples pre bottling look like this and I get plenty clear dry hopped pale ales as a result.
  3. elLachlano

    Clearing beer after dry hopping

    To confirm, you pitched yeast 4 days later added dry hop 10 days after that you've drawn a sample from your fermenter. Sometimes, when taking a sample, a buildup of yeast gets in the way and can cloud it up real nice. I also notice a lack of carbonation, if you're bottling (I don't keg, so can't vouch) this should clear up during maturation for 2nd ferment / carbonation. Assuming all of the above, I wouldn't worry. Just make 100% sure the SG has stabilised for the past 48hrs. If you have access to temp control, I would suggest a cold crash (ramping down to 1C for a few days) before bottling to obtain maximum results for clearing naturally.
  4. elLachlano

    Adding 1L after taking OG reading

    Thanks @Hairy Legend Would ya look at that? 1.048 - I was on the money after all.
  5. Hey guys, I just did a brew and realised I'd left 1L of water out at the end. I quickly added it and gave it a stir before I put the lid on. I'd taken a reading before pitching the yeast and it reached 1050. I'm trying to find a way to calculate the adjusted OG after I added that 1L at the end? I'm guessing it just knocked a few points off as my intended OG was 1048. How would you usually go about this? It's not really a big deal but I'd like to keep my records up to date and I'm also interested in methods for doing this calc. Cheers!
  6. elLachlano

    worry worts worst work

    You should call this beer Vantablack. As a creative designer - this is the stuff I froth over... https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2017-01-13/vantablack-where-is-it-being-used/8175042 PS I really wanna try this beer/ know more about it. Did you write down the recipe?
  7. elLachlano


    Ahh the fabled Pavlova Pale that stalled at 1020. It's pretty green and needs some more carb as I was conservative with the bulk priming due to high fg reading. Tastes the goods like a caramelised meringue with passion fruit. It's thick on the tongue but not sickly sweet as I'd feared. I think I'll put the remaining bottles in the fv fridge to warm up for a spell.
  8. elLachlano

    hops compatibility chart

    Back to @worry wort's original question RE: complimentary hops (rather than substitutes), I'm yet to have seen such a list. I'd reckon such data would lie in trying to nail down beer styles and what hop mixes are generally used, then combining that with subtitutes etc. I also think there could be an experimental side to it, but it would need to be taken with a grain of salt. Personally, I'd love to hear some whacky hop combos that you've come up with that blow your mind and how they may fit in with a brew/style (but in reality you were just clearing the freezer ).
  9. elLachlano

    hops compatibility chart

    Ain't no lie! As someone who already used a few hop charts this week: Thanks Lusty!
  10. elLachlano

    Todays tastings

    @Gazzala - Coburg
  11. elLachlano


    Looks and sounds delicious!
  12. elLachlano


    Happy Friday Lads! A nicely balanced Raspberry Blonde fermented with K97 yeast. Used 500g frozen berries from the stupidmarket. Great tasting beer. Lots of raspberry hint, but with sweet, sour and bitter all sharing the stage nicely. Well carbed too. These aren't gonna last long, especially after my wife had a go at it . Scheduling in another batch for Spring. I'm about halfway through drinking my strange fruity brewing phase, although I do have that raspberry wheat that was on ROTM to do yet.
  13. elLachlano

    Monk Beer

    I wanna know how they still have the yeast?!
  14. elLachlano

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    Cheers @PB2 - you've nearly inspired me to read more of that legalese... If my K9 comes out ok I'll consider it only because it's timely. I also have an Aussie-hopped bastard of the Shark Attack XPA I'm trying next which will probably fit the bill. At least I know that one is a crowd pleaser.
  15. elLachlano

    Todays tastings

    PS - she's a keeper