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  1. Oh I'm glad. I've tried my hardest to like this beer - hence the 12 longnecks at the back of the shed
  2. Found a box of 12 longnecks of '18 Vintage ale in the back of the shed. This is at least 11 months old. The taste has mellowed for sure. Still quite sweet though. Much like the Melbourne Storm's first half
  3. Went in the shed this morning... Rotten egg.
  4. I was honestly taken aback by the range at a local BWS. We are spoiled for choice, if we have the dollars to with which to part. It is the upside to running out of homies.
  5. It is truely the most complicated thing about brewing this particular beer
  6. Been a month or so between brews + I've actually had to start buying commercial beer. Going back to some recipes I started out with. Given that it's Lager season, I'm running some BoPils in the ambient garage again. Just an 87Day can / a 25g Saaz x 15m tea / 1kg LDME and some 2nd gen w34/70. Mixed it up in 45mins before a kid's Bday party on Sunday. Got me one of those fandangled laser pointer temp guns so am monitoring it morning and night. Life seemed so much simpler without it
  7. Naw, this was in relation to the Lager I had fermenting with W34/70 in FV2. CCA was its usual sweet smelling self. I now have to harvest some more as this batch has been through enough generations.
  8. Ahh true. Well I do use glass jars but just old jam ones etc where the seal probably isn't 100%. I do burp the jars if I see the lids bulging in the fridge. Haven't had one burst... but there's a first time for everything right? I thought the pressure was just natural and not a result of bulk priming leftovers. In saying that I've not harvested yeast from a non-bulk primed primary.
  9. I still save yeast from the FV after this method. I'm interested in why you think that it would be affected by the bulk priming? My method of harvesting is to: - pour 3L of cooled boiled water into the FV after bottling then shake - let settle for ~30mins and pour off the middle layer into containers - cold crash the containers and transfer into sanitised jars. Works a charm. Is this close to what you'd be doing?
  10. I've had sucesses with Safbrew WB-06. Made a plain hefeweizen with just an extra wheat malt can. I also made a lemon zest weizen using plain ol LDME and a lemon myrtle leaf steep. Both were great quality with the lemon one being the standout. I was actually surprised with the simplicity of the recipes. I'd also be willing to try the K97 - but I don't think it would be as tasty as a wheat beer specialty yeast. I am also not into liquid yeasts as yet but I will admit @porschemad911's sulphur comment of WLP351 has piqued my interest.
  11. Just put the Raspberry Wheat Beer down. Subbed out the US-05 for some Safbrew WB-06. I now have 3 FVs full I generally try and stay well clear of the Coopers DME, but when I order a recipe kit, it's pretty unavoidable. It's also handy when the only thing open on a brew day is Dan Murphys. This was only 1 of the 2 x 500g packs I got. Luckily I had 500g of LHBS DME to add in, otherwise who knows how many of these lumps of clay would be in the FV. I've read opinions on here that it's supposedly a superior product to the better dissolving DME you get at the LHBS. I assume this is based on taste and not functionality. I've also read that the lumps are supposed to disperse over time, and the yeast still eats it up anyway, but I am wondering how this would affect my OG reading if they're not dissolved properly when I take it. BTW - I was only 1 point shy of target OG. Also - it's not very aesthetically pleasing and TBH a bit of a PITA.
  12. I bulk prime in the primary with a disolved solution / gentle stir / 5min rest. Only once had a problem with un-mixed sweetness from start of bottle to finish and it was my first bulk prime which I actually transferred to a bottling bucket. It needed a stir. From then on, I've only stuck with primary and stir. The key is to stir / pour into the top with no splashing. I use a saucepan that fits into the top of the FV and try a pour as close to the surface of the beer as possible. A bit of sediment in the bottles is not a concern as it's usually pretty compact and I don't even CC the FV. Let gravity do the work and don't be greedy when dispersing into a glass!
  13. Walked into the shed tonight and was hit with a whole dozen rotten eggs. Miss brewing with W34/70... CCA has annihilated the English bitter in about 5 days! Will take an SG tomorrow and probs turn up the heat a few.
  14. I've not heard of this method before Lusty. Sounds solid! I'll have to give it a whirl.
  15. Why does this make me more and more interested?
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