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  1. Hey guys, been a bit quiet on here this year. Doesn't mean the brewery has been. Got 3 X FVs on the go. FV01 - Motueka dry-hopped Bohemian Pilsner. I suppose that makes it a NZ Pils. This one's been going for 20days! Patience... FV02 - Lemon Myrtle Weizen. I've grown my own Lemon Myrtle tree for constant production of this beer. One of my faves. FV03 - Steam Beer. Trying this off the Coopers recipes. These will probably all get bottled in a week or two. I've only got like 3 milk crates of beer left until these are ripe and I'm dipping into my aged beer supply. May be forking out for some cartons soon...
  2. Happy Easter. Waiting for the kids to pass out before I go on Wabbit duty. This 8 month old slightly over-carbed Toasted Coconut Porter will help me in my hideout.
  3. Hey Guys, TLDR; Is anyone willing/able to share their entry recipes? Firstly, apologies, I've been a bit absent on the forums of late and can't see if this has been posted anywhere yet - so don't know if it's been asked/addressed yet. Also - I didn't enter MOTB and wasn't across all the T&C's around the competition but I do know you were having to keep your entries secret throughout the duration of the comp. I've been looking for some brewspirtaion with the new year and also gained a new (working) brew fridge that means I can do proper cool temp control over the warmer months = Lager brewing in summer Soooooooo.... With this in mind I was wondering if anyone has or is willing to share their entry recipes? Being a mostly kits/partials brewer, this would be a great source of new brews to try with my ghetto setup.
  4. Month in the bottle Caribbean Porter. I've been hanging to try this one after last year's effort. Didn't disappoint. It's gonna taste even better in a few months more... All burnt coffee + sweet and sour.
  5. Naw guys the vegetables look better than meat on the grill. You eat with your eyes first. As a designer, it's all about the image.
  6. Whassup guys? Got a new Weber grill and one of those Pixel 4s for photos. Here's a shot with some Anarchy IPA in the (currently) rarest of rare Melbourne sunshine.
  7. I find the Blushing Blonde and Toasted Coconut Porter are a hit around here. Those don't seem to last too long.
  8. Also got Caribbean Porter, Shark Attack XPA and Lemon Zest Weisen in the 3x FVs bubbling at the moment. It's a hard knock life.
  9. I know... the dilemma! ...and it's my Bday! Maybe the Toasted Coconut Island Porter will be ok by then? Or the Anarchy IPA?
  10. Been a bit quiet on the forum - doesn't mean I've been quiet on the brewing. Here's my 2nd BoPils from Melb Winter Shed temps. Sooo much better than the 1st attempt. Not sure if it was just the extra Saaz dry hop or I kept the temp on this one more consistent. There wan't much more variation on the 2 but this is a clear winner! Either way, I'm glad there's still ~24 longnecks still to get through.
  11. Well I did this Anarchy in about 1 hour flat. Didn't bother with cooling the wort boil and went in with about 3L of near freezing water to counter. Came in at 24C at pitch and I tried my luck with some harvested CCA that I've been waiting to beef up with a brew. The things you can do after a bit of experience with these mixes. OG came in a little high so I hope the CCA I managed to get in there can cope with the 1052 I threw it at - I think the recipe could deal with 250g less of the LDME. If the yeast doesn't take, I've got a few backup packets of dry yeast in the fridge. Wondering, if I'm going for an English ale kind of profile what do you think would be better to throw in if I face a stall? Can yeasts: APA Real ale Ruby Porter At first I was thinking just the APA - but the Ruby could be interesting. I do have some Morgans Premium Ale yeast which I used instead of some Nottingham in the above mentioned porter. I'll be washing this overnight, so it may do the trick.
  12. Dug out a month-in-the-bottle BoPils to help me thru today's bottling session. On my most classy beer perch. I've got about 44L of the stuff lagering now so glad it's turned out ok. This was the second half of a longneck pour so the clarity isn't as spectacular at the first but still, I'm happy. Not sure the saaz dry hop ha added anything tho. It was only 25g after all.
  13. Bottled my 2nd go at the Island Toasted Coconut Porter. I freakin love this beer! export.mp4 export.mp4 I've now got 3 very empty (read: dirty) FVs. Gonna scrub one up for an Anarchy IPA bastard tomorrow. Got the Crystal in the fridge steeping. Also, go Storm
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