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  1. Ronnie Dale

    Old Milwaukee - yes or no?

    OK, give me a definition of a keg. Can a keg be 300 ml providing it it has a tap? Don't you drive a bus around in circles for 3 hours?
  2. Ronnie Dale

    Pimping Coopers ROTM

    I would love to help you out Lusty, but my request for help on the Old Milwaukee thread has gone unanswered
  3. Ronnie Dale

    Old Milwaukee - yes or no?

    But isn't the word draught originally from to pull. From a keg is a very modern meaning considering kegs are a recent thing. If beer was poured from a barrel without carbonation, would that still be draught? Carlton parted with their last wooden barrel about 60 years ago, should we combine kegs with barrels to make an historical point? For Australian history, we are only talking 60 years of a full turn over to kegs not barrels. At what point do we change history to fit what we now believe to be true? To draught means to pull. 1000 years ago they did not pull a beer from a keg. They poured it from , yea I don't know, I'm not that old. Speaking of draught meaning to pull, are you watching the Daytona 500 this week? Nascar starts the season with the Grand Final!
  4. Ronnie Dale

    Too many beers to try

    Don't just surrender to the future
  5. Ronnie Dale

    Mashes and Steeping

    It did surprise me. I have no idea what you are talking about but being American, I stand surprised!
  6. Ronnie Dale

    Too many beers to try

    Too many too try? What is there, like 10,000 breweries with an average of 4 beers each? I'll check, hold on a minute. OK 19000 breweries, but lets go with an average of 4?. That's only 72000 beers, long weekend? Let's go with 100,000 beers divided by 20 a day: 5000 days mate, go for it, you can do it!!! Less than 14 years!! It's done!!!
  7. Ronnie Dale

    What are you listening to right now????

    Grace Slick - the radio is on 3aw but my head has Grace Slick
  8. Ronnie Dale

    Old Milwaukee - yes or no?

    If it is draught when they pour it into the growler, why is it not draught when I pour it out? By your definitive definition, if one was to pour a glass of beer from a keg, pour that beer from the glass into another glass, it would no longer be draught. I drive a tractor around in circles for hours, it is boring but racecars are fun to watch.
  9. Ronnie Dale

    Old Milwaukee - yes or no?

    So, if I put my beer in a keg, pull the tap to fill a bottle, cap it, it is no longer draught beer. Anybody pick up on the Cold Chisel reference? No? OK. Just trying to fit into Oz. May need some help here Lusty.
  10. Ronnie Dale


    Grab a Reuben sandwich to go with it
  11. Ronnie Dale

    Old Milwaukee - yes or no?

    Maybe I'm not all there, remember my mom looking at me and saying 'you justs half right ain't ya boy!'. In the third grade, (yes, I went to school, my twin brother was sick one day and I took his place) Mrs. Somners passed around apple slices, first bite was normal apple eating, second was holding your nose while eating. Tasted the same to me. So in my mind, based on my life, taste is the same with or without smell. Smelling food or drink is great, but for the taste is the same. Maybe I'm missing a life experience?. OR, this just crossed my mind, I have superior taste buds!!! Noticed you didn't comment on the Nascar, OK, you have 20 buses traveling 300 plus KPH from the Ocean to the Silver City, and one pulls out to pass...
  12. Ronnie Dale

    Old Milwaukee - yes or no?

    I'm old enough to remember when the part of Merica I'm from had draught horses and draft was the general idea or a the big picture?. (Notice ? followed by ., I'm creating a new punctuation format that I'm sure will be bigger than the Interrobang) Draft in the UK does have a slightly differing meaning than draught. Whilst smell does add to the overall experience maybe stuff taste different when you have a cold is because the snot drips on your taste buds? Speaking of draft, Daytona 500 starts in 15? hours. I watched The Clash earlier this week (free download from Nascar, as all the races are a few days after the race). If you ever wondered what happens when you have 20 cars nose to tail at 300 plus KPH and somebody pulls out to pass, do yourself a favor and see.
  13. Ronnie Dale

    Old Milwaukee - yes or no?

    I understand what you are saying but, Oh Lord forgive me for I am about to argue with Kelsey. First; I can't speak for Aus beer Secondst; When Millers produced Genuine Draft (not draught), it was never heat treated after being bottled. Heating beer does change the taste. Threest; Millers High Life and Genuine Draft are the same recipe with two different taste. Fourst; I know we have been told for years that taste is mostly smell, I put that up there with not swimming for 3 years after eating, my nose is stopped up now but this gin and tonic taste great.
  14. Ronnie Dale

    Old Milwaukee - yes or no?

    It started as a means to make bottled beer taste like draught beer. The keg and bottle beer are the same other than bottled beer is past your eyesd, while keg beer was kept cold. So bottled beer was cold filtered without pasteurization and that's about all I know. Maybe the beer was shipped in refrigerated trucks? Not sure what it is now other than marketing.
  15. Ronnie Dale

    Coopers glasses

    I'm almost sure I think I might have some in a box somewhere. I have a market coming up next month, if I run across the glasses I'll set them aside. You pay shipping. If not there are 3 on Ebay for 40 bucks plus shipping.