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  1. Ronnie Dale

    Prickly pear beer

    If you live long enough, let us know how it taste. "Tiswin" is a fermented beverage made by the Papago Indians of northern Mexico and southern Arizona from the pulp of saguaro cactus fruit. A syrup is made from the fruit pulp by slowly cooking one part water to two parts pulp for 1 to 2 hours. The resulting syrup is then used to make the tiswin. If you can not obtain saguaro cactus fruit pulp syrup (and who can?), prickly pear cactus fruit can be used as an alternative (if you can even get that). Ingredients: * 8 quarts saguaro cactus fruit pulp (or prickly pear cactus fruit pulp) * 4 quarts water * yeast Instructions: 1. Mix the fruit pulp and water and bring it to a boil. 2. Reduce the heat and slowly cook the mixture for 1-2 hours. 3. Allow the mixture to cool enough to strain it then return it to a slow boil for another hour. 4. Cool the mixture to 70ºF then strain it into a fermenter and pitch the yeast. 5. Allow the beer to ferment completely then bottle and condition before drinking.
  2. Ronnie Dale

    Coopers glasses

    Yea, no joy on the glasses, I may have already sold them or they may be in boxes I didn't look in. I'll keep looking when I do another market. Don't hold your breathe, I'm a bit slow.
  3. Ronnie Dale

    Finances and homebrew

    I think? above 48 liter containers are taxed at a lower rate? Brewers, not sure if it is all or just small brewers get back either 30,000 or 50,000 in taxes at the end of the year. In some cases that may be their salary for the year. Alcohol would cost less if the tax was paid by the consumer not the producer. If CUB pays 20 up front, they want more than the 20 back. And yes, do away with the wine equalization tax. Make all alcohol taxes the same. Pickers and pruners come in from SE Asia, by the time they pay the boss for transport and such, they make 9 bucks an hour. Had a crew working friday, at 11 AM they hadn't had a break. Already in the mid 30's. Their boss said they never take a break. I'm like no mofo, you aren't going to treat foreign labor any different than Australian labour.
  4. Ronnie Dale

    Finances and homebrew

    Spent a few years in Ohio where there is a 'Mom and Pop' law that keeps the smaller shoppes open. Beer, bread, cigarettes and milk. The wholesaler publishes the base price of goods every morning to the shoppes and government. No one is allowed to sale the four items for less than that price plus 25%. Keeps the little guy in business, the big grocery stores never have beer on sale and usually sell it at a higher cost than the battler. Of course the wholesaler can still sell for less to big guy, just the big guy must use the base price plus 25% I seem to be ramblin, but I know what I mean.
  5. Ronnie Dale

    Krausen reduction/removal

    White Paint? Just paint a collar around the outside. Our living room / kitchen / dining are all one room, I have a 60 and 3 30 liter fermenters going now along the half wall. Wife only complains if I don't pay rent on the space.
  6. Ronnie Dale

    I walked into a bottleshop...

    weed a few of them I don't think weed will help, they'll just tax that too.
  7. Ronnie Dale

    Old Milwaukee - yes or no?

    OK, give me a definition of a keg. Can a keg be 300 ml providing it it has a tap? Don't you drive a bus around in circles for 3 hours?
  8. Ronnie Dale

    Pimping Coopers ROTM

    I would love to help you out Lusty, but my request for help on the Old Milwaukee thread has gone unanswered
  9. Ronnie Dale

    Old Milwaukee - yes or no?

    But isn't the word draught originally from to pull. From a keg is a very modern meaning considering kegs are a recent thing. If beer was poured from a barrel without carbonation, would that still be draught? Carlton parted with their last wooden barrel about 60 years ago, should we combine kegs with barrels to make an historical point? For Australian history, we are only talking 60 years of a full turn over to kegs not barrels. At what point do we change history to fit what we now believe to be true? To draught means to pull. 1000 years ago they did not pull a beer from a keg. They poured it from , yea I don't know, I'm not that old. Speaking of draught meaning to pull, are you watching the Daytona 500 this week? Nascar starts the season with the Grand Final!
  10. Ronnie Dale

    Too many beers to try

    Don't just surrender to the future
  11. Ronnie Dale

    Mashes and Steeping

    It did surprise me. I have no idea what you are talking about but being American, I stand surprised!
  12. Ronnie Dale

    Too many beers to try

    Too many too try? What is there, like 10,000 breweries with an average of 4 beers each? I'll check, hold on a minute. OK 19000 breweries, but lets go with an average of 4?. That's only 72000 beers, long weekend? Let's go with 100,000 beers divided by 20 a day: 5000 days mate, go for it, you can do it!!! Less than 14 years!! It's done!!!
  13. Ronnie Dale

    What are you listening to right now????

    Grace Slick - the radio is on 3aw but my head has Grace Slick
  14. Ronnie Dale

    Old Milwaukee - yes or no?

    If it is draught when they pour it into the growler, why is it not draught when I pour it out? By your definitive definition, if one was to pour a glass of beer from a keg, pour that beer from the glass into another glass, it would no longer be draught. I drive a tractor around in circles for hours, it is boring but racecars are fun to watch.
  15. Ronnie Dale

    Old Milwaukee - yes or no?

    So, if I put my beer in a keg, pull the tap to fill a bottle, cap it, it is no longer draught beer. Anybody pick up on the Cold Chisel reference? No? OK. Just trying to fit into Oz. May need some help here Lusty.