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    BrewBQ (or Brew n Q) - for you Kelsey

    Not after every use, but yes it does need cleaning from time to time. Soot build up takes the shine away as well as heat reflection, use a plastic scraper when soot builds up or maybe a soft scour. Never leave detergent on it, always rinse away any cleaning compounds. If you get a lot of grease and soot build up, just wait for your neighbor to go off for the weekend and clean it in his yard. Or HERS! as the case may be.
  2. Ronnie Dale


    30 minutes west of Asheville, but I've lived in several areas. Haven't watched a football game in over 40 years, Nascar for me, I live in hope that it will someday return to what made it popular to start with.
  3. Ronnie Dale


    I left Merica 17 years ago, 12 pack of Miller and pack of Bugler roll your own cost me $7 Dollars. What part of America did you live in, Norris, that a cheap cigar was 3 Bucks?
  4. Ronnie Dale

    BrewBQ (or Brew n Q) - for you Kelsey

    Search for Amazing Ribs Weber Grill
  5. Ronnie Dale

    Matilda Bay Frothy

    Yea, it gets confusing. ABInBev owns Carlton through SABMiller but the Miller part was sold to MillerCoors which was owned by CoorsMiller. Strange when you look at what ABInBev had to sell off from SABMiller before the regulators would allow the takeover, they basically ended up with CUB and hop farms.
  6. Ronnie Dale

    BrewBQ (or Brew n Q) - for you Kelsey

    For those who do not know. Be careful following some recipes from "The Internets", Australian spooning is slightly different. as much as 40%.
  7. Ronnie Dale

    Brewing a Stout with Chocolate Bars

    Use the bacon injector to fill the Mars bar with beer?