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  1. MTB

    Kettle Soured Pale

    It's possible that 3 days on the lacto isn't actually necessary. Milk The Funk states that peak sugar consumption is achieved at 48hrs but also that "No more than 0.5-1°P worth of sugar is consumed by Lactobacillus" http://www.milkthefunk.com/wiki/Lactobacillus#Sugar_Utilization It would stand to reason that when designing a recipe for such a sour you should aim to overshoot OG by four points. These four points are to be consumed by the lacto. Following that, the remaining fermentables are for your ale yeast.
  2. MTB

    Kettle Soured Pale

    ..as for taking pH measurements, I have a pH meter and will likely take measurements next time I do this sour, but lacto souring process on 3 days @ 30-40C is my rule of thumb and it has not failed me yet.
  3. MTB

    Kettle Soured Pale

    For me it's simply 50/50 Pilsner malt & wheat malt. Mash at 66C for 60min. Standard mash out, nothing special there. Transfer to your boil kettle (or lift out the grain if you're doing BIAB, just follow your standard ale/lager method). Boil for 15min, chill to 40C, pitch 1 capsule of Essential Nutrients IBS Support per 20L of wort. Cover the kettle opening with glad wrap and sit the lid on top to form a proper seal. Maintain @ 40C or at least over 30C. 3 days (72hrs) later, re-boil to kill the lacto bugs and add a small handful of hops, to no more than 5IBU. This boil should be 45min in length, meaning the full boil length of the recipe was 60min (15min to kill lacto, 45min to do hop additions / encourage evaporation). Chill to normal ale fermentation temp and ferment as you would a normal ale. Pitch whatever ale yeast you desire, ensure it's a big pitch since the lower pH may inhibit yeast activity. My watermelon sour contained 2.5L of strained watermelon flesh puree and I swear to you it was feggin' magical.
  4. MTB

    Kettle Soured Pale

    For the low cost of lactobacillus plantarum nowadays (Essential Nutrients IBS Support Capsules from your local chemist) I don't see why you'd bother risking it with uncrushed grains. You at least know what you're getting with IBS pills - pure lacto plantarum.
  5. MTB

    Kettle Soured Pale

    Yup - https://aussiecraftbrewing.com.au/thread/859/wiki-kettle-souring-urn The Watermelon Sour I made using this method has blown away every drinker, whether it be the ladies, my friends, fellow brewers, even my grandmother.