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  1. Gus96

    Head retention

    I am surprised no one mentioned "Your Glass" . In my experience a poorly cleaned glass with kill the head quicker than you think.
  2. Gus96

    Lamp for temp control

    Last winter I just dangled my 20 year old heat belt in the freezer (plugged into the Inkbird) and it was fine, no sign of melting. Once up to temp it doesn't take much to keep it there.
  3. Gus96

    Flat Beer

    I have had similar expeariances with Morgans Kits, back in the 90's and two years ago when i started brewing again. So much so i vowed never to use them again. Some flat, some no head retention. i would leave the bottles in the fridge for a min 3 days before opening them (after 1 month maturing at ambient) it helped but never turned out anywhere as good as Coopers Kits. i could never work out why they were crap as i did everthing the same as Coopers.
  4. Gus96

    Quick Question cold crashing Lagers

    I had this happen to a couple of batches when I used to bottle out the back under the patio, I worked out that the temp of the bottles was a lot hotter than the Beer going in causing the foaming. I moved my bottling into my brew room it's never happened again.
  5. Gus96

    It's Kegging Time 2019

    Kegged my Twocan Mexican Cerveza with Sazz today, and just in time as one beer later my Session Ale keg blew. Joined the dead Oktoberfest from two days ago, Leaves me with only a Kolsh on tap.
  6. Gus96

    PET bottle lifespan

    they will hold a single beer for 18 months before letting oxygen in, I think
  7. Gus96

    Pitch temp for w34/70 ?

    I have made the Oktoberfest quiet a few times and done it with dry and hydrated W34/70 with no problems (currently have a keg on tap atm), pitching between 22 and 18 then dropping it down to ferment temp. It's one of my favourite brews.
  8. Gus96

    Coopers Mexican Cerveza

    Thanks for the reply, I had a window of opportunity today so I went for the two cans plus .5kg of brewing sugar with some Sazz. I couldn't help myself and had to add something to the cans LOL . OG was 1050, After looking at my stash of hops I didn't have what I thought I had so I just went for it, Not to worry though I still have 4 cans left and will get some more hops next trip to the LHBS. It was a cheap brew as I only paid $6.20 per can, $2.80 for the brewing sugar and used 3x kit yeasts. the Sazz was left over from a Pils. cheers
  9. Gus96

    Newbie to brewing questions and advice :)

    ^ Bad choice of words, should have said "Because you have temp control"
  10. Gus96

    Coopers Mexican Cerveza

    So how did this go? I was thinking of putting something similar down tomorrow with a bit less ABV, maybe around 5%
  11. Gus96

    Newbie to brewing questions and advice :)

    If you have temp control (Inkbird) I would use the W34/70 @ 12C it will be a better outcome. It will take a little longer to ferment out but will be better than the Lager kit yeast IMHO
  12. Gus96

    Carbonation Drop Quantity

    You can get three scoop versions of those for 375ml, 500ml and 750ml bottles from good LHBS
  13. Gus96

    It's Kegging Time 2019

    seems my prediction was right, the first keg has blown (8days). Half a glass tonight and splutter splutter so I swapped over to the Oktoberfest keg, looks like I may have to adjust my brewing schedules.
  14. Gus96

    It's Kegging Time 2019

    Kegged my Session ale yesterday and a Helga's Kolsh today. As the kegerator only holds three kegs i have naturally carbed the Kolsh till i empty my first keg of Golden Crown Lager which i tapped yesterday after letting it sit since Xmas eve. Being my first go at this i was pleasantly supprised how well it poured straight off the bat. I need to get a chalk board or similar to keep tally on how many i knock back in a session, playing around with the serving pressure to get what i was happy with i consummed a few more than i expected and i can't see this keg lasting too long.
  15. Gus96


    Just to clarify my post above, I was not suggesting to use W34/70 @ 18 degrees but Nottingham in place of my Lager recipe which I do @ 12 degrees.