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  1. Never too late when ya think about mmmm 10 days fermented, 2 , 3 weeks to carbonate, about a month for Malt goodness then gets better my current Stout is 148 days young and is superb .
  2. Spudley

    My first AG brew

    Good luck with the first ag brew , give yourself plenty of time , Recipe looks tasty, iBU is fairly high by the looks , if the design is to your taste then all good
  3. Spudley

    It's Kegging Time 2019

    To precious to spill a drop
  4. Spudley

    All Things Salumi

    Update on the Salami, 4 weeks young now and coming along nicely, bit like beer really, not gunna wait 6 weeks, just can’t wait
  5. Spudley

    It's Kegging Time 2019

    10 days fermented for me Red Rattler, bloody good in the bottle so this lot going in the keg
  6. Spudley

    What's in your BBQ 2019?

    No bbq just another Camp Oven Roast Chooken 103ABFD2-4DB3-4CFD-9214-B1ADBA61C709.MOV
  7. Spudley

    Should I be worried?

    Mr Butterknife in your hast the unfortunate happened , if in doubt with said brew , ferment , bottle, wait three weeks and give em to me .
  8. Spudley

    First brew questions & where to next?

    5.1 on the numbers quoted
  9. Spudley

    First brew questions & where to next?

    Same 3 weeks minimum
  10. Bit of a throw together Lager, some Pilsner grain & Crystal Malt grain in a little steep (leftovers) gotta do something with em hey , oh and some hops DR Ruddi tea , not too bad , think needs to be put in the shed for a month or two
  11. Spudley

    Time to Start Milling My Own Grain

    If I was to cycle up to my not so LHBS it’ll take me 3 Months
  12. Spudley

    Show us yer Bar

    Asked the Son , identity direct was the place ,all sorts of personal stuff
  13. First pour Scottish Export Ale mmmm must say very Morrish, don’t think this will last long , note to self , keep the Son away
  14. Spudley

    fermenting times

    Hahaha BB dunno wot u just said but impressive