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  1. Dry Irish Stout out of the little 5 ltr Keg , cause I can’t wait the rest has been put away in glass bottles to age a bit
  2. Harvest Pale Ale , moorish and very sessionable
  3. Hi Lusty, takes about 2 to 3 hours mate , don’t want the coals too hot , roughly an hour per kilo of meat , sorry this the only after pic I got
  4. Another camp oven Roast Lamb for the mob on the weekend 08614B9B-4BCF-487E-A7FF-86EBA63B8F49.MOV
  5. Mexican Passionfruit Cerveza , the keg has long gone , This is 76 days young and a 1 of , basically what’s left in the FV after filling the keg and put away to see how it develops, winning brew , if only I can't be so impatient to help brews to mature
  6. Ben the fat to meat ratio looks spot on, id say nailed it.
  7. Kegged the Zombie Dust tonight, the aroma coming from the Beer was awesome , Tiz in the fridge now cooling down for a couple days then ill force carb ready for that Citra hit. Cheers Spud
  8. Matso a must when there , couldn’t rangle a tour while there , paddle sample was great, really liked there Ginger Beer , Enjoy your trip and be safe
  9. Well that was worth a laugh
  10. Nothing else tastes like home cured bacon, Looks superb
  11. Have one and use it a lot , camp oven cooking, checking camp trailer bearings when travelling, kitchen oven , found a huge difference between what’s on the dial and what it actually is temp wise
  12. Keeping the tradition alive and well, fantastic
  13. Last lot last year , it was a bit warmer than Winter but not overly so ,in the old shower, being tiled all around keeps nice and cool , October the very latest in my area really depends on what the weather is doing
  14. You know its the season when you go to the place where you get all the ingredients from in my case its Master Butchers and they have a hole area set aside for home made the Salami.
  15. Yup There a lot of families around my area that do the same thing
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