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  1. Yep I always leave for a minimum of 21 days at least
  2. Canadian Maple Bacon smoked this beauty this arvo after work, 13 days in the dry cure be slicing tomorrow after work
  3. Starting to Bloom there Ben, coming along nicely
  4. Yep , you know how it is, to bloody impatient to wait , just gotta have a taste. I'm my worst enemy
  5. Taste test of the Czech Pilsner all of 16 days young from Keg , coming along nicely, floral notes from the Sazz is certainly there once it mellows ages I reckon it’ll be great
  6. 17 , Czech Pils , Cervesa , Dead Pony Club, Sierra Pale Ale , Irish Dry Stout , Harvest pale Ale , Zombie Dust, Red Rattler , Scottish Export Ale , Coops Lager Partial ,Sierra Nevada, Citra Blonde Ale , Little Creatures Clone , Irish Red Ale , Mexican Cervesa , Stout, Red Rattler Ale. 12 all grain , 5 malt extract kits. Bit scary when ya do the math 32lts a month , but it all not me , two billy lids helping out at times
  7. Just put my spin of Brew Dogs Punk IPA into the FV, I had run out of S05 so piched some Morgans Americal Ale Yeast I had on hand , brew day went with out to much dramas, usually run the wort through immersion chiller in an ice bath in a esky but this time through it in a cube then put it into chest freezer on temp controlled to 22 degrees , was cooled enough to pich in the afternoon and is now happily sitting at a constant 18 degrees and has a nice krusen happening. Throw some dry hops at it on day 5 or 6 Simcoe, Amarillo, Cascade, Galaxy combo , hoping it tastes as good as it smells
  8. Not Beer but it’s New Year’s Eve, at the young fellas sharing a nip with a gentleman, Happy New Year All
  9. Yep cause I'm a Scrooge I run two party taps
  10. No mate too bloody impatient , does Lagering for two weeks count
  11. Kegged my Czech Pilsner this morning, been at 2 degrees for 3 days straight into a chilled Keg ,19 lts plus 8 stubbies, will force carb later this evening I recon, oh I bought myself a small freezer for Xmas, Temp control taken care of from now on
  12. Got a Glaze on for Xmas as well Breakfast Marmalade, Brown Suger , Maple Syrup , Dijon Mustard, Lubly
  13. Stout all of 340 days young good night all
  14. Smoked the Maple cured Pork Loin bacon this morning, slice it up once it’s cooled then vacuum pack
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