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  1. Dr. Hackenbushel

    LDM vs LME

    Haha oops
  2. Dr. Hackenbushel

    LDM vs LME

    Check your math. LME = DME x 0.8 1.5 = 1.5 x 0.8 = 1.25
  3. Dr. Hackenbushel

    LDM vs LME

    Not entirely interchangeable. LME has a higher percentage of water compared to DME. I forget how much exactly but LME = DME x 0.8 or something like that
  4. Dr. Hackenbushel

    brew enhancer 3

    Guys, leave the poor guy alone. Judging by the execution of the written word he's obviously on his last 2 neurons connected by a rusty spirochete.
  5. Dr. Hackenbushel

    flavour improvement

    C'mon do it.. You will be very happy with the results. A little grain steep and a short hop boil really takes your kit and kilo to the next level.
  6. Dr. Hackenbushel

    Bottle wash question

    I wash mine with dish soap after I pour, rinse like hell then leave to dry. Then they get another rinse before sanitising
  7. Dr. Hackenbushel

    flavour improvement

    It's pretty easy to add flavor. If you can make tea and boil pasta you can steep grains and boil hops. It really doesn't take long either.
  8. Dr. Hackenbushel

    Wheat Beer Failure

    How did it taste when bottling? Curious to know. I did "the hoff" from the site and just had my first bottle. Smells like bananas but tastes super refreshing and tart. Pretty happy with it
  9. Dr. Hackenbushel

    Mr beer kit

  10. Dr. Hackenbushel

    Mr beer kit

    Where in Adelaide?
  11. Dr. Hackenbushel


    Glad to hear you enjoyed it. A bit of hops and grain really bring kit beers alive. Try and control the temp with any method you can. If you can't there are some yeast which can ferment at higher temperature, saison for example
  12. Dr. Hackenbushel


    I know gelatin wont hurt the yeast if you harvest straight up
  13. Dr. Hackenbushel

    Summer Brewing

    Interesting claim though, you'd think they would have some data to back it up. Notty's max ideal temp is 20 degrees. I don't think you'd do to much harm going a couple of degrees higher. You would be brave to go anywhere near 28 degrees with most ale yeast though
  14. Dr. Hackenbushel


    I use gelatin Keeps the bloody vegans away from my beer
  15. Dr. Hackenbushel

    Summer Brewing

    Fermentis claim us 05 will ferment drinkable beer up to 28 degrees https://fermentis.com/en/fermentation-solutions/you-create-beer/safale-us-05/ Never done so but...