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  1. #granted+brew


    Enjoying the last few tallies of what I dubbed the 'Hop sesh IPA' 1× T.Coopers Brew A ipa 1kg LME 200g Dextrose made to 23 Litres 180mls slurry (kit yeast) from previous IPA. Brewed at 18°C Dry hop commando on day 4, 30g Galaxy, 10g each Mosaic and Cascade. 45 days in the bottle now and the hops have faded off significantly but it's still a good drop. I don't think I'll be commando hopping again in a hurry, I think I prefer containing them.. Cheers, Lee
  2. #granted+brew

    Brew A IPA

    Hi @Carlito, Is this particular can of Brew A IPA that you brewed the same one you posted about in April last year? If so it might be likely that the kit yeast you used was not in the best health. I put my yeast into my fridge as soon as I can. Lately I've been using two packs of yeast (rehydrated) in most batches I do, or saved slurry when I can I've brewed this particular can of Brew 3 times now, with various different LDM/LME amounts, hop boils/steeps and dry hops and had nothing but great beer. Clear with a lasting creamy off white/brown head. Fruity AF you can smell them a few feet away... and best drunken before the dry hop fades around 40- 50 days in my brewery anyway...they tend to go a bit dry after the dry hop goes. I'm going to try one just using boil additions in wort and no dry hop next batch and see how that ages. Cheers.
  3. #granted+brew

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    A quick S.G. check of my 'frozen' pilsner revealed that it has dropped from 1.055 down to 1.025 at day 5. I have adjusted my temp control from 10°C to 18°C for the diacetyl rest. I'll let it rise up by itself, with the warmer temperature in my brew shed ATM I would expect it will be 18°C by tomorrow night or Monday morning. When I begin the ramp down back to 10°C I'll be using Kelsey's schedule of gradually stepping the temp. down over a few days. Had a little taste of the sample tonight and there is no sign of any bad or off flavours. So far so good.... Cheers, Lee
  4. #granted+brew

    YEAST Questions 2019

    Hi All, quick update on the frozen yeast cake I had. I ended up using the slurry in a batch of Pilsner, I ended up pitching 360mls (over half the yeast cake) into 21 litres of wort O.G of 1.055 at 12°C. Brewing at 10°C now 72 hours in and krausen has settled out to about an inch and a half thick. Slight skim of foam at 24 hours, then reaching 3 inches at 48 hours. I'll check the S.G on Saturday night and make sure all is well. In previous lager batches I've overpitched I've found they have been down to between 1.020 - 1.014 by day six. So far so good... Just hoping I don't get too many weird flavours from my poor yeast handling Cheers, Lee
  5. #granted+brew

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    I put down my latest Czech Pilsner last night, weighed out more LDM than I was anticipating but decided to roll with it. 1.7kg T.Coopers 86 Days Pilsner 1.8kg LDM 500mls Hop tea 37.5g Saaz steep 15 minutes Mixed to 21 Litres Decided to pitch my "frozen" yeast slurry and see what happens.... I used 360mls, so it should be a overpitch. I've got backup yeast if required but at 24hrs post pitch I'm seeing fermentation beginning with a white skim of bubbles forming. I am pretty confident I'll have beer.. But whether it ferments out or not was a question that would have bothered me forever, hence the reason I decided to use the frozen yeast.... Cheers All
  6. #granted+brew

    Toucan stout vs Coopers Commercial Stout

    You should be o.k with the collar on, it may depend on what yeast your using. I found the reactivated CCA yeast to be a beast in my first stout, compared to the two packs of kit yeast in my second attempt. There is a couple photos of my last stout's krausen in the 'what's in your fermenter 2018' thread, late December so would be on the last page or so? Cheers
  7. #granted+brew

    Toucan stout vs Coopers Commercial Stout

    Thanks mate, luckily I have a krausen collar I can use and remove prior to topping up. Although I don't think I used it last time I brewed that recipe?? Will do it for sure next time round. Cheers, Lee
  8. #granted+brew

    YEAST Questions 2019

    Took a leaf out of @Titan 's book and began this thread, will kick it off with my current situation. I bottled a lager on Thursday and have left the yeast cake in my F.V intending on saving it for my next batch tomorrow (Monday). Unfortunately while cold crashing my Ale I've got going, I've managed to freeze my slurry. Like rock hard freeze... I've defrosted it since and transferred to a jar, now it is back to 4°C. My questions are will it still be viable? Will I need to pitch more slurry than I normally would*? Would i need to build it back up with a starter? Or should I donate it to the compost bin??? The strain was w-34/70 and also the kit yeast from the 86days pilsner can. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Lee * I was planning on pitching 240-300mls on a 1.045 wort.
  9. #granted+brew


    I've had ants in my brew shed for the first time the last few days. Turns out I left an empty packet of carbonation drops on the table after bottling on Thursday. Cheeky little buggers have been coming in looking for the dregs in the bottom of the packet. Its the first sign of any insects in six months of brewing in this shed. I barrier spray normally every three months. Cheers, Lee
  10. #granted+brew

    Toucan stout vs Coopers Commercial Stout

    I've done it twice, both times to 23 litres. First time i had krausen spilling out of my F.V. everywhere. Second time I filled to 18 litres, once the explosive krausen had dropped I gently topped up the remaining 5 litres (boiled/chilled) water. I don't know about subbing the cans out, would still be good. Cheers, Lee
  11. #granted+brew

    OK, What's The Plan For Tomorrow?

    Yeah, hate the inspections... Still a few years away from buying a place of our own.. Pilsner tasted really good Very happy so far, great clarity and colour. The bitterness is great and noticeably more than the last I brewed, so I'm very happy. I'm not touching these beers until after two months lagering. Will post the results on the 'RDWHAHB' thread. Cheers, Lee
  12. #granted+brew

    OK, What's The Plan For Tomorrow?

    Hopefully bottle my Pilsner tomorrow night if I get a chance. SWMBO has flown over the ditch for a funeral for the week leaving me at home to be a 'working Dad'. Time poor, and to top it off we have a real estate inspection on Monday so I'm busy getting the house and yard tidy.. Lucky I have a great employer who is letting me work school hours this week BTW, good luck with the brew Lusty Cheers, Lee
  13. #granted+brew

    First Attempt - Dark Ale tastes like Vegemite.

    Hi @dtadams91, Welcome to the forum, I haven't brewed that kit yet so no input on how it should be tasting. Most brewers on the forum here will wait longer than 7 days before thinking about bottling. It's probably finished up by day 7 but we like to let the yeast clean up after themselves. 2 days with the same gravity on your hydrometer is the general rule. I've never bottled an ale before 12-14 days but normally that includes a cold crash for 4-5 days. So maybe bottling on or after day 9 would be desirable. Your higher pitching temp. may influence the final outcome especially if the brew didn't get down to the 20-23°C within a day. Yeasts throw some funky flavours and smells under certain conditions/temps. One of the hardest things as a new brewer is learning patience. Your beers will improve as you learn better practices and techniques. Good luck with the brew Cheers, Lee
  14. #granted+brew


    Its 12 o'clock somewhere.. My second attempt at an IPA, tasting very nice. 29 days in the bottle and very drinkable at 6.25%. Recipe is in the brew day thread. I'll have to put another couple of these batches down again soon, might try a different yeast or perhaps try the CCA yeast again like in my first attempt. Cheers, Lee
  15. #granted+brew

    Anyone Else Growing Hops This Year?

    I have no experience with hop plants but do with a few close species.... I always feed with sulphate of potash come flowering time once a month on a full moon and two weeks later a dose of molasses (2 table spoons to 4 litres water) on the new moon. Then again the potash on the next full moon and so forth. You will get increased yeild and weight of flowers. Sugar cane mulch will give a slow release of the molasses too but only apply once the flowers appear. Before flowering I usually just apply a few handfuls of compost to the base of the plant and gently work it in to the first inch of topsoil once a month always on a full moon. Works for me Cheers, Lee