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  1. #granted+brew

    Fail Thread (Mistakes You've Made) 2019

    Was all set to bottle my real ale batch last week when my bottling tree took a tumble and all 30 glass coopers tallies fell. Luckily onto a couch, only one broke. After a quick inspection and sanitise, I bottled away. I had two empties left on the bottling tree that stayed there until the next night when I bottled a toucan stout. I'm beginning to wonder if I've put hairline cracks in some of the bottles as I've just had my first ever bottle bomb. Not really a bomb just the whole bottom 2 or 3 mm of the bottle has sheared off clean, no glass fragments anywhere, stout all over the floor It was one of the toucan stouts I had put 2 carb drops in for young drinking, only been in the bottles for 5 days but the crown seals are already bulging. I just hope the real ale batch doesn't all blow, Also i was ready (or so i thought) to do a double brew night the other night when I realised I'd only bought enough hops for one batch.....doh... Cheers, Lee
  2. #granted+brew


    Hi @Bearded Burbler, This was my first time using the APA kit so can't compare it to using with any other ingredients. I'd be inclined to use LDM next time as this one is quite dry. It's finished gravity was 1.002 My main goal was a cheap beer for summer to drink while my next two or three batches age. I also did a real ale kit with a kilo of raw sugar to 21 litres after this batch and the sample i drew at bottling time was very tasty in comparison. Lee.
  3. #granted+brew


    Coopers Pale Ale tin and kilo of raw sugar, one and a half kit yeast made to 21 litres. Fermented at 18°C for 12 days, no cold crash. 20 days in glass now and it's not a bad beer. Also a cheap fridge filler for these hot Adelaide days. Cheers, Lee
  4. #granted+brew

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    Hi all, Brew night here, my second go at an IPA. The last one was great so I'm looking forward to this one. 3 litre boil with 300g LME 20g Cascade at 10 minutes 30g Cascade at F/O 30g Galaxy at F/O 1.7kg T.Coopers Brew A IPA kit 1.7kg LME 200g Dextrose Mixed to 21 litres (filtered water) 2 pkts kit yeast rehydrated, pitched at 20°C. On its way down to 18°C now O.G 1.055 Dry hop to follow around day 4 30g Galaxy 30g Mosaic Cheers, Lee
  5. #granted+brew

    2018 Brewing Stats

    Happy New Year everyone! I started my homebrew journey in late March '18 and managed to brew 19 batches, all 21-25 litre. All kits and bits, my favourite two would have to be the 'session hop slam ipa' which was just a Thomas coopers brew A ipa tin, 1.5kg LDM and a boil and dry hop of cascade, galaxy and mosaic and CCA yeast. My other favourite is the toucan stout with the reactivated CCA yeast. Toasted in the New Year with one at 92days in the bottle. Very nice... only have one longneck left of it now. But have another 23litres in my F.V to be bottled soon Best wishes to all for the new year and happy brewing. Cheers, Lee
  6. #granted+brew

    What's in Your Fermenter? 2018

    Hi All, Seasons Greetings. I've got 2 batches on at the moment, after bottling 42 litres of pale ale on Friday I put down a Toucan Stout and an Ale on Saturday. Made the Ale a simple one, 1.7kg Coopers Ale kit, 1 kg raw sugar, kit yeast mixed to 21 litres, just a cheap summer guzzler... Toucan was a 1.7kg Coopers Stout, 1.7kg Coopers Dark Ale, 1 kg Raw Sugar, 2 packs kit yeast, mixed to 18 litres ( will top up to 23 litres once krausen backs off!! ) Couldn't fit krausen collar on in my fridge so fingers crossed it doesn't get much bigger..... 24 hours post pitch. 36 hrs post pitch.... Cheers, Lee
  7. #granted+brew

    Brew No4. What to do...?

    I just used boiled water not wort, turned off the flame and let cool off for a few minutes then chucked in the Saaz. But just like the Good Captain Kirk said, 80°C for 15 mins. I then strained and sparged. I don't have a digital thermometer yet so its all guess work ATM. Cheers, Lee
  8. #granted+brew

    What's in Your Fermenter? 2018

    Yeah, pretty much. I'm not driving but I think the plan is to get on the beach at Dog Fence and get as far up as we can before entering the Aboriginal Lands where a 'No Alcohol' ban is enforced, and cos I'm a cheap skate and don't want to get the required permits to enter. Hopefully there are some big fish around that area this time.. Last trip over there was a fail in that respect. Cheers, Lee
  9. #granted+brew

    Brew No4. What to do...?

    Hi @Lab Rat I just finished off the last of my T.C. Pilsner. I tweaked my version to my tastes a bit, by lowering the ABV by adding less LDM. Then upped the hop steep to 25g of Saaz pellets (not tea bag). Strained off and sparged with a cup of 80°C water. Kit yeast and a 12g w-34/70 rehydrated. 21 litres. The brew was o.k after a couple weeks but after a month or more of lagering it began to shine. I drank my last one a touch over 60 days old (45+ days at lagering temps) and it was great! I can't wait to do it again. Next time I'll boost the abv and probably do a short boil rather than a steep. Give yours some lagering time and it may be a winner yet. Cheers, Lee
  10. #granted+brew

    RDWHAHB - What Are You Drinking in 2018?

    I'm enjoying my Hop Slam IPA after 26 days in the bottle. 3 litre boil with 300g LDM 15g Cascade @ 10 mins 25g Cascade @ f/o 25g Galaxy @ f/o 1.7kg T.C IPA can 1.2kg LDM To 23 litres pitched with 240mls CCA slurry Dry Hop 25g Galaxy and 20g Mosaic A.B.V 5.2% Very happy! Cheers, Lee
  11. #granted+brew

    What's in Your Fermenter? 2018

    Bottling night for my experimental lagers. Both 23 litre, 10°C & 18°C ferments with saflager w-34/70. 21 days in they both finished at 1.012 and going by my last taste 7 days ago the higher end temp. still tastes better to me. Half of each going in P.E.T other half in glass Coopers 750ml. Last brew's for a few weeks as I'm off on a fishing trip over to the far west coast of S.A. If I'm lucky enough I'll post a photo of these brews side by side "green as..." next to the golden flanks of a 80lbs Mulloway "Jewie" on one of the remotest stretches of beach in the state. ? Cheers, Lee
  12. #granted+brew

    a good day for the brew rookie

    I've had a good week in my brewing journey. I'm starting to get a bit of stock up now and have been able to have 5 different beers of my own over the last 5 days. My last Czech Pils on Saturday, a few of my fresh Draught on Sunday, then my mosaic amber ale on Monday. Sampled my first hop slam IPA on Tuesday and yesterday I had a sneaky longneck of my toucan stout at 17 days in glass. Super happy with the IPA and OMG the stout is awesome! It was one of the few i did with 2 carb drops and I've stashed most of the rest away for a long rest ? Loving it! Cheers, Lee
  13. #granted+brew

    Just started my first home brew kit

    Hi Rob, As @Titan said, a rinse off is fine for first use. But be wary not to use hot water while washing P.E.T . It will warp your bottles and will severely weaken them. I use warm water only with mine. ? Cheers, Lee
  14. #granted+brew

    No krausen - Thomas Coopers Pilsner

    What are these 'larger' beers people talk about ??
  15. #granted+brew

    What's in Your Fermenter? 2018

    Checked on my experimental Lagers tonight, both have been sitting up at 20°C for their D rest for 3 or 4 days . Both batches look as though they have both finished off at 1.012 Found another 20g of Cascade in the freezer so ended up dry hopping each with 40g in a zip tied chux cloth. I'll let the temp free fall back down to 18°C now for the last 3 days until I remove the dry hop. Then I'll check for a final gravity before cold crashing for a week. Tasted the samples and I'll have to say the 18°C ferment tastes better than the 10°C at this point. Cheers, Lee