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  1. Well its been a month since I bottled my first attempt at a recipe of my own design. Wasn't really sure what I'd created at first. I had a sneaky sample after 6 days and it tasted way too much like fizzy fruit cup cordial with very slight bitterness. Then I tried a few more at two weeks and was pleasantly surprised at how the malt was starting to shine through. Now at one month its going down nicely indeed. Not bitter enough for my own tastes but I'll definitely be trying it again with a different hop schedule. Full recipe and process was in the 'what's in your fermenter' thread, but it was just 1.5kg Coopers LDM, 1.5kgCoopers LME, 250g light crystal, 40g Cascade (boil) 50g Vic. Secret (steep) made to 23 litres, 2 sachets Coopers O.S. kit yeast rehydrated. 50g dry hop Vic. Secret. Viccas Ale... Cheers , Lee
  2. Hi @Bearded Burbler, This is my third go at the Toucan Stout and the second time I've used raw sugar. First time I used Dextrose. I think a sugar addition helps balance out all the malt from the two cans of extract as well as drying it out at bit and obviously adds extra ABV. One of the best beers I've made to date was my first toucan stout batch. Kilo of Dex, 23 litres and it was fermented with reactivated CCA yeast at 18°C then ramped up to 20°C to finish off. Bloody beautiful...will do it again very soon. Cheers, Lee
  3. Last night I put down a double batch of Toucan Stout. 2× O.S. Stout 2× O.S Dark Ale 2 kg Raw sugar 36 litres water Split into two F.V's Pitched 200mls slurry from previous ale batch in each. Pitched at 20°C and set controller at 18°C. Will top up each F.V. with 5 litres boiled (chilled) water once the krausen backs off. Only been 10 hours since pitching and the krausen is hitting the top of the F.V's already, its gonna get messy.... Cheers, Lee
  4. Hi mark, I've only done a few hop teas and have always been 500mls boiled water add hops and steep for 15 mins. Then strain and squeeze and into the fermenter. I recently read some advice that Lusty had offered, that suggests to make the tea from boiled wort rather than plain water. I will be doing this next time I need a hop tea Cheers
  5. Ive only done this in one brew so far. From what I've read on here. All the info is hidden away you just have to search.. My method is probably way off but I'm sure you'll get some sound advice if my way is wrong... Crack your grains 1 litre of water to 250g crystal Steep at 68°C for half hour* Strain (sparge or squeeze optional) Then boil for 15 mins. If doing a hop boil or steep too, once grain has been strained Top up with another 3 litres water Add 250g LDM or LME aiming for wort s.g of around 1.040 for boil. Boil and add hops at required intervals. Cheers, Lee *grains can be cold steeped overnight also, then strained and boiled.
  6. To celebrate my first year of brewing kits and bits I decided to have a try at my own recipe. 1.5kg coopers LME 1.6kg coopers LDM 250g light crystal 40g Cascade FWH 15mins 50g Vic. Secret 15min steep under 80°C 2 sachets coopers Ale yeast rehydrated. Made to 23 litres Pitched and ferment at 18°C Dry hop to follow on day 4, 50g Vic. secret. O.G 1.045 Put this brew down on Saturday and dry hopped last night. Tasting pretty good although I would have preferred it to be a bit more bitter. I don't have any brewing software so it was a stab in the dark really. Cheers, Lee
  7. Enjoyed sampling one of my pilsners this arvo, its been lagering for almost a month now. Tasting great and I'm really happy with it so far. Cheers, Lee
  8. I've only commandoed my hops once, in my last batch of ipa. I was not overly impressed.. No blockages like the captain had, but tasting some grassy notes I've never experienced to date which I'm not too keen on. Not sure if it was the hop types i used that dont like the extra time in the f.v. Contact time was 9 days total, 3 at ferment temps and 6 days at cold crash. Hops used were Mosaic, Galaxy and Cascade and only a small amount 50g combined total weight. Before that I'd only ever used the chux cloth method for containing them and always use the tried and tested ' @Beerlust' squeeze upon removing and then another dip and squeeze. I use a powder free food handling glove with a spray of sanitiser on it. Cheers, Lee
  9. Enjoying the last few tallies of what I dubbed the 'Hop sesh IPA' 1× T.Coopers Brew A ipa 1kg LME 200g Dextrose made to 23 Litres 180mls slurry (kit yeast) from previous IPA. Brewed at 18°C Dry hop commando on day 4, 30g Galaxy, 10g each Mosaic and Cascade. 45 days in the bottle now and the hops have faded off significantly but it's still a good drop. I don't think I'll be commando hopping again in a hurry, I think I prefer containing them.. Cheers, Lee
  10. Hi @Carlito, Is this particular can of Brew A IPA that you brewed the same one you posted about in April last year? If so it might be likely that the kit yeast you used was not in the best health. I put my yeast into my fridge as soon as I can. Lately I've been using two packs of yeast (rehydrated) in most batches I do, or saved slurry when I can I've brewed this particular can of Brew 3 times now, with various different LDM/LME amounts, hop boils/steeps and dry hops and had nothing but great beer. Clear with a lasting creamy off white/brown head. Fruity AF you can smell them a few feet away... and best drunken before the dry hop fades around 40- 50 days in my brewery anyway...they tend to go a bit dry after the dry hop goes. I'm going to try one just using boil additions in wort and no dry hop next batch and see how that ages. Cheers.
  11. A quick S.G. check of my 'frozen' pilsner revealed that it has dropped from 1.055 down to 1.025 at day 5. I have adjusted my temp control from 10°C to 18°C for the diacetyl rest. I'll let it rise up by itself, with the warmer temperature in my brew shed ATM I would expect it will be 18°C by tomorrow night or Monday morning. When I begin the ramp down back to 10°C I'll be using Kelsey's schedule of gradually stepping the temp. down over a few days. Had a little taste of the sample tonight and there is no sign of any bad or off flavours. So far so good.... Cheers, Lee
  12. Hi All, quick update on the frozen yeast cake I had. I ended up using the slurry in a batch of Pilsner, I ended up pitching 360mls (over half the yeast cake) into 21 litres of wort O.G of 1.055 at 12°C. Brewing at 10°C now 72 hours in and krausen has settled out to about an inch and a half thick. Slight skim of foam at 24 hours, then reaching 3 inches at 48 hours. I'll check the S.G on Saturday night and make sure all is well. In previous lager batches I've overpitched I've found they have been down to between 1.020 - 1.014 by day six. So far so good... Just hoping I don't get too many weird flavours from my poor yeast handling Cheers, Lee
  13. I put down my latest Czech Pilsner last night, weighed out more LDM than I was anticipating but decided to roll with it. 1.7kg T.Coopers 86 Days Pilsner 1.8kg LDM 500mls Hop tea 37.5g Saaz steep 15 minutes Mixed to 21 Litres Decided to pitch my "frozen" yeast slurry and see what happens.... I used 360mls, so it should be a overpitch. I've got backup yeast if required but at 24hrs post pitch I'm seeing fermentation beginning with a white skim of bubbles forming. I am pretty confident I'll have beer.. But whether it ferments out or not was a question that would have bothered me forever, hence the reason I decided to use the frozen yeast.... Cheers All
  14. You should be o.k with the collar on, it may depend on what yeast your using. I found the reactivated CCA yeast to be a beast in my first stout, compared to the two packs of kit yeast in my second attempt. There is a couple photos of my last stout's krausen in the 'what's in your fermenter 2018' thread, late December so would be on the last page or so? Cheers
  15. Thanks mate, luckily I have a krausen collar I can use and remove prior to topping up. Although I don't think I used it last time I brewed that recipe?? Will do it for sure next time round. Cheers, Lee
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