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  1. Carlito

    Brew A IPA

    When I made that batch, I left it an extra week in the primary. It cleared a bit. How long did you leave yours in the primary?
  2. Carlito

    Brew A IPA

    Hi! Does anybody have experience making Brew A IPA. I made the first batch following directions on the can. It calls for 1.5 KG of Light Dry Malt (3 Boxes). In the primary it was VERY cloudy after 1 week so we went 2 weeks. Still a little cloudy at bottling time. End result is a clear amber, nice tasting IPA. However I have a lot of loose sediment in the bottom. Anyone have info that might help with the next batch?
  3. Newby question here. I have a can of Brew A IPA. I was going to try to follow the directions exactly, however I could not get my hands on 1.5 Kg light dry malt. So I managed to get hold of 3 litres of a medium LME. The guy at the U Brew thought that would be about the right amount. Then as I was leaving he hollered that that I need to boil the LME. At the time I nodded and left. Now I realize that I have never done this before and not sure how it is done. Could anybody offer a step by step instruction? I have searched both this site and google, some suggest long boil some short boil ????? What ever I do it has to happen on the kitchen stove. Do I boil then add the Brewing extract? Signed, confused ????