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  1. @Classic Brewing Co I think the thing is I know I love a drink. There is just something about having a cold beer and chilling in the arvo or a good bottle of wine and matching food but I can control it. I know I can stop drinking when I want to I also know how to moderate. There are many who don't know how to do that.
  2. Yep, I have much the same philosophy. I have had stages in my life where I have been a heavy drinker and eaten crap food but in general terms for the majority of my adult life I have always been active, healthy eater and a gym junky who drank only on weekends. There was a stage in my 1st marriage though where my Irish wife and I really did hit the turps during the mid 90's as we had kids and raised the family. It was fun but did not end well. From 2003, when the marriage broke down, I did not drink much at all. I mean I would go months without a drink, got back into the gym doing function fitness, "crossfit" and "powerlifting". I only started drinking regularly again when I retired a few years ago. I suppose I have been lucky in a way that I learn from other peoples mistakes. My grandmother was a smoker and died at 62 from lung cancer when I was 16 and my two best mates who remained heavy drinkers. You know the type 5 or 6 schooners a day after work at the pub and 20 or so on Saturday and Sunday having a punt. They both died in their mid 50's. Basically it was from abusing their body. I saw what they were doing to themselves and went that life is not for me. In a weird way I still think I drink too much.
  3. Wow I have found this thread a bit late. Interesting reading everyone habits. Good to see most of us try to moderate how much we drink. Personally I probably drink a bit more that I think I do. So to moderate my drinking I drink from small glasses and only make beer that is around 4%. I have found the sweet spot for lower strength beer without sacrificing flavour and body is in the 3.8-4.1% range. I try to have a couple of beer free days a week but more often than not it doesn't happen. Usually I will only have a litre of beer on the early days of the week. Week ends it maybe 2 or 3 times or more than that. Not really sure as I don't count how much I have. What I do know with having beer on tap is drinking from smaller glasses and reducing the ABV definitely reduces alcohol consumption. There is a big difference in drinking 2 or 3 pints or tallies of 4% compared to 6% or higher that I know some guys make.
  4. Mate it is the ratio of grain to water. Less grain you use the less sugar you get for a fixed volume of water.
  5. A smidge before my time. I 1st started brewing cans in '88 or '89. Open FV with a tea towel over it. No temp control to speak of had hundred and hundred of tallies as it had to condition for ever to taste OK. A far cry from today.
  6. I would think not, The process would be very different. My thought are it would be liquid malt extract that has been bittered and flavoured using liquid hop oils and colourings. None the less they have a lower OG. I am pretty sure they do not evaporate fresh wort and then can it. The reason why it has lower OG would be as mentioned before packaging size, 1.7kg as opposed to say 2.5kg or larger to get the same OG you need not to add a fermentable.
  7. Because it is mashed grain as in fresh WORT kit. They use enough grain and water to get a higher OG. Same way an all grain brewer would. Have a read: http://howtobrew.com/book/section-3/how-the-mash-works/mashing-defined
  8. Yes, plenty of snakes. Have an absolutely beautiful 2metre plus carpet snake who thinks the roof is a tree. About this time last year saw an absolutely huge Eastern Brown on our driveway. Keep clear of those. Not to mention the green tree snakes and the yellow face whip snakes but the Jack Russells takes care of them. One of my JRT is a supreme snaker.
  9. Lets just say some parts of the of the Sunshine Coast hinterland are just idyllic.
  10. Because the OG of a 15litre FWK is between 1060 and 1090 depending on what you buy. The OG of a Can of goop and 23 litres of water with no added sugars is around 1030 or there about, that may not be accurate but you get the drift. Need to add the extra stuff to get the OG up or use less water.
  11. I have a ripper of a Mrs. The area where I brew is an old school octagonal gazebo. You know the ones which were popular in the late 80/90s on hinterland acreages here in SEQ. She has decided that it is not really suitable for what I do so she is now chasing quotes to have it replaced with an 9m x4.5m man cave so I can have me Keezer, which is in the garage, all my brewing gear fermentation chamber etc all in one spot. She is a ripper. Will have a bar, power, water, lounge TV and all the snizzle a bloke would need. One end will have a separating wall so I have my workshop, tools, ride on and stuff. Yep third time lucky, this one is a keeper.
  12. Vienna Lager. Brewed in May. Did a double batch of two kegs and the last keg is about to blow any beer now.
  13. Rather than using lager yeast maybe there is another way to get to where you want to be with your beer. An alternative to the lager yeast would be using a good neutral ale yeast that you can do at a lower temp and give a you great pseudo lager. Pseudo as it is not actually lager but has much of the taste of a lager and doesn't require lagering. Both Nottingham and US05 are neutral ale yeast. Neutral being they don't give of many yeast flavours, esters, and will give a clean finish to the beer. For what you are doing Nottingham at 15c would give the taste and the lager qualities you desire. Rather than using the Draught can try the Real Ale it is a great tasting brew. Do it as I suggest and see what you think. Bet your not disappointed. Also continue the dry hopping. That is the way to develop your tastes.
  14. A have a recipe for a ESB that I have used for a while now. It is one of the few that I am satisfied with that I don't change. The grist is 86% MO, 7% Victory and 7% Crystal 80 which is medium crystal. It is smashed a bit higher at about 68c. Boil is EKG for about 24 IBU at 60 and Fuggles for about 10 IBU at 20. BU:GU is 0.85 it is very sessionable. Ferment it with Notts at 22c and 15psi. It comes in around 19 EBC.
  15. I have used it as high as 42c. It was under pressure and finished in about 36 hours. I too think it was pretty neutral. One down side at those higher temps is I found it hard to clarify.
  16. Yes, lager is a process and a style. The yeast used are tolerant to lower temps and as a result ferment slower and cleaner. The beer is then stored at low temps where is age conditioned. That is the lagering process. If you look at a clear fermenter like a fermzilla and watch ales and lagers ferment you will see loads of yeast in suspension. However, beers that are called lagers particularly commercial ones are more a describer of the style not the process. If that makes sense. So when I said I was making an Aussie Lager it was more to with the style descriptors.
  17. As a retired microbiologist I can tell you the top and bottom ferment is pretty much BS. Most of the yeast will be in suspension.
  18. At the low end of the range so in the mid to low 20's clean as so 22-25c. It does a good pseudo lager at that temp. As this is an Aussie style lager there was no need to do the full lager process I would have done for a Czech Pilsner or similar.
  19. It always amazes me how fast this stuff is. Made an Australian Lager today and as things are heating up a bit in SEQ I thought I would pitch some Voss and ferment at about 25c in my ferment chamber. I was using Voss regularly for nearly a year but over the last 10 months have been using S04, US05, Notts and W34/70 for my brews and fermenting closer to their optimal temps and under pressure. Anyway pitched it at 30c 6 hours ago wort is down to 25c and pressure is up to 15psi with the blow off going gang busters. Nice reminder of how quick this stuff is.
  20. @Worts and all right on brother. I hear you and am with you. Why would you drink stubbies in a pub/club/bar.
  21. This is how my set up looks now. There is a post back on page 2 I think of what it was like last year. Pretty happy with this it works a treat. Recirculating wort coming into the mash from the HLT is set at 67c and the temp of the mash itself is about a degree less as per the calibrated thermometer on the kettle. Currently doing a double batch of an Aussie Lager.
  22. The reason for the jug is, I don't have to go back to the keezer as often. I do the same when I have mates around but instead of the 500ml jug it is the 1140ml version. Also you waste less beer drinking from jugs. Not all beers pour perfect and this way you don't lose any if it pulls with a bit of head. Not that I get a lot of slurps.
  23. 10 kegs from full to nearly empty. These are all grain: 2x English Bitter, 2 x Irish Red Ale, 1 x Golden Ale, 2 x German Pilsner, 1x Vienna, 1 x American Pale Ale. and 1 kit of Elderflower and lime cider that was made in December last year and is drinking brilliantly right now. Also an AG Australian lager that is to be brewed this coming week. so that will give me 44 litres fermenting waiting for the empty kegs. Think that will dome for a few months. Also must add kudos to the Qld government. Without them we would not have the relative normal life we have here in Qld for the guts of the last year and a bit. So I have had no problem getting supplies.
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