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  1. Yep I fell into that trap as well. Didn't happen but was a good thought.
  2. Take not @Journeyman another 9 kegs that aren't in the Kegger. Gee Red your got quite the production line going. So how long do your kegs condition for. I have found for my taste is 4 to 6 weeks is best for non hop forward beers and 2-3 weeks for the hop bombs.
  3. Not sure if you are confused. Pouring pressure and carbing pressure are the same pressure if you don't force carb. The set and forget method is hook it up at serving pressure for a week and bingo it is ready. Or am I confused and you know that? Anyway the manifold has shut off valves that allows you to pump up the pressure to one while isolating the other and vice versa then setting the serving pressure on the reg again. It is a small inconvenience but better than having $200 worth of kit sitting there that you use sporadically. Seriously spend the money on extra kegs. One thing you need to be aware of is the batches are smaller at 20L and you will need next to no bottles. So you can sell those. Oh and your dreaming if you think kegging not another rabbit hole it is it is just shallower.
  4. Don't think that would do what you want. Seriously don't over complicate it. Why do you want to force carb?
  5. Personally just buy more kegs and slow carb at serving pressure it takes a week and the beer is conditioning at the same time. If you have enough kegs it is not an issue. A second gas bottle and reg will cost as much as 2 kegs so I would buy the kegs. The only reason I have a second bottle is I flip stuff and acquired it.
  6. Great set up there. So how many empties waiting to be filled? I usually have 1 in line to be used like you, one full in the brew fridge cold crashing and 1 empty ready for the next fermented brew.
  7. I haven't used an external T piece on this set up as I have a spare bottle and reg. However, that will be given to my son soon so will have to set one up in the near future. The two front ones are hooked up to pour the one at the back is my latest brew, a clone of the Tooths 1917 XXX ale. Nice drop just getting read to go on the bank. Will be in use before the weekend is over. That is a 13 litre keg that I have cider in for the wife. I have a 25 litre one of the same make that I use as my pressure fermenter. I bought them of a guy on GumTree for $100.00 a bargain I must say. A couple of last tips. Colour code the lines so you know which is which. You will need some food grade lube so buy some when you order your tap kit and use it when putting the lines on the taps and manifold etc. And set up the gas lines on the manifold and disconnects before securing the manifold in the fridge and put it in a bucket of water and pressurise it to see if it is leaking. When it is not just screw in whole-us-bowl-us onto the fridge wall.
  8. I do all sorts of beers and serve and carb them all at the same pressure. An idea I like and have used is to have the gas bottle outside of the fridge and run the line through the side of the fridge and connect that to the manifold. The line that is outside put a T piece in it and run another gas line and disconnect on that so you can pressurise kegs outside the fridge. Comes in really handy. Most of us would pressurizer immediately to purge any O2 from the head space. I have included some pics: a T piece which I have inside the fridge. I have a keg under pressure but no tap which is conditioning the carbonating using that line. I have a 3 line manifold but run 4 gas lines with the T piece. As you can see I have the bottle outside and have space for the T piece outside. I have spare bottle with a reg so don't need to external line at the moment. Hope that all helps.
  9. Great price and great ideas. I have seen them for double that new while i have been browsing buying sites. At $95 it is a no brainer.
  10. @Journeyman one last thought. Leave room for more taps. A mistake I made was centring the taps. If you offset them you leave room for more if you want to increase the beers on tap later.
  11. CMB is a brand of disconnects. Most the disconnects are copies of their design but are not as good. Nothing worse than losing a keg of beer overnight because a liquid disconnect was leaking at the keg or losing a bottle of gas because the gas disconnect was leaking. I have never had a CMB leak but I have had the cheap knockoff leak. The taps that come with the kit are fine. They do the job well however, there are nicer taps like Intertap but they are not cheap. The thing is once set up you can up grade easily and sell the old stuff. There is a good market for second hand gear. As for the manifold they are all much the same. Now regulators are a different proposition. I started with a KegLand reg and they are good. I know have a Harris and they are brilliant. The difference is the adjustment. The Harris has good pressure on the adjustment screw and a turn of only a couple of degrees will see it go up 1 psi. The cheaper one, the pressure on the adjustment screw is weak and to get it to go up 1 psi you may need to turn it 30 degrees. If you get my drift. They just don't have the response or feel. But they work fine and are $49 where a new Harris is 3 times that. As I say keep an eye out on GumTree and Market Place as stuff always pops up and as you get better gear just sub it in. I sold my KegLand reg for $40 in the box with receipt about 3 weeks after I bought it as I picked up a Harris for the same price second hand. As I said I have used those CPB kit before and they are fine as long as you change the disconnects. Another thing is number of kegs. I have 3 taps and use 6 kegs in the rotation. One cider for the wife and 2 taps for me. The others are kegs that are aging or a lager that is doing its thing in the back of the kegger. Now a lot of people dont go the lager route but I was drinking a 11 week lagered AG Pilsner yesterday with my son and it was wonderful. They are worth the time if you have the space. I also have a party tap and a pluto gun. They are a must if you want to taste test the kegs that are aging so you know when they are getting near right. Other will have different thoughts but I hope that all helps. The thing is you never hear anyone say "I have too many kegs" .
  12. 100% right there. The best to do is ask them to sub CMB. They are the only disconnect that I have had no issues with. I have even had issues with stainless steel ones. They are a bugger to remove.
  13. I thought i would throw it in for balance. I don't think i would ever go to a commercial set up. I may do a keezer one day but very happy with my kegger.
  14. Those disconnects do look like CMB. Now as paddybrews once remarked I am the communities tight A, so I will not comment on price but it will do every thing you need. The good thing about fridge re-purposing is if the fridge messes up you ditch it and re-purpose a different one. However, there are many who are happy with the commercial bought set ups.
  15. Sure would. I actually transfer to the keg when the CC get to about 6 degree and add finings when doing it and finish the CC in the keg. Never had a problem with it.
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