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  1. Welcome to the art of lager brewing and good luck. I have made the Czech Pils a few times and have been frustrated by what seems simple being very difficult to do well. All brews have been better than the previous but I know there is still room for improvement. There is no doubt when fermenting at low temps there is no place to hide. My advise is, if you want to create a good clean crisp Pils follow what Otto says to the letter. He is the lager guru of the group.
  2. I should be able to check viability by putting say 100ml of a sugar solution in the jar and re-sealing it and stored at ferment temp for say a week. CO2 should be produced and the jar will have some pressure in it when reopened if viable.
  3. same same .... The US05 and the Notts get used frequently, the last use of the M36 was probably 6 months after harvest and had no issues. The one that will be a concern is the W34/70. It would be close to a year since it was used however, theoretically the yeast should still be viable ... from my way of thinking a bigger concern would be changes in the culture as the generations increase and making a crap tasting brew ...
  4. Job well done ... it really is a piece of cake to do ... I found over time that I progressed to smaller jars... I now use jars in the 250ml - 350ml range ... They take up less room in the fridge and fit perfectly on the only door shelf I have in the keg fridge ... harvesting and building a yeast library really is the way to go ... I would guess that those who harvest have probably 5 or 6 yeasts that they use regularly ... right now I have a 5th or 6th gen US05, a 4th gen M36, and 3rd gen of Nottingham and 2nd gen Urquell 2001 and W34/70 ... I would be pretty confident that we all have a go to yeasts that we harvest and re-use and a couple of specialty that we only use for a particular beer ...
  5. You guys need to stand up for yourself and not let SWMBO control your life as I said to mine the other night when I put her in her place "will you please stop telling how the dishes should be done" ....
  6. And if you are patient you may pick one up on special for around $40 That is what I paid for mine 12 months ago.
  7. I live in the Blackall Range Valley below Montville and I need heating during the coldest part of winter. Can get pretty chilly here just before sunrise and had to start using the heat belt when I noticed that a brew that was at 11o ferment temp had dropped to 5o overnight. So out came the heat belt. I don't know how often it goes on but I use it for about 3 months of the year.
  8. I normally just use permanent marker straight onto the bottle ...
  9. I have too and I think WHY? I remember the 1st Corona I had. It was 3 or more decades ago. I took one decent guzzle and nearly spat it out then my mate said " here put some lemon in the neck" and my reply was NO I will just go get a decent beer and if memory serves me right I came back, here is one for the old school cockroaches, with a Reschs draught and the Reschs brewery was still in production at the time. Good tasting beer that stuff.
  10. As with so many things may end up false economy but I get the drift.
  11. by the way @BlackSands just ove the way you always throw research into the threads ... you sure are dedicated to finding out what is best for the beer ...
  12. interesting, I know the biggest no no is direct sunlight ... if you have bottles 100% need to keep them in a dark area away from light ...
  13. @Journeyman that just sounds way too convoluted to me and I don't quite understand what you are trying to do. I would have spent the extra $20 to get the 308.
  14. Maintaining temp at a constant is probably best and if that constant is cold even better. Rapid temperature increase is 100% a no no. Slow rise at ambient is OK for a few reasons mainly to do with how slow it takes a large volume of H2O to increase by 1o . So in in order: Maintain at constant cold temp. Maintain at constant ambient temp. Slow rising at ambient is OK but not optimal finally 100% avoid rapid temp rises.
  15. What sort of controller do you have? InkBirds have two points on them one for heat and one for cold so both are plugged into the InkBird and then the InkBird is plugged the mains as it is the InkBird that control away from the thermostat ...
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