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  1. @James Lao so your right on top ofthe OCD and anxiety then.
  2. I suppose you are doing it in a keg not a specialised fermenter? Did you use a floating dip tube?
  3. So how did this turnout, you should be drinking it by now.
  4. @Greeny1525229549 so what is you take on pressure fermentation., now that you have done a couple can you see yourself ditching the ferment fridge?
  5. If done on the stove top and given a good stir, I have found heating 2l of strike water to about 50 then adding the DME it will dissolve pretty quickly.
  6. I agree the Nottingham is a great compromise. It is a neutral ale yeast that has a broad temperature range, so doing it around 15 will give a good pseudo lager. I have used it at that temp and it works very well.
  7. Yea, was pretty sure i was wrong but couldn't be bothered check it at the time.
  8. Sorry can't help wonder if it is plain if it is Pride or Ringwood which is the hop used in many commercial beers.
  9. Schooners are 425ml or 15 oz, pints are 500ml or 20oz and the pot/middy 345ml or 10oz Pretty sure that is right. I know the fluid ounces are.
  10. Same, not all my figures fit because i brew below 4% but the base grains, IBUs and EBUs do. Not too sure about the Hops used but i do some research 1st and pick hops that i have seen in some recipes. Like my next brew with be an Australian Pale Ale and the hops will be Nugget bittered and Cascade flavoured and the IBU and EBU will be to style.
  11. Really interested in seeing how this goes. I have been thinking about fermenting under pressure for a couple of months now. Keep us in the loop. I am sure a few of us would be interested in the results.
  12. I have 4 X 19l cornies, 1x 25l and a 13l so 6 all up. Which is probably 2 more than I need as I have a 3 tap kegger. Right now I have 3 keg son tap, a full FV fridge and a keg in the lagering fridge. Both the FV and the lagering fridge have temp control. The lagering fridge is only here short term as it is for sale.
  13. Not sure what is going on there at all. From reading your post are you saying the brew has been fermenting for at least 3 weeks. If so it would have reached final gravity long ago. Most ale yeasts like the one in the Coopers can kit usually are finished within 7 days when done at summer ambient temps. Maybe it is the method, are you sure there was enough brew in the tube? The reading should be around 1012 ish I think and 100% tthe reading cant go back up as there is no way sugar is un-fermented. To make sure it is done right fill the tube to close to the top then add the hydrometer. You may lose some brew but at least you know the reading is right.
  14. Well for AG #3 I am doing a Pale Ale. About 10% of the bill will a dextrine malt like carapils to get some body and head. Will use about 5% Med Crystal for some colour and bitter it using Nugget flowers I have and flavour/aroma with cascade and a big cascade dry hop. Think I will try to get a very hoppy beer as I have 250g of Cascade flowers and will put them to good use.
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