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  1. MartyG1525230263

    Quick Question cold crashing Lagers

    Thanks I thought as much ... last Lager, the 1st one actually, that I bottled after a cold crash frothed between put in the carbonation drops and capping so I was just wondering ... I have a Pils which i think will be brilliant if the tastings I have done while doing SG tests is an indication .... it has crashed over the last 24 hours and is now at around 2 and due to be bottled on Friday so i just wanted to know ... The thing is I know none of this will destroy the beer only improve it .... I have spent a year learning using kits and kilos and now good quality control and using hops and recipe kits are the things I really want to try to develop ....
  2. MartyG1525230263

    Quick Question cold crashing Lagers

    Is it Ok to bottle at the crash temp or should I raise the temp before bottling ...
  3. MartyG1525230263

    Maturing brews in PET bottles

    Thanks OVB .... that just makes me more determined to drink all those PET and sell them off ... I picked up 11 boxes dirt cheap $30 as part of a bundle I did with 5 doz empty coopers tallies and was going to sell them but got a bit carried away and used them .... I now wish I had not ... once again thanks for the feed back as I was unaware of that ... any I have left over i will ensure use for Ales ...
  4. MartyG1525230263

    Maturing brews in PET bottles

    Hey ladies and gentleman, I am in the process of reducing the number of bottles I age and am getting rid of all my PET bottles approx 200 ... and i have started to notice as i drink them that those with over 6 months in the bottle seem to have poor head retention and have lost some of the depth of flavour .... am I imagining this or is this actually possible ... as opposed to glass do the contents of PET bottles not mature well ?
  5. MartyG1525230263

    Scum ring?

    get it on most of my PET bottles ... when I wash out after drinking I run my finger around the inside of the bottle neck and it comes off real easy..
  6. MartyG1525230263

    Amatuer brewing advice

    Welcome Dylan, there is not much about brewing that Otto and the others doesn't know about brewing be it Kits or right through to the all grain process of making your own worts ... all I will add is the best pieces of equipment you can get is an old working fridge and a temperature controller so you can maintain a stable temp during fermentation 18ish for an ale and 12ish for a lager . This will help with the quality control of the brews no end ... there is no need to get too involved in the brewing process kits make wonderful beer ... if you plan on brewing lagers you will need to get a stock pile of bottles as they need to sit and mature for about 3 months ... this process is called lagering hence why the beers are called Lagers ... if you want beers to drink which don't need to mature best to do Ales ... have put a link to a controller so you get an idea what I mean but you local home brew shop will have them for sale ... good luck ... https://www.mightyape.com.au/product/mangrove-jacks-dual-temperature-controller-nzau/26858216?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIz-Oe2PK-4AIVGR4rCh32SQ5OEAkYBiABEgKfuPD_BwE
  7. MartyG1525230263

    Dry hop day 4 or dry hop 4 days

    Yep 100% concur ... the correct mathematics is this: If i pitch on a Monday and check SG on a Friday I am checking on day 5 .... If i check after 5 days I check on day 6 ... so if I hop for 4 days I remove on day 5 ... OVB is correct you can not have a 0 day as zero signifies no value ... for example if you pitch at midday Monday and fermentation started 3 hours after pitching fermentation started at 3 pm on day 1 ... or after pitching fermentation 27 hours later it started at 3pm on day 2 ... so day 1 starts at time of pitching ...
  8. MartyG1525230263

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    Put down same same but different this afternoon ... swapped the 86 days for "Morgans Golden Saaz pilsnser" did 23L, a 25g 15 minutes Saaz hop tea, 1 kg LDM, the kit yeast and 34/70 pitched at 22 currently heading to 12 degrees.... currently 18 and will be held there till late tonight and hopefully 12 by the morning ... S.G 1.042 .... will ramp up to 18 on day 6 for 3 days then cold crash for 3 ... then bottled in 345 ml brown stubbs ...
  9. MartyG1525230263

    Using Ale and Lager yeasts together ...

    Thanks Mate, I have previously saved some notes about the Urquell yeasts form a previous post of yours ... the 2001 was unavailable as it is seasonal but just checked it out and it is now in stock ....
  10. My quest is to create a good Czech Pils .... so just put down the Coopers Czech Pils recipe but substitutes Morgans Golden Saaz Pils for the 86 Days Pils that the recipe uses ... the recipe uses 34/70 and the kit yeast ... so I just pitched the 34/70 and Morgans kit yeast ... before i did the pitch i tried to find the type of yeast the kit was using and no luck ... then bugger me after I pitched I dig deeper and see that it is an Ale yeast .... can anyone give me an idea of how this may work ... I know the Ale yeast will not go well at the 12 degree mark so the 34/70 will dominate the fermentation t that temp and when I raise the temp to 18 after 6 days the Ale yeast should finish off the ferment .... I imagine it will have a pretty good depth of flavour .... is that the correct sort of thinking ...
  11. MartyG1525230263

    Brewing Lager Properly

    Yes they are and very willing to answer questions ...
  12. MartyG1525230263

    Brewing Lager Properly

    Yep as the brains trust have mentioned up to 18 for 2 to 3 days .... then start the temp reduction to get to the cold crash ...
  13. MartyG1525230263

    health aspects of home brewing

    It has been illegal to add hormones to livestock of all forms for decades however, antibiotics is a different matter ... sorry i withdraw that just did some research and i am wrong .... my apologies ...
  14. MartyG1525230263

    health aspects of home brewing

    Without getting on my high horse there are 2 things that annoy me and either show stupidity, naivety or both ... don't eat anything with chemicals I can't pronoun what the hell is that chemical nomenclature is hard I find it hard to get my mouth around Deoxyribonucleic acid ... and using chemical free stuff .. everything, like the universe, is made from chemicals...
  15. MartyG1525230263

    health aspects of home brewing

    When i was born my life expectancy was 67 years old .... today my life expectancy is 81 and if I reach 70 it changes to 85 ... yep all those carcinogens are doing western populations a great deal of harm ...