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  1. Yes, Pilsner is a lager style and needs the same sort of temp. If you want to do a Czech style Pilsner a yeast for the purpose is better. If you want to do a German style Pils use a German style yeast. The local home brew shop can help with that. A couple of the brewers here are very dedicated Czech Pils makers and can put you onto the appropriate yeast. I use Urquell 2001 but that is very hard to get.
  2. To do a good lager you need lager yeast and a stable temp in the 10-12c range. Around 18c is great for ales and they are far more forgiving than lagers to brew.
  3. W34/70 handles pressure well. They are drinkable in about a week and great after about 4.
  4. Yes that is normal. It will slowly drop as the CO2 in the headspace is absorbed as none is being produced. Another indication that ferment has finished the temp will drop. I use a stainless FV and these are great indicators. I use a heat belt to regulate the temp and nearly all brews will increase beyond what I have set it at. Once ferment is over they will reduce to the temp that the InkBird is set at. The last Pils I made using Urquell 2001 was set at 22c and the temp rose naturally to 26c. After about 3-4 days the pressure and temp started to drop. That is when I take a gravity sample. It is usually at FG by then. I leave for 24-48 hours then go my next step either keg or cold crash.
  5. I know they have been having some issues with the site for a couple of week. Journeyman had another thread about an error code many of us were getting.
  6. You obviously like well carbonated beer? My son in-law is the same he thinks all my beers are flat. I keg and serve at 10psi and think they are perfect and every time he has a beer here he says "they need more carbonation".
  7. Wow Firefox there is a blast from the past. I used that for years then started having issues with it. Cant remember what they were may have been something to do with speed? So went to Chrome and was very happy with that until I tried Opera which is a ripper of a browser. Love the built in VPN. I have @Journeyman to thank for the heads up on that. Just tried on Chrome and same problem so it has to be AVG doesn't like something.
  8. Hey @PB2 having issues with the site this error code comes up when I try to access the recipes section.
  9. Some times but in general terms I thing of kegging and storing/lagering at close to 1c as cold crashing in the keg. So a bit from column A and a bit from column B...
  10. I know there are several guys here who have kegorators. Pretty sure Otto Von Blotto bought one from KegKing/KegLand for under $400.00 last year.
  11. My pressure ferments with this yeast have gone wonderfully. Given the chance i would try to convert every brewer o pressure fermentation it is wonderful. In the context of dry hopping: As an all grain brewer and a pressure fermenter I avoid dry hopping for a couple of reasons. 1) I have never been a fan. I think the utilisation is not great and subsequently have to use large quantities to get a good result. 2) Dry hopping while pressure fermenting can be problematic but by using late additions and hop stands when I make a wort i get great utilisation from the hops and the flavours and aroma are not lost into the ether but remain in the pressure vessel so effectively dry hopping is not needed.
  12. I get a lot of very distinct spicy notes in my pressure fermented lagers and I assumed it was from the Saaz just popping but now you have me second guessing maybe it is also yeast characteristic from the pressure ferment. Anyway I love the ex spice in the Pils. Must admit I haven't noticed it in my ales but that may be because I have been using a lot of revived recipes from the early 20th century lately and they are heavy on the inverted syrups which brings an extra level of flavour.
  13. It is my understanding that the protiens of the hot break help as yeast nutrient as well. Or did i just make that up?
  14. Just love Vienna a truly underrated malt. I did a Vienna lager not so long ago bittered with Northern brewer 21 IBU and 15g of Motueka and 50g Saaz at 15 minutes and it was a treat to drink. W34/70 @ 15psi and 24c.
  15. BrewMate v1.2 free ... https://brewmate.software.informer.com/1.2/ I love it very easy to use.
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