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  1. MartyG1525230263

    How to properly harvest yeast?

    I am currently using my 1st yeast harvest, M36 Liberty bell, in an APA ... I used the methods as described Worthog ... piss easy ... I collect it in a stubby and caped it then put in fridge ... the current brew started at 1040 and is now at 1018 after 40 hours at 18.5 degrees ... It works a treat ...
  2. MartyG1525230263

    Great Northern Super Crisp clone recipe

    to my taste NZ has good beers .... Tui and Speights are above average commercial beers ...
  3. MartyG1525230263

    First brew questions & where to next?

    +1 for the extra bottles .... it will depend on your drinking habits but HB bottle ages beautifully and you will need to get to the point where you are drinking beer that is around 3-4 months old ... as i say it depends on drinking habits but 100% need more bottles .... also try to get glass, PET are fine but over time you will find that the PET may not serve you as well as glass ... also if you don't have one yet get a second fridge and an InkBird temp controller so you have control over the ferment temp and that improves the beer quality dramatically ... if you want to do recipes this Coopers page has a recipe resources that has 170 odd recipes on it ... the link for that is on the top right hand corner of the page ... good luck ... Oh and final bit of advice time is not your enemy it is your friend the longer it takes to brew, within reason, and the longer it is in the bottle the better it will be ...
  4. MartyG1525230263

    Great Northern Super Crisp clone recipe

    Oh that is what is in the cans my bro in-law drinks ... he loves the stuff, he always has a couple of cartons of cans in his beer fridge... and yep he calls it real beer too ... he will not touch my brew ... reckons all HB tastes like cats piss .... poor deluded thing he is ...
  5. MartyG1525230263


    Pilnser been in bottle for 8 weeks and the headmaster is doing its job ... very happy with this beer .... Morgans Czech Pils kit, 25g Saaz hop tea, W34/70 yeast, 10 degree ferment, DA rest at 18 after day 6 ... then cold crashed at 3 degree from day 10, bottled on day 14 in brown 330ml stubbies ... 20190417_161605.mp4
  6. MartyG1525230263

    Old PETs. End of life, or temporary blip?

    Interesting experiment yesterday, the last 2 bottles of a batch of cider i made the wife 1 a PET and the other a coopers .... opened a Cooper tallie to drink and the to use in a slow cooked 2 kg piece of pork ... the class tasted completely different to the PET ... the PET had a slightly different colour but was bitter or dryer the glass crisp clean and sweeter ...
  7. MartyG1525230263

    Ferocious fermentation

    that sounds like a 25 to me ... but you 100% need a bigger fermenter ... I have a coopers with collar, a 30 and a 60 and use them all for beer and sterilisation ... I find the 60 indispensable ... I do double batches in it at times but most of the time I have it full with a water steriliser mix and have bottles and other equipment steeping in it ...
  8. MartyG1525230263

    Quick Question

    A 500ml or bigger coffee plunger is perfect for hop teas ... many brewers use them ...
  9. MartyG1525230263

    Ferocious fermentation

    if you are using a 25L fermenter get a 30L or 60L one ... I sold my 25L fermeters because they were too small to do dark beers in ...
  10. MartyG1525230263

    Flameout Hop Additions

    quick question about hops/bitterness: was having a yarn to myself regarding bitterness ... so hops influence bitterness and the hop influences diminish with age, so bitterness should diminish with age ... is that correct ... and I am not talking about astringency as I am familiar with that ...
  11. MartyG1525230263

    Home brew

    any particular reason why you're asking ... FYI I set aside 14 days per brew ...ales usually take around 10 days and lagers 14 ... I temp control and cold crash ... if pushed because of time I would leave for no longer than 3 weeks but the last week would be at 3 degree ...
  12. MartyG1525230263


    yea sure will, probably be at its best this time next year ... bet they don't last till then ...
  13. MartyG1525230263


    Morgans Blue Mountains Lager dry hopped with cluster hops ... fermented with Morgan's Premium Lager yeast and 1kg LDM at 12 degrees ... been in bottle since 12th Feb ... crisp and clean ...
  14. MartyG1525230263


    got to love aroma ....
  15. MartyG1525230263

    Not sure if my beer is ok?

    yes the spread sheet is hyperlinked for all the recipes so if you click on the name it will take you to the recipe .... the Golden Ale is not hyperlinked but was .... it is easy just some Amarillo hops in a short boil if I recal then some dry hopping of Amarillo on day 5 .... think that is it here is the link .. https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/golden-ale.html