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  1. Pit 2 batches down at 11 am and can not see any movement ie fermentation action Will it start soon or should it have started by now
  2. I am wanting to know when the best time to add pepperberries to my brew to flavour a pale ale at the start or wait a couple of days when main fermentation is over.
  3. kman1973

    Mr beer kit

    Where other than coopers online shop can ibuy the can of mr beer extracts from in Melbourne
  4. kman1973

    Beer kits

    Can i use a 1.7 kg beer kit in the coopers craft diy 15lt carbouy instead of the mr beer one which is 1.3 kg would .400 really make a difference
  5. kman1973

    Mr beer kit

    Does the Mr beer kit have enough sugar in it to make a strong enough beer or does it need enhancer or extra sugar
  6. kman1973

    krausen collar

    Just bought the little diy craft fermenter , do i need to use the collar and does the collar act as an airlock and if not how will it brew without the airlock . thanks Khristian