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  1. My temp is down to 26° now. A sight better. How do I tell if it has fermented? (Probably a dumb question) my SG has now become less, slightly, should this go up or down for fermentation? It stayed the same (10) simce Saturday until today. Not sure exactly what the SG is now but the 10 is now below the meniscus. Does this mean it is fermenting or not fermenting? Or somthing else? Sorry for my lack of knowlege. Still trying to learn haha
  2. Easy as bro' date=' Wrap the FV in a sleeping bag or blanket or such, not over the air lock just around the sides then slide a few Esky / chilly bin / cool box, ice packs / bricks / blocks inside against the FV, once its down to the 20'c or so Otto suggests leave it wrapped & it should stay as is or close to, if it starts getting warmer, just slip one or 2 blocks back in for a while. [/quote'] Thanks man. Trying this now with an old doona. Do not have a sleeping bag. Will get temps down for the night and hope it stays down tomorrow. I am in central Queensland and my brew space has no fans or aircon. So i will need to work out some better ventilation
  3. Thank you both for the advice. I will try work out a way to bring the tenp down.
  4. Hi all, As the title suggests, I have started my first ever brew in my new coopers diy kit. I started with a Coopers Larger and a Coopers Light Dry Malt. I am worried as my temps were a little high (around 30°) and it has been at that temp all day. 24 hours later i still habe very little foam ontop of my brew. The tutorial video on this site suggests i should jave alot more by now. A friend has saod leave it go as it may still be fine. What would people reccomend I do, Keep going? or just tip it and try again? Also, while in Big W buying the kit I had a random approach me and give me his advise, he said "forget the hydrometer, just mix the brew, leave it a week and bottle." Does everyone use test with the hydrometer or is leaving it alpne the common practice? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi all. I was given an old coopers brewing kit and am about to try my forst brew (coopers larger) I have bought all I need except the bottles. Will 1 box of 740ml bottles be enough?
  6. Thanks mate. What base mix should i use? Sorry i am really uneducated when it comes to all of this.
  7. Hi all, I have recently been given a 2nd hand brewing kit from my boss. It is the old Micro Brew kit. I am currently setting up a brewing station in a storage room under my house. My favourite beers to drink are things like Tooheys extra dry, Carlton Dry, Hahn Super Dry. (Noticing a trend here). Can anyone offer some advice on how to make a crisp taste closeish to those above. Thank you in advance. P.s considering buying a new kit as they are on sale atm and seem easier to use. What would you all reccomend? AussieZeppelin
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