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  1. A trial of a "west coast" session ale. Not true to form but makes for an interesting beer to break up my standard house ale. Hops - CTZ, Centennial and Simcoe https://share.brewfather.app/B1UzBxBpYohgrk Just dry hopped the brew now and the smell is delicious. 3 days till cold crash and then it's time to keg this 42lt sucker (It was ment to hit 39lts but what's 3lts between friends?)
  2. Yeah, gotta keep up with the times. Got that list of hops too, just gotta send it through to you... My misses is begging me to empty out the freezer filled with hops
  3. Bloody good looking bloke there! If this guy does say so himself
  4. House pale 4% (35 IBU) Sabro, Citra and simcoe - I like to look after future Gully Hazelnut porter - based off Grumpy's recipie Up for debate - IPA or mild ale
  5. Will do, daddy day are for the next 2 weeks. Will see about dropping in next week if I can... I'll drop a few hops off to you too
  6. Time for a stout Brad does a great job with this one, hitting the spot beautifully... Just before I crack a barrel aged RIS over tea.
  7. Mate, I'll drop in one day and run you through the no-chill proccess. So happy you have got a new done in your brewzilla Keep brewing, kids to be put down now
  8. Hey guys, been a while. Drinking my house ale which has finally been nailed. Cloudy, low ABV and hoppy. Didn't chill this one quick enough, so it's a touch more bitter then it should be and not as flavour forward. Still a great beer to enjoy
  9. BREW DAY! it's been to long between brews. House ale, with about 250g of random stuff I had left over that I needed to use. Going to be a mix of sabro and galaxy hops, 4:1 (sabro:galaxy) Need to make myself a dark ale next as @ibooz2 has done, that looks deliciously scrumptious
  10. Would love to, just need to setup a few tanks in the backyard. This is my boys pet yabbie they caught at Easter... I am constantly been woken up by him crawling down the hallway, the big bugger needs a bigger tank. Also, beer is needed mate just need to have a quiet weekend
  11. Yeah, the head doesn't hang around but this will change when I add it to the kegs. The RIS brings in a mixture of brett, oak, Whiskey, and rounds out the malt. the porter just adds a bit of needed sweetness to the dryed out RIS
  12. Agreed, that's why it hasn't bothered me so much.
  13. So been on my latest homebrew for a few weeks now, the over carafa'ed porter. It's tasting a bit one dimensional given the amount of carafa in there so thinking of ways to make it better. This is a blend of 3/4 porter, 1/4 2yr barrel aged RIS (1 yr in barrel). Mate, that's what it's been missing and to think I was going to throw roasted coconut and Coco nibs at it. Defantly more stout then porter though, fitting on these colder nights in Adelaide.
  14. I always fail when transferring, add whirlpool, give it a good whirlpool, let it cool (~80%). Then I still get a decent amount of trub into the cube/fermentor. But it doesn't effect the final beer so not overly stressed.
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