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  1. For guys in Adelaide contact a guy IBrewSA he does grain bulk buys often which makes brewing very affordable.
  2. In short yes, however you go end up need more gear. So extract might be $30-$50 per batch depending on how fancy. With AG I can go from $20-$40 depending on fancyness if you can get onto bulk buys. This is based on a simple pale ale.
  3. It was a French oak stick, that has been medium toasted. I have laced it with makers mark buorbon so hopefully it doesn't over power the beer given it's only around 6%. Very interested to see what happens with this as it opens a blending experience like no other. Oak rasberry porter anyone?
  4. Heard a many good thing about the gluten. Enjoy I'm getting involved I bulk keg buy hoping to save some coin with a finally upgrading from bottles... Just after I finished bottling 58 of the pheckers
  5. An experiment of sorts. Made a simple porter 74% base 12% Munich 6% heritage crystal 8% Choc malt Now I have split the batch 4 ways, 1 Control 2 5lts with 500g cherries 3 5lts with 500g raspberries 4 5lts with a stick soaked in bourbon (I know I have over done the fruit ratio but meh) See what it's like in 4-5 days, then I'll blend them and see what monster I have created.
  6. Looking to send a few longnecks to a few friends. Do you guys just send the PET? or have you worked out a method for Glass bottles?
  7. Finally had a taste, bit like a pale ale but with more aroma hops... overall good.
  8. Found a 6pack in Pasadena, will think about cracking one in the next few weeks. And saving the rest for as long as possible probably a month. This has me inspired to do a 'vintage' brew day. Make myself a nice strong ale. Does anyone one have some good all grain examples
  9. Can you get this in adelaide yet? or is it all ready all gone?
  10. Yep as above however, I have been brewing AG for about 1.5 years now... I have only started taking OG readings in the last month.
  11. Well congrats and welcome to AG. I doesn't take long to dial in the equipment. How did you go for gravity readings etc?
  12. Next brew day will be the following. Then a rasberry wheat beer as the wife apparently like that style.
  13. Same, it scares me a little. I am going to make a red ale or similar prior to dumping this big beer onto the yeast cake.... I am expecting a big mess during this fermentation. Also like to add, no sugar was added to the wort or boil, all natural malty goodness.
  14. Brewed a RIS last night. Set eff to 65% I ended up hitting 75% so that's a bonus. Got a little drunk whilst brewing so cleaned up this morning, so syrupy and delishousness a plenty. Even 12 hrs after completion.
  15. Most likely but it wasn't terrible, not the cardboard flavour I was expecting for a 12 yr old beer
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