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  1. Gully85

    Show us yer Bar

    Work in progress. Only a few years left untill it might be complete.
  2. So like months to a flame imatuate men all over the globe are making comments of rude gestures to a wood craving in a children's playground. https://www.adelaidenow.com.au/messenger/east-hills/mitcham-council-howler-new-playgrounds-wooden-carving-of-an-owl-is-causing-excitement-on-the-internet/news-story/c372b8fc56b86ccee1f30ba0901103d3 Now I'm not the one to give into fads and follow the croud. But if this 'artist'want to draw a male rooster don't make it look like an owl. I'm not trying to be a 'johnson' but this is the funniest stuff I have seen and only Adelaide can achieve such greatness. done
  3. Yeah all good it's runningthrough a RIMS so will stay exactly where I want it until I get back. Just love the 'i have plenty of time' to then go 'hmm nope' made me giggle a little.
  4. Well not really a 'fail' but terrible planning. Thought hey i got time for a brew before i go out... nope. Got the brewing system started, electrical fault on one of the elements. No worries easy fix. I still have time to brew. 1030am leaving at 1230. Get water up to temp and add crushed grain. 11am sure heaps of time. 11:15am i do the math and i don't have time to boil. Idiot. So mash is just passed the 60 minute mark and it will keep going for the next 2 hours until i am back. I am doing a Irish red ale for the first time so hopefully it turns out... hopefully!!
  5. Gully85

    Chilli Beer

    Holly bread sticks Batman. You'll taste that on the way out too.
  6. Gully85

    Barrel aging homebrew

    Okay if you get a barrel I'll make half the beer required to fill it! Anyone else in.
  7. Gully85

    Question for the hot cubers

    The k you. this has been in issue of mine, I just shrugged and went well this has to be it. I finally have a hop spider so next brew I'll dump my wort through that. Cheer lads
  8. Gully85

    Barrel aging homebrew

    https://www.tubbies.com.au/black-hoops/ another option. have one of there barrels but mould has set in on the barrel. Trying to work.out how to remove it to just this. I got to much going through my little head.
  9. Gully85

    Chilli Beer

    Let me know... I have been interested in making a chilli beer for a while. If your in adelaide I'll Happily swap a test bottle.. just need a good base for it to be built from.
  10. Gully85

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    next on my list a remake and revamp of the Xpa I keep making. Going for the red colour I've been aming for. With a bit of malt flavour to add to the hoppyness.
  11. Gully85

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    I did the same today. Brought some grain I haven't used. Carared, pale choc and chocolate malt. Now what to do with it. Got a hop spider at the same time.
  12. Well I thought maybe the top 3mm was good yeast and the rest is just trub. No difinative 'll es been produced from yeast, trub and junk. Reason why I though it was a fail.... So maybe a anti fail
  13. Well my second attempt at saving the yeast from a CPA, already collected the 6 pack and been through the fermintation. Hmm but it seems I collected all the junk! Will keep trying and get some small starters from any clean yeast i can collect.
  14. Gully85

    Happy New Year Everyone !!!!!

    happy New year everyone. Currently tasting my Gully's creature pale ale. delish
  15. Gully85

    Brew Day!! Watcha' got, eh!? 2018

    Also noted will try the full bodied mash temp of 68deg? getting adventures