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  1. Yeah I know there are other tactics but I want to know if this will work. Would never do this if I was selling beer, but for my own consumption I would like to see how long a, say IPA, would last and what differences it could make to the beer. will it stay fresher with more hop presence, will it make no difference? will it turn into a slush puddle of goo and gain sentient consciousness? time will tell
  2. Delishous stout from the recent case swap
  3. Yeah brew morning tomorrow, this will be the second brew of the same batch. Aiming for a session hoppy pale ale. Once this off flavour is solved I have my next experiment lined up to see if sodium metabisulphate. See if it will help remove O2 whilst bottling/kegging. Just need to do more reading on weights and required ppm.
  4. Also modern plastic cans are lined with aluminum now.
  5. Haha, I am glad he has picked up on it. Now I'm not 100% sure, but I have started.using Camden tablets. My read up on it and my thoughts was to add it in the HLT. Beer was fine at the start and several beers afterwoulds but I think a build up orf calcium, potassium and chlorine (Not a scientist so no idea if this is a thing) caused the water to elevate in one area prior to even hitting the mash. Then I thought maybe my cleaning of the wand and tubing hasn't been up to scratch causing the beer to become infected at bottling. Have since cleaned the HLT and will replace the tube and wand. That's the first step. Second I'll get some RO water then I'll brew in full stainless, all the same recipie to see what happens... I better hope my beer is a good recipie. A session pale, with all late additions of Columbus, Cascade and a touch of Mosaic
  6. Unfortantly due to the design of the 3V system she is a bit landlocked on what each part does. The mash tun has a RIMS with a bottom drain to collect all the worty goodness. This problem is only resent so and has been over several beers. Didn't realise it was there until a mate pointed it out, kinda hate him now cause I can taste it in every beer I have going back 3-4 batches. Love a good problem solve and this will make me a better brewer
  7. Cheers BB. I run a three vessel, the mash tun is a 50lt SS keg, it's only the kettle that is alluminium which only sees the boil. I do here you and will be doing just that soon, once I rule out other issues. I'm on 2 Step process atm to narrow down the issue, weather infection or water chemisty. Just so I come out of this with some knowledge of what had happened. Current step, can HLT of any calcium build up and replace off tubing at bottling. From that I should have some comparison to my next brew. Thank you, Gully
  8. Good old adelaide tap water, have been treating with Camden. But yes this is something I was going to address before replacing the kettle. Test out an RO water batch
  9. Yeah, all dried at bottling. Might make adjustments to my process and rule starsan out of the equation
  10. Keeping with the above, No cold crashing is not necessary to force carb in kegs. Yes it is helpful to aid in making brighter beer. That about sums it up I think... Well by keeping it simple anyway. We could get into the entire PSI vs particular temps range to get the correct Co2 Vols etc but meh, you made beer enjoy. My issue is tracking where I'm getting a metallic or medical flavour into my beer. Haven't noticed it until a 'good friend' (arse) pointed it out. Comes down; 1 water chemistry 2 alluminium kettle 3 bottle wand and tube is testy Some simple fixes some not, well with out spending more money.
  11. Not needed, just dump the yeast in. I have Voss from Mark and it works a treat, my latest stout tastes awesome using Kveik and only been a few weeks old has quickly conditioned to my liking.
  12. Yummy Hmmm researching time
  13. Tell me more. Gotta join up with this brewing club, sounds like a good day out!
  14. A Citra/Columbus IPA no bittering hops all late hop additions @15 and at flameout. Smells amazing
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