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  1. Generally I brew porter or stout, but similarly I am interested in higher temperatures as I struggle to stay under 26’ C at this time of year , I have a fridge but it needs work, and the keg king style temp control, so probably a winter project Two of the brews I have picked up from the local have failed to launch with the yeast in clouded at 24 deg (last few weeks) but have kicked off with a fresh pitch of yeast from big w ( yeah, brigalow, for shame) So I think old mates. Store might be a bit warm too, Any way I might try something with the saison as suggested by Christina above but any suggestion on dark hearty you know cut with a steak knife brews that don’t mind the heat most welcome As mentioned I think I can stay under 26 for the most part, Happy sampling For the love of beer
  2. G’day people, Luke here, brewing in Whittlesea, A n d. Sweltering today, Venturing back in to brewing culture after an absence of a few years, For the moment jut with kits and malts, I don’t see my self mashing any time soon, Any one brewing in the outer north? Say hi ! Thanks Luke
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