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  1. Rick II

    Best can to use for lager.

    Cheers guys, I'll try the Euro Lager next time.
  2. G'day, I'm currently cold crashing a coopers lager tin that I made into a mid strength. I added 600g of LDM (kegging), and used W34/70. Its been cold crashing since Thursday night and I tasted it just now to see if that sulphur smell had gone yet. The smell is still present but is definitely better then when I took the FG samples. The beer however tastes like very slightly bitter water. Is this because I have tried to make a mid strength or is the lager tin just not great? I don't really see how adding another 400g of LDM would make it that much better. Which would be a better can to use? Probably won't try to make a mid strength again.
  3. Rick II

    Is it too Hot ?

    Hi Sceptic, I am, like yourself, a new brewer and don't have a lot of experience, however I believe I can help with this. To run a heat pad you really need a controller. There are plenty of them around and you can pick up an inkbird which will control both heating and cooling for around $50. From what I know the temp of the fermenting beer getting that high is not good. I would be trying to get that down asap to around 18c.
  4. Rick II

    My Dashboard ....

    I believe those features no longer exist.
  5. Rick II

    Diacetyl rest

    Awesome thanks Kelsey.
  6. Rick II

    What's in Your Fermenter? 2018

    Where's your sense of adventure?
  7. Rick II

    Diacetyl rest

    So, I stuffed up. I raised the temp of the fridge to 18c as discussed on Thursday night and left the fridge door open till I went to bed. It had still only risen to about 14.5c, but I closed the door as I didn't want to leave it open all night. The dogs would get into that for sure. Friday night I got home from work and it was still only at 16c because of the cold snap we have in Brisbane at the moment. I went out this morning and bought a heat pad and put it in, which has brought the temp up to 18c, but it's now lunch time Saturday by which time the fermentation is almost complete. Have I missed my opportunity for the diacetyl rest, or will it still clear up after fermentation is complete?
  8. Rick II

    Diacetyl rest

    Thank you for the advice Beerlust and Otto. Its helpful having blokes like you guys around willing to spend the time and share your knowledge with the rookies. I went into the LHBS the other week to ask some questions but the bloke there is puffed up with his own self importance and strong opinions. He even said all Coopers FVs are absolute shit and should never be used so I should be throwing it in the bin and buying one of his. I won't be going back there again.
  9. Rick II

    Storing Sodium Perc

    Howdy. I bought a 5kg bag of sodium perc and was thinking of storing it in baby formula tins as I have dozens. Would there be problems storing it this way? How does everyone else store it?
  10. Rick II

    Diacetyl rest

    Awesome cheers guys. Thank you for the explanation Beerlust, much appreciated. You say that the bulk of flavour is imparted in the first few days, does this mean that you do the diacetyl rest after 3 or 4 days regardless of the gravity?
  11. Rick II

    Diacetyl rest

    G'day everyone. I currently have my first lager in the fermenter and was wondering when to raise the temp for the diacetyl rest? I started at 1.033 and I am down to 1.017 which should be around 66% done assuming the FG will be around 1.009 (IanH spreadsheet). It has only been going for 72 hours so far at 12c so I think it's moving along pretty fast with the W34/70 yeast. Also, do I just hold it for a week or so at 18c for the rest before cold crashing?
  12. Rick II

    Storage of yeasts for repitching

    @Otto Von Blotto G'day Otto. Just wondering what yeast density you use when making your starters from fresh yeast? The calculator on brewers friend uses 1 billion/ml of slurry but I'm assuming that would be for fermenter harvested yeast which would contain hops and other proteins, not a fresh yeast packet put into a starter. On the weekend I put a fresh packet of W34/70 into a 2L starter on a stir plate which fermented down to 1.010 in about 16 hours. I then cold crash the erlenmeyer flask and poured the beer off the top of the yeast cake. I would say I had maybe 100-150ml of yeast slurry. I didn't measure it, I'm just guessing. It's a 3L flask so doesn't have graduations that low. Considering a dry packet of W34/70 is supposed to contain 110 billion yeast cells, I didn't get much of a return, if it is in fact 1 billion/ml of slurry.
  13. Rick II

    Brew Day!! Watcha' got, eh!? 2018

    Put down a mid strength lager today. 1.7kg Coopers Lager 600g LDM IanH spreadsheet had it as 1.034 at 21L but ended up at 1.033 This one will be going into the keg so should end up at 3.2-3.3% Did a yeast starter on my homemade stir plate which seemed to work well and it's fermenting at 12c
  14. Rick II

    Initial fermentation - no carbonation

    What was the FG?
  15. Rick II


    Made up a stir plate from junk I had sitting in the workshop. Just put it together to test it before making a box for it all. Seems to be working!