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  1. Cannon Hill Brewing in Brisbane stocks the craft series if you are in that area.
  2. 5kg Boston butt 4 hours in. Mafia Boys La Familiar rub.
  3. Looks awesome mate. Cheers for the explanation. Might have to start watching watching some YouTube lol.
  4. Have you got some more photos of it? What is involved in building one? Here's the stick burner I made.
  5. Pizzas look good mate. I'm keen to make a wood fired pizza oven one day.
  6. Did you still use polyclar before kegging or was the week and a half enough to clear it up?
  7. Yep Cape grim is the best brisket I've smoked as well. Their beef ribs are always excellent as well.
  8. I did the same as PXR. Have had a keg sitting around for years with the top cut out bring used as a drinks cooler at parties. Haven't used it yet but it's ready to go. I just put in the 2200W element and plumbed up a pump for recirculation. Cam lock fittings on silicone hose. Keg King and Kegland have the components cheap. I am going to use the STC 1000 that controls the fermentation fridge for the mash temp control. All up it cost under $150. You will need to make a false floor in it though to keep the grain bag off the element. My test runs have produced 3.5L per hour boil off. 40 minutes to get 32L of water to 67 degrees and another 50 minutes on top of that to get to the boil. The 2200W element doesn't hold a strong boil in the keg even with insulation so I cover half of the openening with aluminium foil which works well.
  9. Thatlnks Otto. Yes it was definitely an under pitch. My starters usually take off in 3 or 4 hours whereas this one took 12. Im thinking I will use 2 tubes when its time to do a brew to be on the safe side and next time I freeze some it will definitely be at 50bn. Oh and I'm not sure how to edit the original post but I made a typo. I added glycerol NOT glycol to the yeast. Do not add glycol if anyone tries it.
  10. G'day all. I decided a while ago that I was going to try and freeze some yeast after reading about someone else doing it with some success. I had nothing to start with so I made a stir plate first up. A fan out of a dead computer and a voltage regulator out of an old set of cranes did the trick. The fan has 3 speeds but is only used on the lowest setting with the voltage regulator adjusting a 12v supply. This seems to work perfectly. I managed to pick up an erlenmeyer flask and some plastic tubes and I was off! I bought a packet of wyeast 1056 which I grew up in a starter to get an end count of 450 billion cells (yeast calculator). After fermentation was done I cold crashed the starter and poured off the beer to leave behind 450mls including the yeast. 200mls I tipped I to a Dr Smurtos Golden Ale I had just made and the rest I distributed between 10 tubes. This should theoretically give me 25 billion cells in each tube. I probably would have been better using 5 tubes and going 50 billion cells in each, maybe next time. After the yeast was in, I added 5mls of glycerol and 45mls of pre boiled water for an end result of a 10% glycerine solution. Wacked those in the fridge overnight to chill down, then cracked the lids and put them in the freezer. I gave them 24 hours in the freezer and them put them inside a lunch box with a couple of frozen bricks to protect against the defrost cycle. I gave them 1 week and then pulled one tube out and defrosted it in a cup of water. I tipped the defrosted yeast (the whole tube, 50mls) into a 1.5L starter and chucked that on the stir plate. The next morning I had a nice krausen going and it took somewhere between 36 and 48 hours to ferment the starter out. Once it had finished I cold crashed the starter and had a nice layer of yeast sitting on the bottom! IF all cells survived, and IF the yeast calculator is accurate, I should have close to 200 billion cells, enough for pitching. I am tempted to save the yeast and get it counted, but honestly couldn't be bothered stuffing around. Next time I have a brew down I'll do the same process. If the brew ferments correctly then all is well, if not I will up the original yeast count. Anyway here is a couple of photos.
  11. I got an email alert, may e yours went to junk mail? Pretty sure they gave a month's notice, but could be wrong.
  12. They gave plenty of notice. How long do you expect them to wait for you to get your recipes off the database?
  13. I've never done BIAB, so don't have any experience, but wouldn't you have to account for the grain soaking up water as well as evaporation from boil off?
  14. Thanks mate. Your help is much appreciated
  15. I've got that line and managed to use a lighter to heat it. Just wave the flame over the first half an inch and push that on, then do a bit further. Make sure you keep the line straight as you push it on or it will kink when softened by the flame. When it cools it will go hard again.
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