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  1. Thank you Journey man, I didnt relaise you could steep over night, I thought you had to do it in a pot keeping the water at a certain temp (lower than 75C) for a 20-30 mins and add the hops in at that time to pull out as much flavour and colour as possible. I'll look into that beer and do a bit more research and timings etc
  2. Hi Hairy and Journeyman, I was going on advice from the brewshop. So 300g would be more than enough in a grain steep? Ben 10 and Titan, Mrs 1983 has told me we have a slowpressed juicer and we could give it a crack with the Strawberries Thank you for the advice again, im going to tweak my recepie, should I draw back on the dex or dump the stawberries in and let the yeast work its magic? However i think that might be hitting a really high abv
  3. Hi there, I havent posted much, life got busy and well now its gone a little bit quiet, enough for me to sit down and start planning my next brew. During spring I picked about 2 kilos of fresh strawberries and I was thinking of making a srawberry American Pale ale, my current recpie is: 1-2 Kg of Crystal medium for a grain steep 1.7 kg can of black rock pale Ale extract 1kg Dextrose 11.5 g US05 yeast 50g Galaxy hops 50g Belma (though due to current shipping contrainsts that is now banjaxed) so 50g cascade 2Kg stawberries. I was plaaning on using the Galaxy and cascade during the boil and then dry hop. the thing is with the stawberries I am going to puuree them and strin them to try and get rid of the seeds as I have heard the seeds can add some interesting flavours. I want the stawberries to be there when you drink it, would you add the stawberries during the boil, or do it just before you pitch the yeast? Any help would be grately appreciated. Kindest regards Peter
  4. I love drinking Mead, It would be good to learn how to do it. I will look into it. The batch I have in at the moment is set at 22C in the fridge with a heat mat.
  5. thank you Bearded Burbler. Ha ha, these guys are an absolute vat of information and super friendly. When I started the home brew malarkey I thought I would have a batch on every other week and doing fun and interesting ales, sadly life takes over and it's been months between batches. However instead of beer I seem to be using my Vessel for Cider more than beer (happy wife, happy life.) I'm not complaining but i find you cant play around with cider as much as you can beer, am I right?
  6. Thank you Otto, Lab rat and Hairy for the information.
  7. Thank you Smash, much appreciated. If you want an interesting read it is a good book and Randy managed to break it down into basic english. it also has a recipe in the middle that I'm looking forward to try and make a nice APA using Galaxy and Mosaic hops.
  8. I have been reading Mastering Homebrew (complete guide to brewing delicious beer) and some things have gone completely over my head. In one section they are talking about the art of making a recipe and how to do it and then putting theory into practice, My initial thought would be you get the colour you want (I understood that bit perfectly) however he does say you should have an estimate for the OG of your brew.....how o do you estimate your OG? Do you guys have a spreadsheet and work out how to get and OG of 1.55? and then see if you get a 75% complete fermentation rate? I am still a rookie, I know i am just scratching the surface of what this hobby has to offer. If you could please advise: should I be aiming for an OG or just work with the grain steeps and extract brewing for the time being to get the technique perfect and then if I go to all grain (one day) then looking to start a batch with an OG to aim for?
  9. So Verdict, The cider is good, pretty dry and nice after taste to go with it, however next day the cider got me good it was wreaking havoc with my internal workings and something didn't agree with me, either the lactose or something else. Would a nutrient deficit cause a bad batch? I'm going to give it another go tonight and if i have a funny turn again, my question is I know I can't serve it at the party however what am I meant to do with 2 slabs of cider that almost kill me when I drink it? I can't contact the brew shop either and say it inst working because I brewed it.
  10. Hi @ChristinaS1 Thank you SO much for the information there. My wish list is growing every day. I'll try the Blueberry and cranberry mix and see what happens and if I can source some fresh. It is surprising how different things can be I'm looking at a few different ideas, one is the whole apple/cranberry I have thought about adding cinnamon but that would be one hell of a gamble, but first things firs get myself a car boy, a lot more patience and a few more things in the pantry.
  11. @ChristinaS1 thank you so Much again for the wealth of information. So with wine and cider you do the primary in a vessel and then secondary ferment in a Carboy for around 2 weeks(or when the air lock stops bubbling) and then after that that's when you bottle ferment? would there still be yeast in the cider for the bottle carbonation? Probably against my better judgement I have bottled and now there is a glass carboy on my wish list. Regarding fresh fruit in the cider do you puree the fruit and put it in with the sugar etc and boil it up or puree and put in just before you pitch the yeast? I'm interested about ciders (I never thought I would be) I'm thinking about a 'christmas cider' (it could be horrible) but thinking for going for an apple with cranberry cider - thoughts? or are there asn other suggestions for something that could easily be quaffed on a summers day ut still be seasonal.
  12. Secondary Fermentation, I thought the secondary fermentation was what occured in the bottle. I need to get myself a carboy
  13. Hi @ChristinaS1 yes it was 1.010 I was heading for a 1.006 FG but it's stuck at 1.010 now and been that way for 2 days. The Blackrock cider is 100% concentrate apple juice, it did smell a little bit, during ferment but it seems to have passed now. I didn't realise it would have been low in nutrients, next time how will I ensure there is enough nutrients for the yeast to work with, or next time use dex? I fermented at 24 C. I used the a concentrate to experiment with, I will try fresh fruit next time. Thank you all for the information, I cant thank you enough.
  14. Hey guys thanks for the Info. How long does a cider normally ferment? My last batch went for a week but this one has been going for almost two and seems to be one of my slowest ferments yet....Could be it because of the type of sugar? the SG is down to 1.10 yesterday it was 1.12 so they yeast is still working away. I am hoping to have it bottled by Monday and then let the secondary ferment do its work.
  15. its been 4 days and the gravity is going down its currently at 1.4 its seeming to be a slow ferment with this one
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