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  1. Thanks BB, (came in late in the conversation) Will give it a go and report back.
  2. What does reverse sear mean? (At the risk of sounding like an ignoramus)
  3. So this is it. Only 4 more hours of drinking to go, Should be a challenge, haven't had an AFD for years I reckon Will spend the month brewing so I can have a very wet August. Wish me luck.
  4. The Coopers tucan plus 500g dark malt always makes a pretty good (and easy) stout. Last time I made it I accidentally used real ale instead of dark ale can with stout and dark malt. I turned out pretty good so might do it like this intentionally next time.
  5. This is another reason that I love kegging....Blissfully unaware of any visual impurities in my beer.
  6. Kegged beer today and rescued bit of lid, funnily it had resurfaced after chilling (It initially sank) I could send my fermenter back to Shanghai for repair but its probably out of warranty by now. Tasted brew and it seems good.
  7. As an upside I can now smell how good my brew will be.
  8. Na. was trying to whack the handle in a sort of rotary motion but must have underestimated how brittle my 3 year old fermenter lid is. How embarrassing.
  9. Decided to check brew this arvo, lid on fermenter stuck tight so in my wisdom i thought wacking it with a hammer to loosen it was a good idea. Now massive chunk of lid in brew due to miss hit. Fortunately its now beer no longer wort and ready to be kegged so contamination shouldn't be a big problem. A bit pissed of with my stupidity though. Chilling it as fast as i can now prior to kegging.
  10. How do fruit flies manage to get into your brew? I once accidentally had a dunny budgie drown in my wort. I scooped him out and brew survived.
  11. Spread it on your toast. Seriously though, just give it time I reckon. I've had many a brew taste like shit because I've been too eager and sampled too early only to have it turn out good a few weeks later.
  12. I made one recently but used dark malt instead of dex, and real ale instead of dark ale. It turned out pretty good. Real ale was an accident but result was still excellent. At the risk of sounding like an ad for Coopers I reckon you cant go wrong with any combo of their kits its all good stuff.
  13. I reckon its the bomb, very happy with the flavour , dunno what you call too malty but it suits me. Head retention excellent also. I would recommend give it a go. (Beware it comes out at a calculated 6.5% abv, maybe 7 when priming sugar is factored in)
  14. Real ale toucan stout a success. Very happy with result from my accidental experiment. I recommend you all try it.
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