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  1. Gag.Halfrunt

    What I learnt today with my first brew attempt

    How do fruit flies manage to get into your brew? I once accidentally had a dunny budgie drown in my wort. I scooped him out and brew survived.
  2. Gag.Halfrunt

    First Attempt - Dark Ale tastes like Vegemite.

    Spread it on your toast. Seriously though, just give it time I reckon. I've had many a brew taste like shit because I've been too eager and sampled too early only to have it turn out good a few weeks later.
  3. Gag.Halfrunt

    Toucan Stout

    I made one recently but used dark malt instead of dex, and real ale instead of dark ale. It turned out pretty good. Real ale was an accident but result was still excellent. At the risk of sounding like an ad for Coopers I reckon you cant go wrong with any combo of their kits its all good stuff.
  4. Gag.Halfrunt

    Sealing wiring

    What does hidden post mean?
  5. Gag.Halfrunt

    Real Toucan

    I reckon its the bomb, very happy with the flavour , dunno what you call too malty but it suits me. Head retention excellent also. I would recommend give it a go. (Beware it comes out at a calculated 6.5% abv, maybe 7 when priming sugar is factored in)
  6. Gag.Halfrunt

    Real Toucan

    Real ale toucan stout a success. Very happy with result from my accidental experiment. I recommend you all try it.
  7. Gag.Halfrunt

    Coopers sparkling ale

    I think they now market the kit beer as Innkeeper's daughter sparkling ale. It replicates the commercially sold stuff pretty closely if you make it to the can instructions. Its a good drop. Give it a go, nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  8. Gag.Halfrunt

    Coopers sparkling ale

    I thought this had been discontinued. Last time I made it I used 1kg lme and 500 grams dex. Resulting beer was excellent.
  9. Gag.Halfrunt

    Temps for kegging

    How good would your own cool room be eh?
  10. Gag.Halfrunt

    Coopers forum (adelaide) catch up

    This seems to be a very Adelaideist thread. What are we non south aussies to do?
  11. Gag.Halfrunt

    Real Toucan

    Yeah, I cant see it being anything but good in the end, just not what i was expecting to make.
  12. Gag.Halfrunt

    Real Toucan

    Just constructed a toucan stout, however i accidently used a can of Real Ale instead of the dark ale (Bloody Coopers! they should know stupid people like me are using their product and adjust their can colours to not be so similar) Anyway I reckon it will probably come out nice anyway. Anyone tried this combo before?, Stout, Real Ale and 500g dry dark malt.
  13. Gag.Halfrunt

    When you recognize other members

    Your famous mate! One day ill be telling my grandkids about how I used to talk to the famous Ruddager on an internet forum and they wont believe me.
  14. Gag.Halfrunt

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    I challenge any stout or porter drinker to dislike this, Its one of the best I've had. Very rich though, definitely not sessionable (too much of this would kill you i reckon). From Blackman's brewery torquay. Well worth a try.
  15. Gag.Halfrunt

    What other hobbies do brewers have??

    Looks pretty cool but I think you should lubricate those squeaky wings.