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  1. Gag.Halfrunt

    When you recognize other members

    Your famous mate! One day ill be telling my grandkids about how I used to talk to the famous Ruddager on an internet forum and they wont believe me.
  2. Gag.Halfrunt

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    I challenge any stout or porter drinker to dislike this, Its one of the best I've had. Very rich though, definitely not sessionable (too much of this would kill you i reckon). From Blackman's brewery torquay. Well worth a try.
  3. Gag.Halfrunt

    What other hobbies do brewers have??

    Looks pretty cool but I think you should lubricate those squeaky wings.
  4. Gag.Halfrunt

    Its hot.

    Has now dropped to a chilly but more comfortable 36 after peaking at 42 (according to my stc1000)
  5. Gag.Halfrunt

    Its hot.

    Temp in my bar at 4.30 this arvo
  6. Gag.Halfrunt

    What now?

    Thanks scoobs, Ill give em a go. (Finding motorbike parts wasn't really why I was posting though but i'm happy if anyone can help)
  7. Gag.Halfrunt

    What now?

    Evening all, Due to a new addition to my life that will consume time and money for a while( see picture below) I have indefinitely shelved my fledgeling AG brewing career. Therefore my recently acquired 50kg bag of grain is up for grabs at cost price so I can recover my money.($60.00) Only problem is anyone who wants it will have to transport at their own cost or pick up if your in the Geelong area or thereabouts. I will still continue my k & b brewing to feed my insatiable thirst for beer but need to concentrate efforts on my new toy for the time being. PS: Anyone have a gear lever assembly for a Kawaka GPX750R?
  8. Gag.Halfrunt

    What now?

    What is this AA% of which you speak?
  9. Gag.Halfrunt

    What now?

    Thanks Otto. Will give it a go and report back.
  10. Gag.Halfrunt

    What now?

    I thought that was going to happen too. It want over the weighbridge and all through the books. I was even offered paperwork. IE tax invoice etc.
  11. Gag.Halfrunt

    What now?

    Thanks Kelsey, Sounds easy enough will give it a shot . I will get a grain crusher type thingy this week (ebay is your friend with this shit) I will post the results when done.
  12. Gag.Halfrunt

    What now?

    Just checked his other for sale pages, seems hes demolishing an old maltworks and trying to flog everything including machinery etc. Probably Barrett and Burstons on north shore geelong.
  13. Gag.Halfrunt

    What now?

    According to this guys post i think he found it while demolishing a warehouse or some such thing. Trying to make a quid on the side. For all we know its probably perfectly fine grain, he just doesn't know what to do with it. ( Although who knows how long its been sitting around)
  14. Gag.Halfrunt

    What now?

    I've got a rolling pin You telling me I now have to think about tools and equipment? Maybe it wasn't such a bargain after all ?
  15. Gag.Halfrunt

    What now?

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/546075792500451 Here's even cheaper grain for sale if your brave enough. Might have to sift out the rat shit before using it though I reckon.