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  1. LOL . trouble is I will drink it as fast as it comes off my production line.
  2. Once this covid shit goes away I am intending to hit the road for about 6 months if i can. Trouble is I dont want to be buying commercial beer unless I really have to. Any grey nomads out there experienced in brewing while mobile? How can it be done?
  3. yeah. Also binge watched Ozark.
  4. Plus one. Never rehydrated kit yeast in my life, just chuck it in, never had a problem with K & K brew.
  5. Interest to see how it goes, dont forget to report back.
  6. Never made bread with it myself but have a mate who swears by it in preference to bakers yeast. (I occasionally bottle it and donate it to him)
  7. I agree, but its not about the price,its about the challenge.
  8. Ok all you brewing brains out there, How do we make vegemite from yeast? An obvious ingredient is salt, but what makes it sticky and black and tasty? Surely our collective brewers heads can come up with a recipe. Google gives me nothing on this subject.
  9. Yes to clean and use stubbies. Screw top crown seals are pressed on the same as any other type and can be purchased at Dans or Woolies
  10. Wow! Pumpkin in beer, who would have thought. Sorry cant help, just had to comment. But I reckon after 4 days, activity would be slowing down anyway. Possibly just a pumpkin adding coincidence Trust thy hydrometer.
  11. I think when priming bottles carb drops are just easier to use, just drop one into each bottle (stubbie) rather than trying to funnel a teaspoon of sugar into each bottle. I've never noticed the difference in taste or carbonation levels. Been a while since i've done it though cos I keg these days, so wiser heads than me might have other ideas.
  12. Spose you could crush them but still would need to dissolve them before adding to brew. Just way easier to use sugar. $2.00 per kg at the local supermarket and I figure you only need about 150 g for a 23 litre brew.
  13. They are a prick to dissolve, tried a couple in a cup of tea once cos i was out of sugar, they refused to dissolve easily
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