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  1. Paddybrew

    Dry hopping lusty style,,,

    I horsed in my last lot commando style. got a few floaties in about 3 bottles. my previous dry hop was in a sock that just floated which i gave a good squeeze but i have found the commando style giving me better results
  2. Paddybrew

    Brews all taste the same

    i dry hopped my most recent IPA with 75 grams centennial, 50gms citra and the final product is citrus hop heaven
  3. Cheers John,. all advice very much taken on board from those in the know. i dont expect anything near the original when doing kits and bits but having some wisdom imparted on you by those in the know is a great bit of learning and very welcomed
  4. Paddybrew

    Happier than a pig in a trough of shite

    just cracked my own IPA that was in the bottle a week ( i got impatient and the bottle was very firm so it was carbed enough) Holy shit' date=' i did not know i could make a beer that is better than 99% of the boutique or craft stuff thats on the shelves for $30 a six pack all i added was crystal malt with some hop additions of citra and centennial and dry hopped with 100gms mixed of each the passionfruit and citrus is jumping out at me. it reminds me of Feral War Hog which is a very tasty drop over here in WA obviously it needs a couple more weeks but im elated to say the least FAO PB2, we need a sub forum for the giddy ramblings of the n00bies. We tend to keck our shorts when we pull off a good beer and i can only imagine what the more senior brewers think when we think we've created a drop of heaven from a kit [img']whistling[/img]
  5. So i took a drive to the LHBS today and got the following Coopers IPA kit 500 gms each of crystal malt, pale malt and caramunich malt I got 100 grams each of simcoe, motueka and centennial and 1 kg of DME, as well as US05 Now these are the ingredients that Pirate Life list on their IPA can I will be doing a steep and then a boil with hop additions. I am looking for any suggestions on volumes, measurements to use etc obviously ,its a pre-hopped kit so hop additions would be 20 minutes , perhaps 10 and then flameout Cheers Niall
  6. tbf he is a welcome alternative to the 90% of drab commentators out there. The yanks may have the best HD cameras and 4k quality videos but they have as much personality and panache as my dogs asshole. the pommys always come across condescending (qu'elle surprise) but have to say the aussies have it right. bit of humour mixed in with a wealth of knowledge, succint, to the point and a bit of self deprecation which goes a long way
  7. Paddybrew

    Toucan - dark ale + stout

    speaking as a relative n00b myself, the bitterness may be due to combining two tins of extract which may have high bittering each. whereas the stout and dark ale dont have that high of bitterness when combined
  8. i have and thats why i get the urge cos it looks or is made to look easy. im a dab hand at cookin and brewing is more or less the same concept. cleanliness, fresh ingredients, prep and doing. Cooking skills are acquired over time, knowing what goes with what, best form of cooking etc. i dont have the same knowledge when it comes to brewing ingedients but im getting there for sure. But BIAB is on the cards. but as you said , you gotta pay your extract dues first which isnt a bad thing cos my last 3 brews have come out fantastic
  9. on it now, cheers mate. i can feel biab calling me to the dark side. ive been that close to ordering the crown urn but ive stopped myself as i dont think im ready yet. too much to learn first before taking that plunge and no better place to start than learning about grain
  10. i have now started to steep some grains to add to my kits and bits recipes. ive watched a lot of youube vids on all grain, biab etc and there is obviously a lot of grains out there to match different styles, guidelines etc was wondering is there any laymans idiots guide) approach to using grain for example, i want to do another english bitter but this time add grains. english bitter has a red/copper hue so what grains bring this out? same if i was to do a pilsner for example, what grains what best suit? not expecting these questions to be answered but more to get a feel or acquire info on grains so i can best decide what fits what
  11. Paddybrew

    Pewter Mugs vs Nucleated Glasses

    a quick google of pewter mug shows me that it is indeed the same style as the little donkey chalice i mentioned above oh you aussies and your funny words
  12. Paddybrew

    Pewter Mugs vs Nucleated Glasses

    my inlaws bought me those spiegelau fancy glasses so thats what i use when i was in greece i bought a beautiful Little Donkey Brewery chalice type mug. but as its stainless steel, i cant see the beer through it and that takes away the experience for me
  13. Paddybrew

    First attempt at Brewing!

    im a bit of a n00b myself when it comes to brewing. started early january. first and foremost i would suggest temperature control. get a second hand fridge on gummers and get a temperature controller such as an inkbird or stc. maintaining steady temps suited for whatever style of beer youre brewing is a must in my opinion next i would suggest reading up on recipes etc. brew enhancers are good but dry malt extract plus some steeping grains plus some hops will enhance your beer no end lastly, clean clean and clean. your cleaning and sanitation has to be on point. again it all depends on what you want to get out of it. you can be a bit looser with the above if all you want is moonshine beer but if you want to enjoy and take pride in the final product, i would recommend the above.
  14. Paddybrew

    Toucan - dark ale + stout

    im loving the alcohol flavour. gives it a little kick and drowns out the missus