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  1. Pickles Jones

    Advice sought on dry hopping

    I use the stainless steel tea strainer balls too. I find them more convenient to use than the Chux method. I get good info on this site, there is certainly a wealth of knowledge here and I'll try some of the Hops discussed. I haven't ventured passed Citra dry hopping as yet. Except for one ROTM pack I have used and that was excellent.
  2. Pickles Jones

    airlocks, ay or nay?

    I use the Coopers FV and I read a post by one of the members who said that they use the Krausen Kollar only when necessary. I gave it a go and now just use the lid for brews that I feel will not overflow, no problems so far.
  3. Pickles Jones

    Cheap Coopers, Where D'ya Get It?

    Amazon Australia are currently selling cans of Coopers Australian Pale Ale extract at $66.35 each plus delivery for only $34.48 Sounds like a reasonable price to me but I not sure about the cost of delivery it seems a bit steep LOL !!
  4. Pickles Jones

    Bottle wash question

    I bought a vinator for sanitising bottles also, locates on the top of the bottle tree. Money well spent, makes, the job just a bit more easy especially if you do 60 plus 330ml bottles at a time. I leave them on the tree to drain over night and bottle next morning. Works well.
  5. Pickles Jones

    Dry hopping questions

    I put 15grams ( Dry Hop) of Citra in the first pale ale brew and then 20grams ( Dry Hop ) in the second brew and sampled a few to night. They were really good. I'll stay at 20 grams for now until I get adventurous again. Perhaps you could Try 25 to 30 grams and see how it goes.
  6. Pickles Jones

    Show us your current brewing set-up !

    My goodness there are very impressive set ups here. I'm still at the bottle cleaning stage but after seeing this I must try to progress to kegging next year, funds permitting.
  7. Pickles Jones

    Bench Capper- Pry-Off & Twist-Off

    I have a Brigalow bench capper and use their caps, which they say are also suitable for pry or screw off bottles. I saved up a heap of Coopers Pale Ale screw cap stubbies but there was no way these caps would go on those bottles let alone seal them. I didn't go any further with the screw caps and use the pry off bottles. Having said that, lots of people have success with recapping screw cap bottles.
  8. Pickles Jones

    Fermentation fridge?

    If you need good seals in your brew fridge door may be partly answered in your next electricity bill! As it was for me. Cost of new seals recouped very quickly.
  9. Pickles Jones

    Reusing glass stubbies....

    I use Asahi 330ml bottles as they are very thick. After a while I just didn't trust the single use bottles to withstand multiple recapping and not break up when capping with crown seals.
  10. Pickles Jones

    Light Dry Malt Info On Box

    Thanks, for posting Lusty, I was interested in the answer to Geoff82's question also.
  11. Pickles Jones

    Best way to clean and dry bottles

    Star San on Amazon AUS Five Star Star San 32oz Sold by: Country-Trading-Store $29.70