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  1. It could be the case. I noticed that Woolworths are now stocking a range of bottled non alcohol drinks, like Gin etc. It's dearer than the real stuff.
  2. At the risk of stating the obvious and for clarification in this discussion evaporated means that at the water is evaporated usually under a vacuum, discarded and what is left is the desired product. As an example in refining crude oil, the light ends (fractions) are specifically evaporated off under a controlled vacuum and condensed as petrol, kerosene etc until only tar is left. In essence lowering the pressure lowers the boiling point allowing the wanted/unwanted stuff to be boiled off resulting in the concentration of the final product as required.
  3. You got the long players. In this era If it wasn't 2:30 minutes or under it wouldn't get played on the radio.
  4. I have brewed the Woolworths Lager and Woolworths Draught. Used BE3, 25grams Citra Dry Hop, 200grams of Dextrose and PKT of Dry Enzyme in each brew. Used the can yeast. Four weeks in the FV and eight weeks lagering all at 12C. I was pleasantly surprised not a bad drop at all.
  5. You don't have to add anything to Coopers extract if you don't feel the need, however you may wish to enhance the brew you are making by adding adjuncts. You can see this in the recipes section of this site. I have not used a fresh wort kit so I can't offer much on that.
  6. Had the same thing the box was plastered in Heavy stickers from Coopers, the courier got to the front door ran out of puff and dropped the whole lot. Six out of Seven cans were dented. I have purchased dented cans that were put out cheap from BigW. Luckily I haven't problems so far but I think if any of the seams had been fractured it may be a different outcome.
  7. I like what looks like two wooden beer barrels installed under the dash.
  8. Yes you sure can and it can save you a lot money and you get the most out of your packet of yeast. For your first go I would use the same style of beer that you have just bottled. Tip off most of beer that you can't bottle. Clean off the krausen ring at the top of the fermentor and give it a final wipe with a clean piece paper towel moistened with sanitiser. Remove the tap and clean sanitise and replace. Just make the rest of the brew as you did -- Minus the yeast.
  9. This is possibly the best quality clip I have seen of the Beatles. Interestingly back in the 1960s the Beatles were promoted as "the good guys" and the Rolling Stones the "bad guys"
  10. I am getting a keg plus pluto gun this week to see how kegging goes, what pressure do you use for serving using the above lengths
  11. From Coopers: No, you can't make non-alcoholic beer with Coopers brewing extracts. However a low alcohol beer, approximately 2.5% ABV, can be made using a 1.7kg extract mixed to 23 litres with no additional sugars. Carbonation Drops (or priming sugar) are still used for secondary fermentation in the bottles.
  12. Temperature, sanitation and time are essential. As Journeyman said if you don't get these under control the rest of the added bits is like putting lipstick on a pig.
  13. I'm not sure the best way to conserve Coopers Pale Ale yeast from the remainder of a bottle waiting to make into a yeast starter is not doing something promptly. I wouldn't be using any of it if left in the "empty" bottle overnight or longer as I think/know it will be spoiled. I can't offer anything regarding how long the starter will keep under these circumstances, however I am sure you will get some good info from other brewers.
  14. Yes, you are right, the cone ones are hard to find, if we are talking about the same shaped seal. The seal pictured on the left is what I would call the standard ones that come with the bottle. Are the ones ones pictured on the right what you would call coned shaped. Recently I have had a couple of flat Grolsch Swing Tops. I have never had them before and their seals were in good shape. I noticed a hair line crack in the white seal holder which ran from one side of its centre and under the seal allowing the CO2 to escape gradually over time. I managed to eventually find the seals pictured on the right which I think will solve the problem by enclosing the white seal holder completely. That is to say these seals have no centre hole in them.
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