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  1. If the motor on a fridge is running and the fridge is not cooling it is usually because the door seals are no longer up to the job or there is a leak in the pipe work. If this is the case the seals can be changed. With a leak in the pipe work it is not worth trying to get it fixed as the cost will be a deciding factor. And it will hard to get a place that will guarantee they have fixed the problem.
  2. I'm interested in this topic also. Looking for a good head enhancer.
  3. You're doing Ok. As a rule of thumb for Coopers Pale Ale 2 weeks in the fermenter and 4 weeks in the bottle. The Coopers kit yeast is very forgiving in respect with getting the FV temperature spot on. Don't be to concerned about the final gravity. If it doesn't change after a couple of consecutive readings towards the end of 2 weeks it will be fine for bottling.
  4. Star San is "foamy". You don't have to worry about it. Follow the mixing instruction on the container and it will be correct. You only need a small amount. I mix it in a bucket with a lid and it lasts a couple of weeks or more. I bought a PH meter and check the mix after about a week to ensure it is still OK. Do need you to sanitise them at all. Yes you do, you can't over clean or sanitise. I put each of the bottles on the tree straight after sanitising to drain, leave them to drain overnight and bottle the next day. So the last thing to do before bottling is sanitising not rewashing. Also having a spray bottle filled with Star San mixture I regard as essential.
  5. I spoke to Coopers about the problem of the separation of the two halves of this tap and they were good enough to send me some more at no charge. The problem I believe is that the type of plastic used has no "give" and this is the cause of the locking tabs breaking. I have seen this type "failure" on other items using this type of plastic such as the ridged white plastic pipe fittings used in garden reticulation. I now tape the two halves of the snap tap together as a precaution.
  6. Our fridge was heading for the verge the thermostat was busted, wouldn't turn the fridge off it ran all the time. I got one of those Inkbird ITC-308 of Amazon for $49. Hooked it up to the fridge, away she went. And it started to cycle under the control of the Inkbird. Put a FV in it with Coopers Lager. Been running for three days now plenty of action in the FV. I am really keen to see how the brew turns out with temperature control. Time will tell.
  7. On Coopers yeast in the gold packet, the bar code, if I remember correctly, are the same on different cans of beer styles. This leads me to think that yeast in those gold packets is all the same. But I stand to be corrected.
  8. Yep, as the prices went down so did the leg room and the distance between you and the seat back in front of you. Those planes with three seats, aisle and three seats are shockers especially on long flight. Oh for the days of the tiger moth and its open to the weather seating plan LOL
  9. I haven't seen Urn with a hidden element before. I think you may be on to winner here with the price advantage. I too will be interested to see what the experts say.
  10. Water a Comprehensive Guide for Brewers - It's on Amazon Australia if you want to have a look at it. There is a preview option so you can have a bit of a read to see if it is what you want. It can be purchased as a paper back or as a download. It's part of series on Hops, Yeast, Malt.
  11. When first started brewing about 12 months ago I was glad to get the full kit with all bits and pieces. If I had just the FV I would not have known what to do or how to progress. The instructions in the kit along with the correct ingredients allowed me to get going instead of having to source the ingredients I new very little about. Subsequently being able to buy an additional FV, ingredients etc singly as required, I agree, is a good move.
  12. I use the metal ball "tea strainers" for dry hopping. Find these work best for me. I had two in the other day and they both sunk to the bottom. I had a look in the FV just before commencing bottling. One was still at the bottom the other was floating on the top. I have never had one of these ball float to the top before. When I opened the floater there was hardly anything in it. The hops had gone into the wort and left just enough to give the ball buoyancy.
  13. Asahi beer is now brewed in Australia instead of China. The bottles although still brown are now single use and are a lot lighter.
  14. Yep, I have three taps that have currently failed, out of this batch which I ordered as spares. Not nice when the tops separates from the bottom beer everywhere. The "plastic securing tags" can fail top and/or bottom. They are not robust enough. I hope that Coopers can get on top of this with their supplier.
  15. I agree. Big W sell a good Bench Capper for $55. I've been using one for about 12 Months now. Screwed it to the bench to keep it steady.
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