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  1. Best find a friend who doesn't drink and offer to take their allocation off their hands.
  2. Gee I bet the expeditioners couldn't wait for the New Cafe to open, try a cup of tea from the tea bar accompanied by a healthy snack before rushing off to attend the baking course!
  3. This seems to be running through the Government and private sector. It appears that it is gaining momentum due to the entities not wanting to be exposed by allegations of breaching their duty of care if things get out of hand due employees drinking with work mates. The FIFO mining camps wet messes and the availability of alcohol are now under review due to somebody becoming overly amorous towards a co worker which ended in tears. As Greeny said it is typical of the world we live in now.
  4. I agree, do your own research then make a decision.
  5. I agree. I did a hop tea with Citra put it in at the FV before yeast and put the Tea bag in at the same time as per the instructions on the sealed pack. It worked out well as you have said above. I think you get a bit more bang for your buck doing it this way instead of doing one or the other.
  6. Apparently there is little difference between the Food grade CO2 and Industrial. The medical grade I understand is of a very high standard being free of most impurities. Also the difference between industrial CO2 and food grade is the make up of the container that they have been stored in. Some are glass lined. And the lack of impurities such as petroleum contaminates.
  7. I have used the Coopers Lager and yeast that comes with the beginners kit. For what it, worth you may be underwhelmed with the final result. In my opinion Coopers directions say seven days in the FV and two weeks in the bottle is to short. I found it best to leave the brew in the FV for two weeks. This allows the yeast to do what it has to do and clean up. I don't drink anything that hasn't been conditioned in the bottle for at least four weeks. I know this is subjective but it might be useful if you think that your first brew is terrible or not a good as you expected. The thing is to not give up. Like many others I don't use the Krausen collar for the type of beers I make.
  8. You will have to visit Australia when we can all get through Covid and back to what ever is the new normal. Always welcome.
  9. Yes, as others have said it will be OK. I have a lager in the fridge at the moment. It's been in for four weeks. I will bottle it this week. As long as you have good temperature control you can push the boundaries bit. Then at least four weeks in the bottle to condition as you say.
  10. I started to do this. I was just putting the new lager brew on the W34/70 yeast cake. Worked well. Saves a lot of money on yeast. This time took some from the FV when I had finished bottling, into a sterilised Mason Jar, no washing the yeast, into the fridge and will use it in couple of days. This will be the third time I have used this yeast. Others have said they do considerably more. I'll see how this one goes then try another. I like the idea of taking it out of the FV via the FV tap will do this next time.
  11. Does the CO2 used for beer carbonation and dispensing have to be food grade or doesn't matter.
  12. My grandmother always had some hospital brandy in the cupboard for "just in case" I never found out what just in case was but she always had a small glass, just in case.
  13. Yep, draught beer comes out of a tap. Any beer that is served out of a tap is draught beer. If it comes out of a bottle it's bottled beer if it comes out of a can........
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