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  1. Interesting site. I am thankful we are not paying UK prices for Coopers stuff in Australia even when their 20% VAT (GST) is taken into account. I'll bookmark it.
  2. I recently did a brew of Lager and learning from the mistakes I did with the first Lager I received in the with FV. I left it for a week in the bottle as per the instructions and tasted it. It was to my taste horrible. I now leave it for 4 weeks and its very drinkable. I have a Fermenting fridge which I got a couple weeks so I will be to control the brewing temp and get some proper lagering underway. Good luck with your brew.
  3. No you can take the collar off and put the lid on without clips. Yes the CO2 will finds its way out from between the FV and the lid. I stopped using the collar as I found it wasn't necessary for the brews I do.
  4. Do have to freeze the slurry collected from the FV or can you just keep it in the fridge until you want to use it.
  5. Journeyman I think you are taking the piss!
  6. I think you are over engineering and getting lost in the process. It doesn't matter how many plug points you have, if they are on the same circuit you will blow the fuse or trip the overload circuit breaker at the meter box if the combined load exceeds nominally 10 amps, 2400watts at 240 volts. You need that Inkbird.
  7. Looks interesting. I've not seen this type of Fermenter before. How is the 54 volts used and where does it come from.
  8. Try Amazon AU they have some. If you join PRIME it can be freight free.
  9. Good question, how would you envisage moving the wort through the chiller.
  10. After 14 days with no carbonation I would suggest without remediation you will still have flat beer. After the second priming of the bottles you can feel the bottles to gauge its effect the by monitoring the "firmness" of the bottles and make a judgment from that point.
  11. If your using Coopers Pet bottles the caps may need to be tightened a second time. I had a similar problem and it was the case the caps could be tightened about a quarter of a turn after the initial screwing on. If so, I would take the caps off and reprime with the carbonation tabs and securely put on the caps and try again. The cupboard temperature is fine.
  12. If you get the same reading over three consecutive days its done or the hydrometer is resting on the bottom! Give it another couple of days to clean up then bottle. I leave the brew in the FV for not less then 14 days. This works for me. You Tube has some good vids on this subject and are a good reference.
  13. I've had a lag time of around two days for US-05 and then it took off.
  14. I had the same issues with the yeast not doing what it is supposed to do. I waited a further couple of days as I thought is was still in the lag phase after pitching the yeast. I had some yeast nutrient that I bought early this year but never used. I put two level teaspoons in 23 Litres and left over night. Checked in the morning a what difference it was off and running. It's still in the FV so I will be interested to see if it makes any negative/positive difference to the final product taste wise, mouth feel etc.
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