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  1. Yes, I agree something may have got into the FV and is breaking down the sugars that yeast can't readily do.
  2. I saw a program on the development of beer over time. The real early stuff was thick like a fermented porridge.
  3. I was pleasantly surprised that wine in UK is very affordable and wine by the glass was about the same price as Australia but you got about three times as much. Alcoholic beverages are very expensive in Australia with the never ending six month increases in State and Commonwealth government excise, taxes and charges.
  4. People who do this type of work have no fear. I always wondered how they get the person down if they are in trouble. Worse still if he is only person around who is prepared to climb. .
  5. Wouldn't be more economical to get an $100 fridge connect it to a temperature controller which will turn the fridge off and on to maintain your set temperature, instead of having an air conditioner cooling your whole laundry. Or have I assumed wrongly that you have purchased a refrigerated air conditioner.
  6. I love chilli and this reminded me of the time my wife and I went to a restaurant in Bangkok and on the table was a very little bowl of sliced chilli. I ate two of them then two more and all was OK, then they hit. I said to my wife I am in trouble here these are getting hotter and hotter. I had to leave the restaurant and go back to our hotel room and wait until the fire went out. I don't know what type they were, but it put me of eating the chilli condiments on the table.
  7. The heat extracted from the inside of the fridge by the refrigerant is pumped through coils usually in the sides of the fridge for its cooling then sent back to the compressor for reuse. Older fridges had cooling coils mounted at the back of the fridge and were black. Fridges these days are built very much to a price point and their compressors work very hard. It would not be worth the expense of getting a better compressor as the whole circuit would need to be upgraded to gain any advantage. And I think it would be difficult to find one that is suitable.
  8. Transporting fridges on their side is OK providing you leave them in the upright position for not less than 24 hours before starting them. This allows the refrigerant and oil to settle.
  9. The refrigerant is mixed with oil so the liquid substance is probably the oil leaking out with the refrigerant.
  10. Which ever way you do it your beer will be carbonated by C02. I would keep using the maltodextrin it provides "support" for the head.
  11. I also found that slow carbing at serving pressure or just above made my beer pour a lot better, no more glasses of foam. Your beer is presenting a very good head and nice lacing. I still have to work on those two but at least it is very drinkable.
  12. I would suggest that Keg Land would have an insurance policy that would cover events like this irrespective of liability. However, they may not make use of it as their costs could be under their policy excess and come to some other arrangement with you.
  13. You get some good deals in Adelaide.
  14. Great Photo For some reason I immediately thought of Robinson Crusoe
  15. The design/artwork on the can is very good too.
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