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  1. Cripes, these are strong wire shelves No sagging. Presuming both are 'full" it must be holding up to 40Kg plus.
  2. Looks excellent. As a matter of interest what is Light Dried Band Malt.
  3. These look great. The "beer" dispensed in to the two glasses in the vid need a bit more fizz, in fact they need some fizz. I have never used one of these but I would suggest you would need a good supply of CO2 cartridges on hand to empty the "keg" let alone keep the carbonation up to an acceptable level. Hence the pressure gauge.
  4. Looks Good. Just a couple of questions for my interest and education. What forces the beer into the Keg and does it have to be vented to air to maintain a pressure differential to keep the flow going.
  5. When you add Dry Enzyme to the wort it will break down the Malt Sugars to release sugars that the yeast cannot access. The yeast will then ferment those released sugars. What will result is a less sweet (Dry) beer with a lower FG a higher ABV and some extra carbonation in the bottle which should give you the dry crisp mouth feel. I haven't experienced any detrimental effects on the beer.
  6. I would with type of set up connect everything to run via the Inkbird unless their is reason to operate the chiller and pump constantly.
  7. I think the customer/beginner would be better serviced if in the starter kit a Coopers Pal Ale tin was included instead of the Lager. People I have spoken to often that say that the Lager set up in the beginners kit is a real disappointment and not very good. As we know you can't expect a Lager outcome when you are brewing a Lager via the Ale method. I am brewing Lagers at the moment and with add on's, temperature control and patience they turn out good for me. Coopers would have their reasons for including Lager can with a Ale recipe in the starter kit.
  8. It could well be, nothing surprises me now when after many FV Snap Tap failures it was found that using Olive Oil as a lubricant was causing the plastic locating tabs on the two halves of the tap to fail. Problem solved I don't have PET bottle handy at the moment but I am looking at 1.250 litre Coke bottle. The screw cap seals plastic to plastic in a groove in the lid. Does the Coopers cap seal plastic to plastic in a groove or does have some sort of cushion/seal in the lid.
  9. I agree it is not only refreshing to welcome new members, it also allows existing members to pass on their experiences, tips, solutions and recommendations between us all. We never stop learning.
  10. All the brews I have done with the added enzyme have FG's that have been below 1.000. When you add the priming sugar you would think that as the main fermentation has finished it would carbonate as per usual. I think that what maybe happening here is that as the enzyme is always there it may still be working away very slowly breaking down the harder bits that have been left allowing the yeast to continue fermenting these slowly released sugars causing the extra carbonation.
  11. I hope I am not preaching to the converted here. The Dry Enzyme works on the Malt Sugars that are not readily consumed by the yeast. This frees up more sugar for the yeast to work on. Hence Lower Carbohydrate Dry beer and more CO2, more carbonation. The yeast will consume dextrose not the enzyme. I don't mind the extra carbonation and the dry beer that results. You could cut back on the Dextrose to balance out the freed sugar created by the enzyme.
  12. That is really decent of you to do that. Well done.
  13. Thanks, I think I would enjoy that. Those caulis look real good, I am going to give it a try. What is EVOO.
  14. Some yeast can have a few days Lag time before it starts fermenting the sugars. It appears from your start day it has been in your FV for about two days or under. Follow Marty_G's advice re taking a sample.
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