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  1. This is awesome! Thanks v much for sharing! I'm not great with excel so don't know exactly what you mean by auto filter but just selecting from those drop down menus seems to do the job if thats what you meant? Great having all the yeast/kit hops and different make up of BE1 etc all in 1 place too : ) Good work!!
  2. I’m no expert but I’d say open it up and chuck another in. Carbonation takes a while so you’re not going to lose any co2 if you’ve just bottled. Just be sure you did only put 1 in - better a bit undercarbed than a bottle bomb i reckon
  3. Think I read in another post the BE1 has been phased out in favour of BE2 in the starter kits but still some around with BE1. I was thinking before last summer I’d just brew saisons while it was warm, drank 1 of them then invested in an old fridge and temp controller - not for everyone! cheers neil
  4. Hello, just had a suggestion for the website would have made my life a bit easier and may help others too. I’ve now got a craft fv and am planning to do 2 recipes at a time, a 23L and a 8.5L. I’m usually steeping some grains and doing a short boil so plan is to do that as usual and pick another non boil recipe to get going during that dead time. Ive had to go through and save recipes locally to put them in these boil/no boil categories. Was thinking on the recipe page it’d be useful to have a filter for difficulty easy/moderate/difficult. Sure all these things are thought through by smarter people than me, just a suggestion. Cheers Neil
  5. Hey mate, I'm pretty much a newbie myself but will have a crack answering the questions ? The hops you've added won't make any difference to how much yeast you need, they'll just add bitterness/flavour/aroma depending on how they were used. From what I've read seems to be a split of opinion if adding 7g is underpitching but with only a kit and kilo of ldme should be fine (anything more and you'd be better with 2 packets, or a non kit 11g packet). Delaying start of fermentation not ideal but if they're doing their thing now sounds like you'll get some beer! Good luck ?
  6. Well it's 5 weeks since bottling and my wife who usually looks at my homebrew v suspiciously actually had a second sip of this one, success! ? Needed a win Trying the turncoat IPL 8.5L recipe this week which seems like it'll be fairly similar but with a lager yeast which should help my carbing. Don't have much experience with lager yeast so interested to see how that goes Saw on another thread you've had a major equipment upgrade gully, enjoy ?
  7. I mostly see my early life living in Scotland as a massive missed lagering opportunity now, I was lucky to get my house up to 12 degrees half the year!
  8. Sounds about right! I do like to overthink things a bit ?
  9. After chatting to a mate think I'm going to try using campden tablets but not sure exactly how to use them. I'm doing kits and bits and generally chill 15L of water in a cube to bring wort down to pitching temp. Understand you need to leave for sulphur dioxide to dissipate, just wondering how to do this without the water becoming contaminated... my plan was to sanitise the cube then add tap water but leave the cap off (or would just not being screwed on tight be enough to allow gas to escape?). After 24 hrs then put in the fridge (seemed best not to fill my fermenting fridge with sulphur dioxide) any suggestions? cheers neil
  10. So quicker to transfer to the keg and will mature faster...just need to convince myself I'm saving a fortune on priming sugar and guess I'm getting a keg ?
  11. I'm brewing k&ks and have always found they're best to be left for at least a few weeks. I was kind of thinking about getting a keg system but guessing they'd still need this same maturation time, does anyone here keg kits or have most people moved on to extract/AG by that point? Would like to try AG but time is a factor and no chance I can spend 6hrs (or even 4 hrs for that matter) on a brew. Cheers Neil
  12. Yeah I've tried a few different versions I saw of dr smurtos recipe, my best was the same but with lager not apa can...and with 1kg of dme as well to boost the abv a bit ?
  13. Got to be good if it's gone already! Hope I wind up with the same problem ?
  14. Have moved them into our hallway now after realising the shed wasn't going to cut it so should be ok, fermenting fridge is occupied so best I can do.
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