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  1. No worries. You don't want to boil them, it will be too bitter. You just want to steep them (or as some say, make a "hop tea") in a couple of cups of water that has been boiled (not boiling) and let them steep for 10mins. The resulting liquid goes into the fermenter with the rest of the ingredients. Have a google for "how to steep hops" if this doesn't make sense
  2. 150 Lashes has a pretty low IBU for an APA (18.5), so you need a base kit with a low IBU to start with.. Have done this one before, it's reasonably close: 1x Coopers Mexican Cerveza 1.7kg 1x Coopers Wheat Malt extract 1.5kg 250g Light Crystal (steeped) 15g Amarillo (steeped) 15g Nelson (steeped) 15g Galaxy (dry hop) 15g Williamette (dry hop) US05 yeast 23L Cheers
  3. I have made this one, I have one bottle left. It's okay, but as others have said, it needs more in the dry hop. I would probably use double next time.
  4. Interested in this also. When you say it's close to style, does it need any dry hops do you think? Or is it good as is?
  5. Cheers for the info Otto! Regarding lagering the bottles, do you mean at cold temps in the fridge (say 0c or so) ? I have another lager recipe that's already in the bottle and not sure if they will be better at ambient temps, or in the fridge to mature.
  6. I grabbed this one as it looks like it would be a nice lager, but the recipe fermentation and bottling times seem to be quite short for this style?
  7. Had one tonight after just over 2 weeks in the bottle. Will benefit from more time, but I thought it was mostly on-point for an XPA. Passion fruit and grapefruit notes are there. Should be a really nice summer beer. Cheers.
  8. Bottled this one yesterday. This is a very promising brew, the aroma and taste are REALLY good.
  9. Hi Donpolo I too have the craft fermenter, I made something similar about a month ago. 1x 1.7kg Coopers Pale Ale can. 250g LDM. 15g each of Amarillo & Galaxy. Made to 11L. Now that I think about it, Carapils may be a better addition than the LDM. I don't think it needed the LDM. I'm still fairly new to the brewing scene, but I remember thinking it was a pretty good Pale Ale. I am always looking for new things to try in the little craft fermenter.
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