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  1. Thank you all for your reply. There seems to be no straight forward answer. Just sever reasons why it happens occasionally, at any time during the conditioning / storage process. I have never heard of bottling yeast, and found that very interesting. Cheers all and thank you again.
  2. HI all, It might be a newbie question but is there a danger period after bottling and priming that to much pressure can occure causing bottle bombs. I tried home brewing years ago when I was in the Army up in Townsville. I followd the instructions and most of the bottles exploded. I put it down to the tropical heat and gave up on it. Now I live in a lot further south where tropical heat is not a problem. I have been given a new kit and am giving it a go again with some success. I have made 5 brews with no issues. I am using the PET bottles now and carb drops which seem a lot safer however an thinking of putting some beer into glass stubbies. I am also storing the bottles in an old esky to keep the tempature regular and contain any mess if a bottle does explode. Anyway back to original question, if the bottles are going to expolde will it happen in the first two weeks or can it happen at any time? Cheers John.
  3. Hi all, I am new to home brewing and enjoying learning about the whole brewing process. One of the biggest things I have noticed is the change from drinking from stubbies to drinking from bottles with beer glasses. So I have been looking at other opions like smaller bottles. I have noticed that Coopers does 500ml PET bottles in the UK market. Why are these bottles not available in Australia?
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