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  1. Hermoor

    Flavour/Alcohol increase.

    This is the method I like, I add crystal to a couple of my receipts and it works well
  2. Hermoor

    Brew Day!! Watcha' got, eh!? 2018

    That's exactly whatI did, I bottled a batch in 1.25 l bottles for NYE. They didn't last long!
  3. Hermoor

    Brew Day!! Watcha' got, eh!? 2018

    My go to beer this summer has been Coopers Cerveza with BE2 and Citra 25 Gm @10 min. I'm loving it and so is everyone coming around. i decided to up it a bit and add some corn. I couldn't get flaked maize over Christmas and New Years. Couldn't be bothered waiting so I decided to go with the corn flake mash. I added 200 gram of Australian made corn flakes for a 30'min mash, added this with BE2. 5 days in and looks and smells like beer
  4. Hermoor

    RDWHAHB - What Are You Drinking in 2018?

    I'm loving Citra hops this year. My go to beer has been Coopers Cerveza with Citra added, struggling to keep up with the demand
  5. Hermoor

    Adding corn to cerveza

    I did a Coopers Cerveza recently with BE 2 and 25 grams of Citra boiled for 10mins. Absolutely loving the flavour over the hot days, loving Citra. I can't keep up with the demand from mates who want to drink it. I'm thinking of kicking it up a notch and adding some corn to it. The options I'm looking at it flaked maize or I also read about adding corn flakes. I'm thinking about 200 grams. What is other people's experience in adding corn? there is some really interesting history to adding corn to beer through history I found. From early American days of throwing the corn in a hole, allowing it to sprout , digging it up, washing it and then mashing it to the incas I think who would chew the corn to get the saliva to break down the corn then brew with it.
  6. Hermoor

    Quick Xmas brew for SWMBO

    As I don't want my 18 yo daughter drinking my very potent cider this is what I'll try next https://www.thehopandgrain.com.au/brew-simple-5l-apple-pear-cider/
  7. Hermoor

    Quick Xmas brew for SWMBO

    I did a cider using Aldi apple juice, back sweetened with stevia at bottling time. The only small problem was my miscalculation on how much dextrose I added. It ended up at about 7.4%. It kicked my mates and my arse one Saturday night
  8. Hermoor

    BrewBQ (or Brew n Q) - for you Kelsey

    I use mine for smoking, fitted a temperature gauge to the lid.
  9. Hermoor

    What are you listening to right now????

    If we ever put together a Spotify list it would be an eclectic mix of music
  10. Hermoor

    What are you growing? 2018

    I only have a small area for vegetables but manage to squeeze a bit into raised garden beds. At this time of year I have lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and herbs growing. The last couple of years I have been getting into the heirloom varieties. I have a dwarf Lisbon lemon and dwarf Tahitian lime, both have a large amount of fruit on them. The dwarf peach is only in for its second year but has fruit coming on. Everything seems to grow well with my own compost. I need about half an acre to grow what I want . Now to find some space for hops
  11. Hermoor


    I do find it odd that Coopers distribution warehouse is in QLD, they make the product in Adelaide, I assume, then up to Brisbane and back to Adelaide for little me to purchase
  12. Hermoor

    First All Grain Attempt

    I have just started looking a small batch as a way to get into AG brewing, I think I might need to look at Beersmith for some smaller recipes though
  13. Hermoor

    Labelling Coopers PET bottles

    I write on the bottle the beer and date with a white posca pen, rubs straight off when I rinse it
  14. Hermoor

    Craftier than Craft

    Kale Ale! The stuff of nightmares