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  1. A farm I go shooting on some mates and I found old pick axe bottles from the same era, interesting to see how they changed. Even found a pick axe stubbie which I had never seen before. I'll post some photos later.
  2. Thanks @Shamus O'Sean now I need to sort my pot
  3. has anyone added a ball valve to their big w pot? Any problems?
  4. I'm with Marty, I don't think it needs anything but a kilo of malt or BE3. I think it needs time to mature. I think the next time I do it will be with an English ale yeast
  5. @James of Bayswater and @Shamus O'Sean I owe you blokes a beer, those spreadsheets are fantastic. Along with IanH's spreadsheet makes planning a lot easier. Really fun just to play with as well. Thanks
  6. I say give it a go, worse case you get beer. Sometimes you even get better beer! let us know how it goes
  7. My local RSL has Guiness on tap and at a good price to. with the coopers pale being replaced with furphy I wonder if that is more to do with the deal being done by the distributor. the pubs I go to serve the beer I like, if they don't I don't go back.
  8. Finally got my sh%#t together and got my brew going for this, I can't wait to taste this ........... beer
  9. I bottle a few into stubbies and have found Asahi have the heaviest bottles. I waited till they were on special and got a couple of cartons. Or you can go to your lhs and pick up some stubbies.
  10. I was reading am old brewing book the other day published in 1963, there was a beer that actually used a chicken in the brew. It was called spatchcock ale.
  11. I recently used it for the first time in a Austalian Pale Ale, I followed Coopers instructions but used 4 long necks,,only because my mate and I were happy to put in the extra effort! I am loving it! It certainly gives the APA a different flavour profile and it tastes very similar to a commercial pale ale. i have saved two jars of yeast for future brews.
  12. Beersmith did a really interesting podcast on this. It's the way your DNA is wired. If you don't like cabbage and those type of vegetables chances are you will not like citra and get the cat pee smell
  13. Good read, I also found the concept of hop creep very interesting.
  14. I've learnt lots here reading from others experience then trying it myself. Also I really enjoy Beersmiths podcasts plus a few YouTube channels.
  15. This is interesting, I have lemon, lime and peach tree that I want to try https://bootlegbiology.com/diy/capturing-yeast/
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